The answer to level 691, 692, 693, 694, 695, 696, 697, 698, 699 and 700 is Word Craze game

The answer to level 691, 692, 693, 694, 695, 696, 697, 698, 699 and 700 is Word Craze game

Answers to the game Word Craze
IOS and Android
(Developer Betta Games)

On this page you will find the answers Word Craze Level from 691 to 700.

691 level
You pull these to fire guns : TRIGGERS
Having spoiled or ruined the appearance of something : DEFACED
This projectile is fired by using your mouth to force air down the barrel : BLOWDART
Kept your end of the bargain : UPHELD
Glowing brightly : RADIANT
Employing or utilizing : USING
People who steal goods usually as large groups and in times of chaos are known as these : LOOTERS
Black vultures are known for having this type of relationship : MONOGAMY
Member of the secret police force of the Soviet Union : KGBAGENT

692 level
A hindrance or disability : IMPEDIMENT
In finance, using debt to make a purchase : LEVERAGE
Having an advantage in the current situation : UPPERHAND
People who develop social skills and talents later in life are these : LATEBLOOMERS
An inconvenient or unwelcome burden or demand : IMPOSITION
The celestial body that contains the Sun, Earth, and all the rest of our planets : SOLARSYSTEM
An attitude of doubt and needing to “see it to believe it” : SKEPTICISM
To take notice of and give due credit to someone : ACKNOWLEDGE
2014 animated film which brought construction blocks to life : THELEGOMOVIE

693 level
American footwear and apparel company that sponsors UFC and Spartan Race : REEBOK
A fan who idolizes a famous person and often attends their performances : GROUPIE
To speak out about an internal concern : VOICE
Mickey _____ is an actor and former boxer known for playing tough guys : ROURKE
They’re, their, and _____ : THERE
To fail to comply with or break a law : VIOLATE
Amelia _______ was the first female pilot to fly alone over the Atlantic Ocean : EARHART
In Nascar, a white flag is waved to signal when this starts : LASTLAP
She flies away with Peter to Neverland : WENDY
James from “Boston Legal” and “The Black List” : SPADER

694 level
Children’s game where they vault over each other’s back : LEAPFROG
Saying something without preparation : OFFTHECUFF
Living spaces or venues used for hosting celebrations : PARTYROOMS
Having occurred by chance or unintended consequence; “do you suppose this is all __________?” : INCIDENTAL
Rob ________ plays Deuce Bigalow, the male gigolo : SCHNEIDER
Moving at a high velocity : GOINGFAST
Reports on TV or radio about current events : NEWSCASTS
Early Frank Abagnale crime in “Catch Me If You Can” : FORGEDCHECK
At first; before a change occurred : INITIALLY
Having converted some code into understandable language : DECIPHERED

695 level
2012 film based on the Dr. Seuss story featuring a mustached sprite : THELORAX
American satellite television service provider that started under Hughes Electronics : DIRECTV
______ Lohan is an American actress who came to fame for “The Parent Trap” : LINDSAY
A trait that is natural or basic part of something is this : INHERENT
People who avoid work or lazes about : IDLERS
A style of tattoo that covers the majority of an arm : SLEEVE
Large groups of people : HORDES
In comedy, a type of solo improv : RIFFING
When a tree produces a number of flowers : BLOSSOM
Musical note equivalent to E-flat : DSHARP

696 level
Drawing gradually towards the end; “it looks like the party is _______ ____” : WINDINGDOWN
Slip of paper needed to get onto an airplane : BOARDINGPASS
To have been pulled out of a battlezone : EXTRACTED
If you get this, you’re out : THIRDSTRIKE
1 for hydrogen and 6 for carbon : ATOMICNUMBER
These are used to access food in an enclosed metal container : CANOPENERS
Something to be considered a possibility in reality is this : PLAUSIBLE
People involved with armed forces or militias are these : MILITANTS
__ _______ is an English singer who made “The A Team” and has albums named after math symbols : EDSHEERAN
What you owe the IRS from past years : BACKTAXES
To develop or create something, especially chemically : SYNTHESIZE

697 level
Put clothes on these to keep them from wrinkling : HANGERS
1996 film by the Coen brothers named after a small town in North Dakota : FARGO
Oblivious relaxation : ZONEOUT
Your dog or cat might need a collar to protect against these tiny insects : FLEAS
Extremely nerve-wracking strategy in poker : BLUFF
To put everything in your luggage again : REPACK
Saint _______ is the patron saint of astronomers : DOMINIC
Synonym for birds : AVIANS
Compare with like or as : SIMILE
A 1976 horror film, remade in 2006, depicting the childhood and coming of the “Antichrist” : THEOMEN

698 level
This Australian-American country singer with an un-country last name made “Somebody like You” : KEITHURBAN
An empty setting to make paintings or other art on : BLANKCANVAS
These breeds of bears lives only in the Arctic Circle : POLARBEARS
Mr. T played this character on 1980’s TV show “The A Team” : BABARACUS
“I’m ___ ______ to know better, but still too young to care” : OLDENOUGH
A member of an older generation of one’s family is called this : FOREFATHER
Ungracious or insultingly nonchalant manner of speaking; “that was an __________ remark” : OFFHANDED
Breakfast container : CEREALBOX
A “term of _______” is a term used for a loved one, e.g. “pumpkin” or “sweety” : ENDEARMENT
Phrase meaning “as an expression of respect for” : INHONOROF
The act of illegally moving goods over borders : SMUGGLING

699 level
When iPhone users want to access their virtual assistant, they can simply say “___ ____” : HEYSIRI
Winter road maintenance vehicle : SNOWPLOW
Informal term for an attractive person : LOOKER
Inconsiderate or harsh towards another : UNKIND
Wilhelm ______ was the field marshal of the Nazi Germany Armed Forces : KEITEL
One who hires others for work : EMPLOYER
Having made a downward motion to avoid getting hit : DUCKED
In “Dragonball Z”, this green alien starts as an enemy, but becomes an ally : PICCOLO
80s American rapper is famous for “U Can’t Touch This” and his special pants : MCHAMMER
“It must have been love, but __’_ ____ now” – Roxette : ITSOVER

700 level
Something done in order is this : SEQUENTIAL
Out with the old and in with the new; to eliminate inefficiencies or corruption : CLEANSHOUSE
Below the required standards for a position : UNQUALIFIED
Someone who does projects for several different companies : FREELANCER
If your flight encounters this, it may shake around a bit : TURBULENCE
Agreed to a particularly special proposal : GOTENGAGED
Gathering at Sigma Alpha Epsilon : FRATPARTY
Boxing without gloves : BAREKNUCKLES
Household aquariums : FISHTANKS
The Kingdom of _____ ______ takes up the majority of the Arabian Peninsula : SAUDIARABIA
Classic medical textbook that is alluded to by the ABC medical drama of similar name : GRAYSANATOMY
Formally asking for something : REQUESTING

The answer to level 691, 692, 693, 694, 695, 696, 697, 698, 699 and 700 is Word Craze game

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