The answer to level 751, 752, 753, 754, 755, 756, 757, 758, 759 and 760 is Word Craze game

The answer to level 751, 752, 753, 754, 755, 756, 757, 758, 759 and 760 is Word Craze game

Answers to the game Word Craze
IOS and Android
(Developer Betta Games)

On this page you will find the answers Word Craze Level from 751 to 760.

751 level
___ ___ City is the capital of Utah and the world headquarters of the Mormon Church : SALTLAKE
Had a good time : ENJOYED
To hold something in high esteem or regard : ADMIRE
Company department in charge of bookkeeping and helping managers make money decisions : FINANCE
Beach city in Los Angeles California; home to several Hollywood celebrities : MALIBU
Blow into your drink straw to produce these : BUBBLES
The actress who starred as Mikaela Banes in the 2007 film “Transformers” : MEGANFOX
A person elected as a candidate for a Grammy : NOMINEE
Applied a protective strip of material over a wound : BANDAGED
How companies buy goods : INBULK

752 level
David ___________” is the most commercially successful magician in history : COPPERFIELD
Rumors and urban legends are debunked on this science entertainment TV show : MYTHBUSTER
Italian explorer _______Columbus was said to have discovered America : CHRISTOPHER
The football air pressure controversy involving New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady : DEFLATEGATE
Graffiti artist use these to make murals : SPRAYCANS
Bread, cereals, rice, pasta, and noodles are all part of the same ____ _____ : FOODGROUP
Said upon the conclusion of a police investigation : CASECLOSED
A professional who studies various aspects of the Earth : GEOLOGIST
The actor who starred as Sheldon on “The Big Bang Theory” : JIMPARSONS
Used to hook ocean animals : FISHINGPOLE
To clean something with a substance to remove bacteria and germs : DISINFECT
Independent photographers who aggressively take pictures of celebrities : PAPARAZZI

753 level
Area 20 yards or less from the opponent’s goal line in the NFL : REDZONE
Cyber _______ are attempts by hackers to destroy a computer network : ATTACKS
A column in the human body made up of 33 bones : SPINAL
Extremely large in magnitude : IMMENSE
The Silverado is one of the truck models of this US car brand : CHEVY
Classes in school on a particular subject : LESSONS
The large intestine : COLON
Humidifier output : VAPOR
2006 song by Amy Winehouse that is semi-autobiographical : REHAB

754 level
American restaurant chain that celebrates everyone’s favorite weekday : TGIFRIDAYS
Ring the bell to open it, maybe : FRONTDOOR
Lines that pass through the centers of circles and touch the circumferences : DIAMETERS
Actor starred as Lt. Tom “Iceman” Kazansky in the 1986 film “Top Gun” : VALKILMER
The nickname for the US Olympic basketball team from 1992 : DREAMTEAM
How people are listed in a caption, usually : LEFTTORIGHT
Economic theory that money to the rich eventually uplifts the poor : TRICKLEDOWN
“Free Bird” highlight : GUITARSOLO
Pregnancy has 3 of theses periods : TRIMESTER
Of powder, have disappeared into water : DISSOLVED

755 level
Action done to rattle an opponent : MINDGAME
Everything comprising of people’s net worth : ESTATES
“_____’_ Fables” is a collection of stories credited to a slave that lived in ancient Greece : AESOPS
Describes something that occurs rarely; not often : SELDOMLY
To invade people’s privacy without their permission : INTRUDE
Fiddles with the volume control : ADJUSTS
A sweater is called this in England : JUMPER
Transports goods and people : VEHICLE
Jimmy ______ is the US comic who hosts “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy ______” : FALLON

756 level
Nicknamed “the Worm”, he led the NBA in rebounds for 7 consecutive years : DENNISRODMAN
To become very excited or to act crazy : GOBANANAS
Actor starred as Kylo Ren in the Star Wars film franchise : ADAMDRIVER
Actor who starred as Michael Scott in the US sitcom “The Office” : STEVECARELL
Pen that dispenses ink over a metal ball : BALLPOINT
Moe Howard and Curly Howard formed part of this comedy group from 1922 to 1970 : THREESTOOGES
The velocity of an aircraft as if it is traveling on land : GROUNDSPEED
This type of burn is referred to as a full-thickness burn : THIRDDEGREE
Reproducing or re-enacting : RECREATING
The background used to create special effects in films : GREENSCREEN
Aircraft with rotating blades like the Robinson R22 and the Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk : HELICOPTERS
Informal for annoyed or disappointed : BUMMEDOUT
Legally raising another’s children as your own : ADOPTIONS
Left a movie theater prematurely : WALKEDOUT
An exaggerated statement that you should not take literally : HYPERBOLE

757 level
A person who is always moving from place to place : DRIFTER
“___ __ Me” is the song by John Legend and Lindsey Stirling : ALLOF
Blueprints, for an architect : PLANS
“Bona _____” refers to a person’s honesty and sincerity of intention : FIDES
Calvin _____ is a US fashion brand established in 1968 : KLEIN
______ Genuine Draft is one of the most consumed beers in the US : MILLER
“______ in the bud” refers to something that was halted at an early stage : NIPPED
Basic Chinese greeting : NIHAO
Aquatic ecosystem for Japanese ornamental carp : KOIPOND
Nature’s cover : SHADE

758 level
To carry out a plan : IMPLEMENT
Tradition that is respected because it has been done in the same way for many years : TIMEHONORED
Refers to a competition where everyone is for themselves : FREEFORALL
Title of the second Jason Bourne movie : SUPREMACY
Ask this to find out a person’s current location : WHEREAREYOU
Adorable Japanese cartoon cat with no mouth : HELLOKITTY
To meddle in someone’s business : INTERFERE
Hotel chain named after particular yearly occurances : FOURSEASONS
An idiom which means improvising : WINGINGIT

759 level
Music ______ refer to the ranking of popular music within a certain period of time : CHARTS
Mexican dishes which translate to “belt” or “girdle” in English : FAJITAS
________ items include makeup, mascara, eye shadow, etc. : COSMETIC
A US beef jerky brand owned by Conagra Brands : SLIMJIM
Reduces coffee beans to powder : GRINDS
Duelists of yore : FENCERS
A deep and narrow ditch in the ground : TRENCH
Obstructing someone or something : BLOCKING
Joes who aren’t pros : LAYMANS
To be responsible for something : LIABLE
Estimated without sufficient information : GUESSED

760 level
The CEO of Amazon : JEFFBEZOS
Celebration for a bachelor who’s about to get married : STAGPARTY
In soccer, this is made when a manager replaces one player with another during a match : SUBSTITUTION
Preview image : THUMBNAIL
SNL alumnus who played Dr. Peter Venkman in Ghostbusters : BILLMURRAY
Digits with no fractions also called integers : WHOLENUMBERS
Occupy two spots simultaneously with your car : DOUBLEPARK
You ____ _____ of time when you are having too much fun : LOSETRACK
Superman’s arch enemy : LEXLUTHOR
Crucial criminal information coming from someone who’s incognito is called this : ANONYMOUSTIP
Rarely, hand out a jackpot : SLOTMACHINES
Kelly Washington’s character on “Scandal” : OLIVIAPOPE
The ability to endure pain; synonymous with endurance and stamina : TOLERANCE
An insect known to eat the excrement of other animals : DUNGBEETLE
An explosion associated with sunspots that causes a magnetic disturbance to the earth : SOLARFLARE
Men’s apparel for a formal occasion or party : DRESSSHIRT

The answer to level 751, 752, 753, 754, 755, 756, 757, 758, 759 and 760 is Word Craze game

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