The answer to level 681, 682, 683, 684, 685, 686, 687, 688, 689 and 690 is Word Craze game

The answer to level 681, 682, 683, 684, 685, 686, 687, 688, 689 and 690 is Word Craze game

Answers to the game Word Craze
IOS and Android
(Developer Betta Games)

On this page you will find the answers Word Craze Level from 681 to 690.

681 level
Accesses, as in with a key : UNLOCKS
Term the French used to call the Dominicans : JACOBIN
Soaked, filled with, immersed : INFUSED
To lure in with promises of reward : ENTICE
The three monkeys speak, see, and hear this : NOEVIL
Combined, particular resources : POOLED
Common salt compound found in pesticides, copper _______ : SULFATE
Name of the most notable fallen angel according to the Bible : LUCIFER
Skinnier than before : SLIMMER
Producer, creator : MAKER
“The Blue Marble” is a photo of this celestial body : EARTH
The fourth one is where the wedding ring is worn : FINGER
Movie about a labrador dog and his owners, “Marley ___ __” : ANDME

682 level
In boxing, the state of being close to defeat : ONTHEROPES
Detergent-alternative used mostly to hand wash cloths : BAROFSOAP
Slogan of skateboard apparel company Vans : OFFTHEWALL
Backup plans : FALLBACKS
Beforehand, ahead in time : INADVANCE
Voice of Ralph in Disney’s animation “Wreck-It Ralph” : JOHNCREILLY
American actor who played Dan Conner in the TV series “Roseanne”, winning a Golden Globe : JOHNGOODMAN
Phrase encouraging one to keep trying : NEVERGIVEUP
Inability to make a judgment; hesitation : INDECISION
Blockage on the roads to hinder traffic : BARRICADE
Decreases in monetary value, interest rate, or exchange rate : DEPRECATES
Mark as the exemplar for others; act as the reference : SETTHEPACE

683 level
Sunglasses for pilots : AVIATORS
Begins a game or project : KICKSOFF
Made water bubble through heat : BOILED
Reallocated the flow of something, such as attention : DIVERTED
To convince someone not to participate : DISSUADE
Former African Kingdom that lasted until 1904; located in present-day Benin : DAHOMEY
Saline solution, vitamins, and electrolytes slowly injected into the bloodstream : IVDRIPS
Achoo is often used as onomatopoeia of this action : SNEEZE
Television crime drama starring an Italian undercover agent played by Ken Wahl : WISEGUY
Notes played off-pitch : OFFKEY
Turned up the soil of a land plot : PLOWED
“He’s just _ ____ of his former self” : ASHELL
Group of phosphate minerals often used in fertilizers : APATITES
Device used to light fuel and start an engine : IGNITOR
Cheap tickets : LOWFARES

684 level
Shockingly, extremely bad : EGREGIOUS
Motor race of speed between two competitors : DRAGRACING
Stories about the magical and mystical for children : FAIRYTALES
Not available; taken : SPOKENFOR
The avian author of many traditional nursery rhymes and children’s tales : MOTHERGOOSE
Japanese electronics company known for the SL-1200 record player : PANASONIC
Extremely enthusiastic, fervent, overly passionate : OVERZEALOUS
American rapper and co-founder of the group Public Enemy known for his ticking accessories : FLAVORFLAV
Type of fix-it shop a cobbler works at : SHOEREPAIR
Common potted greens found in one’s home : HOUSEPLANT
Convert one language into another, but wrong : MISTRANSLATE
This part of your head that contains your knowledge about math and science : LEFTBRAIN
Getting ready for an event : PREPARING
Returning something to its original state : RESTORING
Getting money through coercion : EXTORTION
Place where one rests for a train or plane : WAITINGAREA
Convenience store with a number name : SEVENELEVEN
The super fast desert bird from Looney Tunes : ROADRUNNER
Stuck doing overtime in the office : HELDUPATWORK

685 level
“And this little piggy went wee, wee, wee ___ ___ way home” : ALLTHE
The ___ ____ is one of the four divisions of American Football and includes the Giants : NFCEAST
You can find headquarters of Hyundai and Samsung here : SEOUL
Pin ___ ____ on the Donkey is a classic party game : THETAIL
“My aim was off so _ ______ the bullseye” : IMISSED
To keep one’s eyes on a situation and ensure it is being done as desired : OVERSEE
Someone who judges or discriminates against others based on their age is this : AGEIST
To adjust : MODIFY

686 level
In hockey, this position stays near the goal to block the opponent’s attempt to score : GOALTENDER
Shelf above the fireplace : MANTELPIECE
When water in a pot is boiling too high, it might ______ ____ : BUBBLEOVER
A large musical ensemble that typically plays classic music : ORCHESTRA
A breakfast side dish made from pan-frying potatoes : HOMEFRIES
When an earthquake is over, it is often followed by a smaller quake called this : AFTERSHOCK
The ____-_-____ Foundation helps sick children achieve their dreams : MAKEAWISH
Never sleep through these : FIREALARMS
This breed of dog comes from Germany; they have long hair around their snout like a long mustache : SCHNAUZER

687 level
US party member : REPUBLICAN
In the show “Archer”, Dr. ______ is the erratic German head of research : KRIEGER
A _______ gaze; coming from deep within; expressing deep feelings or sorrow : SOULFUL
Splits up, as in a group or music band : DISBANDS
Brings a child into the world : BIRTHS
Microsoft programming language written as “C++” : CSHARP
The shorthand term for Information Technology : INFOTECH
Group of performers who have their skin painted a dark azure hue : BLUEMAN

688 level
A French luxury retail company named after its founder; the letters LV appear on most of their products : LOUISVUITTON
Actor who played Butch Cassidy; also, a champion driver for the Sports Car Club of America : PAULNEWMAN
The one that broke the camel’s back : FINALSTRAW
When someone has been forced into beliefs by repetitive manipulation, they have been ___________ : BRAINWASHED
Style of legwear with a lot of extra storage space : CARGOPANTS
An event causing great damage or suffering : CATASTROPHE
“After the heated argument, she finally ______ ___” : COOLEDOFF
Phrase meaning “without a doubt” : NOQUESTION

689 level
Used in mathematics to express change : DELTA
The name of the Canadian $1 coin : LOONIE
The third letter of the Greek alphabet, written as “g” : GAMMA
A chemical compound consisting of carbon and hydrogen atoms; used for gasoline : ALKANE
Stir-fried rice noodles from Thailand : PADTHAI
A cheese _____ is a triangular block of cheese : WEDGE
Uncomfortable feeling arising from doing something you feel wrong about : SHAME
Beverly ______ is a children’s author who created Romana Quimby and Ralph S. Mouse : CLEARY
Big biopharmaceutical company : PFIZER

690 level
In cartoons, toxic waste is often depicted in this flashy color : NEONGREEN
Things that are as different as “_____ ___ ___” couldn’t be more different : NIGHTANDDAY
Beneath the surface; where things are buried : UNDERGROUND
The Biblical mother of Jesus, is commonly known as this : VIRGINMARY
A type of matter accounting for over 80% of the universe; undetectable by human senses : DARKMATTER
A difficult time in life or a relationship : ROUGHPATCH
The players selected to join the next NBA season : DRAFTPICKS
__________ consists of leaders and those in charge of overseeing others’ work : MANAGEMENT
Type of folklore comprising of stories circulating as true : URBANLEGEND
“The ___ ______” is a 1970s television show about two unlikely roommates : ODDCOUPLE

The answer to level 681, 682, 683, 684, 685, 686, 687, 688, 689 and 690 is Word Craze game

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