The answer to level 731, 732, 733, 734, 735, 736, 737, 738, 739 and 740 is Word Craze game

The answer to level 731, 732, 733, 734, 735, 736, 737, 738, 739 and 740 is Word Craze game

Answers to the game Word Craze
IOS and Android
(Developer Betta Games)

On this page you will find the answers Word Craze Level from 731 to 740.

731 level
Breed of dog who often serves as a guard dog : DOBERMAN
Conan _’____ is a lifetime comedian who has hosted several late-night talk shows : OBRIEN
To hand something over to another’s care : CONSIGN
The Italian equivalent of Michael : MICHELE
Deep sorrow : MOURNING
While driving, to “hang a louie“ means to make a ____ ____ : LEFTTURN
Most fish have these on their rear : TAILFINS
This type of food makes a sound when bitten; e.g. potato chips or apples : CRUNCHY
The major conflict that happened from 1914-1918 is sometimes called this : GREATWAR
Confessional visitor : SINNER
People who look up to or have romantic feelings for another; “she has two secret ________” : ADMIRERS
One who lives in that place; resident of a specific place : HABITANT

732 level
In English, “and”, “but”, and “if” are all examples of these : CONJUNCTIONS
A style of swimming on the chest where the torso does not rotate : BREASTSTROKE
Putting in hours at the gym : WORKINGOUT
To have someone wait, especially on the phone : PUTONHOLD
Your ___ _______ determines how much of your income you pay : TAXBRACKET
In American Football, every 10 yards allots the offensive team this : FIRSTDOWN
Durable cord attached to a hook to catch aquatic animals : FISHINGLINE
A financial statement of assets and liabilities : BALANCESHEET
Hatching places for zombies : GRAVEYARDS
Coming out from somewhere or something; the sound was _________ from a cave : EMANATING
Large purple fruits, not vegetables : EGGPLANTS
Leader of the pack : ALPHAMALE
A _______ ___ is a jeweled, decorative ovoid from Russia of which only 69 were made : FABERGEEGG
To occur unintentionally or by coincidence : ACCIDENTAL
The depth that deceased were assumed to be buried; a general term for being dead : SIXFEETUNDER
American bank with a red and yellow logo : WELLSFARGO
Arranged or put together, as in an event : ORGANIZED

733 level
“The prince ______ the dragon and rescued the princess” : SLAYED
Regularly; “do you come here _____?” : OFTEN
Type of food consisting of cuts of meat on a metal stick : SKEWER
This is India’s largest city, financial center, and home of Bollywood : MUMBAI
To check somebody for illegal possessions : FRISK
In genetics, when DNA or a cell undergoes a change : MUTATE
A “feeding _____” is a wild rush of eaters to food : FRENZY
To have a sudden understanding of something : REALIZE
Steadfast in refusal : DEFIANT
______ Morgan is a country singer known for “What Part of No” and “Five Minutes” : LORRIE
A group of people sharing a living area, responsibilities, and food : COMMUNE
Japanese multimedia artist, singer, and peace activist; ex-wife of John Lennon : YOKOONO

734 level
A published collection of writings or poems : ANTHOLOGY
One who leaves their home country to live elsewhere : IMMIGRANT
Provided with the food necessary for growth and health : NOURISHED
Most vehicles have at least two of these for entering and exiting : SIDEDOORS
Phrase commonly used to describe an easy to hit and defenseless target : SITTINGDUCK
Neck injury that commonly occurs in car accidents : WHIPLASH
A phrase indicating departure; “I should really ___ ___ ____, it’s a long drive” : HITTHEROAD
“The _____ ____” is a 1999 Tom Hanks film about a unusual death row inmate : GREENMILE
Professionals responsible for designing and testing buildings and machines : ENGINEERS
Not willing to change for anyone : DETERMINED
To listen in on a conversation without the participants knowing : PHONETAP
In real estate, the time when ownership of the property is transferred to the buyer : CLOSINGDATE
People who come from San Juan and Ponce : PUERTORICAN

