The answer to level 741, 742, 743, 744, 745, 746, 747, 748, 749 and 750 is Word Craze game

The answer to level 741, 742, 743, 744, 745, 746, 747, 748, 749 and 750 is Word Craze game

Answers to the game Word Craze
IOS and Android
(Developer Betta Games)

On this page you will find the answers Word Craze Level from 741 to 750.

741 level
A gentle, “affectionate” hit : LOVETAP
Unlike the runway, this is the part of the airport where airplanes taxi and prepare for take-off : TARMAC
In football, faked out by movement : JUKED
Those who collect past dues for the IRS : TAXMEN
To test or assess; also, an instrument that measures and displays data : GAUGE
You might say to someone if you want them to join your social media friend circle : ADDME
In the 2002 movie, Obi Wan and Anakin faced an attack by these : CLONES
Lure them in : SEDUCE
American comedian and writer is famous for her performances on “Saturday Night Live” : TINAFEY
Fleet-footed and quick : SWIFT
Conceals from view : HIDES
You flex and relax this when you want to move your body : MUSCLE

742 level
To complete ones obligations : FULFILL
Going to see your relatives : VISITING
A flaw or bug in a system : DEFECT
Formally presents a complaint to the authorities : LODGES
Faces off against : COMPETES
Pulled over ice or snow by a man’s best friend : DOGSLED
“What’s cooking, good _______?” : LOOKING
The places where ambassadors work : EMBASSIES
The heir to the throne was usually the _________ son : FIRSTBORN
Empty place in a city that tends to attract unlawful dumping and litter : VACANTLOT
“______ Horseman” is a critically acclaimed adult animated TV show that aired on Netflix : BOJACK
If you’re “____ ____ heels” about something, you absolutely adore it : HEADOVER

743 level
A place to stand or share views and ideas with others; Facebook is a social media ________ : PLATFORM
A popular dance from the 1950’s named after the movement of a rabbit jumping : BUNNYHOP
To confide in someone or to become more accepting of an idea : OPENUPTO
Government branch that employs a country’s warriors : MILITARY
Transfers from novel to the big screen : ADAPTS
To hold tightly and affectionately in one’s arms : EMBRACE
Operation Overlord took place here when Allied forces stormed the beaches during WWII : NORMANDY
Jack ________, the “Golden Bear”, is widely considered one of the great American golfers : NICKLAUS
This sound may come from a clock or a time bomb : TICKING
Neil Patrick Harris played Doogie _______, a teenage doctor prodigy : HOWSER
Easy peasy; not complex : SIMPLE
A specific type of facial bruising : BLACKEYE

744 level
Causing to catch fire : IGNITING
Hospital patients may be asked to wear this accessory : WRISTBAND
Famous or well known for something : RENOWNED
Famed electronics and multimedia shop where the Geek Squad resides : BESTBUY
To become members of a labor organization : UNIONIZE
To be covered by something; “my inbox was _______ with spam e-mails” : FLOODED
Mini-plates : SAUCERS
Something very complicated with great attention to detail is this : INTRICATE
American electronics require an _______ to be used with European outlets : ADAPTOR
Not only is this city the capital of Austria, but also the home of Beethoven and Mozart : VIENNA
Branches of imagined or simulated series of events and their outcomes : SCENARIOS
Music professionals who write music : COMPOSERS
Hit flint and steel together and you will get these : SPARKS
Much like a tsunami, this natural disaster is a destructive force caused by large bodies of water : TIDALWAVE
An automotive road trip problem that requires a change : BLOWNTIRE
Tina ____ was called the “Queen of Rock and Roll” and sang “What’s Love Got to do With it” : TURNER
In some stories, a ghost _________ its host, taking control of their actions : POSSESSES

745 level
NFL team from Buffalo : BILLS
Before becoming Darth Vader, his name was ____ Skywalker : ANAKIN
Leaving your car in park with the engine running : IDLING
“Freaks and ____” was a popular NBC comedy with James Franco, Seth Rogan, and Jason Segel : GEEKS
To put your stamp on something; to give your permission to proceed : APPROVE
Won’t run into any walls in this kind of house : WELLLIT
To bring motion or life to something : ANIMATE
Firm closely associated with presenting awards to car brands : JDPOWER
“___ __ Black” is a 1997 movie starring Will Smith as fresh recruit Agent Jay : MENIN

746 level
Joked, but with a serious delivery : DEADPANNED
Fly off the handle : LOSECONTROL
Professional who assists attorneys in preparing for a trial : PARALEGAL
When the hands of the clock align : ONTHEHOUR
Someone’s first choice : PREFERENCE
People who perform death-defying feats : DAREDEVILS
The ways to get into a building : ENTRANCES
Part of the hair first popularized by and named for Civil War general, Ambrose Burnside : SIDEBURNS
To not do something due to fear : CHICKENOUT
Former Yankee shortstop who was nicknamed “Captain Clutch” : DEREKJETER

747 level
Action figures made by Hasbro representing members of a military force : GIJOES
Firm determination : RESOLVE
Drinking vessel usually seen around water coolers : PAPERCUP
A person who writes the words to a song : LYRIST
“_’__ ____, tell me more”; a saying meaning you’ll willing take the bait : ILLBITE
Bonus for joining up : SIGNON
A phrase, sometimes sarcastic, for indicating someone made a good effort : NICETRY
The sphinx asked this type of question : RIDDLE
The NBA Playoffs end in these games : FINALS

748 level
Controlling by means of rules : REGULATING
Gotham DA who becomes Two-Face : HARVEYDENT
Brand of headphones created by a famous rapper from Compton : BEATSBYDRE
Spanish actress who appeared in “Vanilla Sky” and “Blow” : PENELOPECRUZ
Actors who learn another’s role so they can act as a replacement if needed : UNDERSTUDIES
English actor who has played Magneto, Gandalf, and King Richard : IANMCKELLEN
This liquid quantity is equal to 8 pints or 3.78 : ONEGALLON
Sending a group of settlers somewhere to gain control : COLONIZING
American industrialist who created the first affordable automobile : HENRYFORD
Baseball team in Arizona : DIAMONDBACKS
Type of bracelet that indicates two people have a good relationship : FRIENDSHIP

749 level
“_____Gems” is an American crime thriller starring Adam Sandler : UNCUT
Nova _____ is an Eastern Canadian province who capital is Halifax : SCOTIA
Surname of the actor who portrays Marshall Eriksen in “How I Met Your Mother” : SEGEL
“Haven’t the foggiest” : NOIDEA
Less censored version of a movie : UNRATED
Listens to a command : OBEYS
You should always do this before you make a lane change or a turn : SIGNAL
Declare for the draft : TURNPRO
2000 British crime comedy directed Guy Ritchie featuring a “Gypsy” Brad Pitt : SNATCH
Some may prefer to have this side of the eggs up : SUNNY

750 level
Previous “American Idol” judge with a penchant for blunt and biting commentary : SIMONCOWELL
Gussed an approximate value : ESTIMATED
In Blackjack, to get one more card for twice the bet : DOUBLEDOWN
To look at this is to take all perspectives and possibilities into account : BIGPICTURE
The full name of Kayne and Kim’s eldest daughter : NORTHWEST
Small plastic pieces that you can swipe to borrow money : CREDITCARDS
Actress with the most amount of Oscar nominations of 20, as of 2020 : MERYLSTREEP
Bumped from behind in a vehicle, by a vehicle : REARENDED
Appliance used by a butcher for mince meats : MEATGRINDER

The answer to level 741, 742, 743, 744, 745, 746, 747, 748, 749 and 750 is Word Craze game

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