735 level
This is the term for favoritism granted to relatives such as business opportunities or political positions : NEPOTISM
You are “__ ____ your head” if you cannot handle the situation : INOVER
Plot of land for growing plants, vegetables, and flowers : GARDEN
A expression meaning the speaker doesn’t have a clue : BEATSME
Phrase with origins in golf meaning better than expected : ABOVEPAR
Michael Jordan ________ around 30 points in 1,072 regular season games : AVERAGED
Of a solid, to break apart in a liquid, forming a solution : DISSOLVE
Avoid this topic during family gatherings : POLITICS
Allude or directs to : REFERS
Small tribe leaders; name of NFL team from Kansas City : CHIEFS
Allow something by law : LEGALIZE
In Golf, a Bogey is ___ ____ par : ONEOVER

736 level
Questions and concerns : QUERIES
Related to hearing : AUDITORY
Get in line; to be put into a system for processing : QUEUEUP
“____ ___ (And You Alone)” is a 1950’s hit by The Platters : ONLYYOU
To come back to life : REVIVE
A jack-of-all-trades is a person with many of these : TALENTS
Not part of a particular group of people : OUTOFTHELOOP
What’s more important, _______ or quantity? : QUALITY
Mentally visualizes : IMAGINES
One of the largest space telescopes, named after the astronomer Edwin ______ : HUBBLE
Exclude from society : OSTRACIZE
Those who teach, coach, advice, train, or tutor others : MENTORS
Say something so others can hear it : OUTLOUD
Glowing coals that remain after a fire : EMBERS

737 level
To abandon an existing arrangement : CANCEL
Disconnects from a phone call : HANGSUP
Place where students live on campus : DORMS
To be thrown or heaved through the air : FLUNG
The Isle __ ___ is located between Great Britain and Ireland : OFMAN
Shopping on planes : SKYMALL
A cloth used for cleaning : WASHRAG
Hungarian-born American illusionist Harry Houdini was born as Ehrich _____ : WEISS
In Baseball, a _______ is one who consistently bats for power : SLUGGER
To lose one’s mind in excitement over something considered nerdy : GEEKOUT
“__ _____, and yet, so far” : SOCLOSE
A gun designed to be readily carried by an individual : FIREARM

738 level
“Trash” that can be reused is thrown into this container : RECYCLEBIN
American entertainer who once co-hosted “The Man Show” and “Win Ben Stein’s Money” : JIMMYKIMMEL
Detailed sports commentary where they go through each decision : PLAYBYPLAY
Evander ________ is a former American boxer who held undisputed titles in two weight classes : HOLYFIELD
Wind-up children’s music box with a funny surprise : JACKINABOX
Waiting in a concealed position to get a surprise attack on the enemy : AMBUSHING
In Baseball, after four balls, the batter gets to go to _____ ____ : FIRSTBASE
Faith in one’s own strength or ability : CONFIDENCE
Stylized way to sign a contract : SIGNATURE
Becomes less and less over time : DIMINISHES
Extremely light travelers : BACKPACKERS

739 level
Nullify : NEGATE
Counseled on what to do : ADVISED
To make major changes to the public image of an organization : REBRAND
Rude children behavior : TALKBACK
Something soldiers might yell in response to enemy ordnance : IMCOMING
Acrobat ______ is a popular software for viewing PDF files on the computer : READER
A snack intended to be taken on hikes; usually contains nuts, dried fruits, and granola : TRAILMIX
Gathers; Acquires; Comes by : OBTAINS
Corn Flakes, Frosted Flakes, Pringles, Eggo, and Cheez-It are all produced by this company : KELLOGG
College dining packages : MEALPLAN
To remove one’s clothing : UNDRESS
People or devices that remove impurities or unwanted matter from something : REFINERS

740 level
Rock song by Michael Jackson that appeared on “Thriller” : BEATIT
Makes someone feel intimidated : DAUNTS
American broadcaster that interviewed thousands of prominent figures on “_____ ____ Live” on CNN : LARRYKING
American rapper who became popular in the 90’s with his hit “Gangsta’s Paradise” : COOLIO
The _______ class consists of people who are employed and earn wages : WORKING
Cutting edges : BLADES
Study material : TEXTBOOK
“______ Gaga” is common shorthand for baby-talk : GOOGOO
Came back strong after being down : RESURGED
Position in American Football who attempts field goals : KICKER
Something that is convenient to carry around is this : PORTABLE
These hold decorations above a fireplace : MANTLES
“______ and the Jets” is a 1970’s hit by Elton John : BENNIE
Unexpected additions to the norm : BONUSES

The answer to level 731, 732, 733, 734, 735, 736, 737, 738, 739 and 740 is Word Craze game

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