The answer to level 531, 532, 533, 534, 535, 536, 537, 538, 539 and 540 is Word Craze game

The answer to level 531, 532, 533, 534, 535, 536, 537, 538, 539 and 540 is Word Craze game

Answers to the game Word Craze
IOS and Android
(Developer Betta Games)

On this page you will find the answers Word Craze Level from 531 to 540.

531 level
Study of human society and its development, structure, and composition : SOCIOLOGY
A weather condition where the snow is so thick, you cannot see anything : WHITEOUT
What are these lines called in American Football? : HASHMARKS
You might wipe your feet on these before entering a home : DOORMATS
Tennis stroke that can make the ball halt or even reverse direction : BACKSPIN
Using a car pedal to slow down the vehicle : BRAKING
To lie back in a relaxed way : RECLINE
Lotion that is applied at the beach to prevent sunburns : SUNSCREEN
Invented in 9th-century China, this substance is the earliest known explosive : GUNPOWDER
In many religions, this is an act of saving a soul from sin : SALVATION

532 level
The guitar, violin, and piano are examples of this : INSTRUMENT
Popular hazelnut cocoa spread produced by Ferrero : NUTELLA
What type of shot is the green team taking? : FREEKICK
Northern Ireland capital city where the Titanic was built : BELFAST
Small vertebrates that can absorb water through their skin; e.g. frogs, toads, and salamanders : AMPHIBIANS
To leave something and not go back for it : ABANDON
Popular alcoholic beverage from Mexico : TEQUILA
To forecast or anticipate something : PREDICT
A firm specialized in providing a specific service, such as taxes and accounting : AGENCY

533 level
A person with a string of good fortune is this : LUCKY
Opposite of correct; incorrect : WRONG
What is this outer covering on some vegetables? : HUSK
To determine a horse’s age, its best to look at its ______ : TEETH
Jack _____ is the personification of winter, often portrayed as a sprite or mischief-maker : FROST
____ Company is an American pet brand that produces chew toys with the same name : KONG
Currency used for countries in the European Union : EURO
The first hip-hop artist to become a billionaire; married to Beyoncé : JAYZ
There are twenty-four of these in a day : HOURS
A _____ pointer emits a beam that is useful for presentations : LASER

534 level
The Flying ________ is a mythical ghost ship that portends doom : DUTCHMAN
To recall a memory or fact : REMEMBER
What toys are they playing with? : HULAHOOPS
This stance, adopted by left-handed boxers, mirrors the orthodox stance : SOUTHPAW
Writing implement crafted from a bird feather : QUILLPEN
Disney’s canine love story, Lady and ___ ______ : THETRAMP
What is this clothes-cleaning device? : LINTROLLER
A person’s accumulated facts, information, and skills : KNOWLEDGE
One of the three posterior thigh muscles; highly prone to injury : HAMSTRING
The letters P.S. that is usually found at the end of a letter stand for this : POSTSCRIPT
Floyd __________ is a retired undefeated welterweight boxing champion : MAYWEATHER

535 level
A sentence written in ______ voice puts the object upfront : PASSIVE
The ultimate penalty in a soccer game, resulting in the player’s ejection : REDCARD
What headwear is this person wearing? : SHOWERCAP
A basketball team has five ______ on the court at any time : PLAYERS
When a space shuttle launches, they might say we have ___ ___ : LIFTOFF
A mechanism that one can sit on to transit up a snowy mountain or hill : SKILIFT
To willfully go against authority : DISOBEY
A ______ control allows one to operate a device at a distance : REMOTE
A type of candle that has a smell : SCENTED
To have your job title reduced at work : DEMOTED

536 level
A train conductor might say All _____ to remind everyone to get on the train : ABOARD
Bill ______ is a former president of the US, serving after George H. W. Bush : CLINTON
What is this recreational flying device? : HANGGLIDER
British supercar brand known for its F1 model : MCLAREN
US state that is abbreviated as OK; their NBA team drafted Durant and Westbrook : OKLAHOMA
A silly person with clown-like behavior : BUFFOON
The former rulers of the earth; large reptiles believed to be the ancestors to birds : DINOSAURS
What is this bird that shares a name with a famous Disney pirate? : SPARROW
Empowered comic archetype that uses their powers for good : SUPERHERO
Seasonal wind that brings with it heavy rain : MONSOON
Popular app that merges a traditional music streaming service with social media : SPOTIFY

537 level
Thick cloth used for drying oneself, especially after bathing : TOWEL
Casual trousers made of denim, invented in 1871 : JEANS
What is this sound-reducing action? : DAMPEN
Birds often migrate _____ for the winter : SOUTH
To believe something will happen; anticipate : EXPECT
You should ____ up your phone when it rings : PICK
The World Cup is hosted every 4 ______ : YEARS
Protective garment worn over the front of one’s body while cooking : APRON
In some cultures, it’s considered bad luck if this color cat crosses your path : BLACK

538 level
A person employed to manage and clean a home : HOUSEKEEPER
The fictional city where the Simpsons live : SPRINGFIELD
Which German car company makes cars like this? : VOLKSWAGEN
To see things that are not actually there; a mental disorder : HALLUCINATE
You might make one when meeting someone for the first time : INTRODUCTION
The art of designing and engineering large buildings and structures : ARCHITECTURE
Large plastic bag used to line a bin for convenient disposal : GARBAGEBAG
Mark _______ dropped out of Harvard University in 2005 after founding Facebook : ZUCKERBERG
Fairground treat made of spun sugar thread : COTTONCANDY
What is this device? : PARKINGMETER
The Joker’s previous love interest and partner-in-crime : HARLEYQUINN
Non-fiction film that aims to educate its audience on a subject : DOCUMENTARY

539 level
Metric unit used to measure volume; symbolized by an l : LITERS
Which European country has this as their flag? : POLAND
Eric Clapton shot the sheriff, but not the _______ : DEPUTY
Class of words that convey action : VERBS
Fried pork strip that is an essential part of breakfast : BACON
Description of something endearing and sweet like a puppy or baby : CUTE
A number is _____ if it is greater than 1 and if its only factors are 1 and itself : PRIME
Large species of deer which is also a Canadian symbol for the country’s native wildlife : MOOSE
A classic story conflict is _____ vs. evil : GOOD
Twinkling object in the sky; exceptionally talented and famous person : STAR

540 level
An ________ machine is a type of calculator used in bookkeeping : ADDING
What is this sport’s game special intermission? : KISSCAM
Main competitor to Coca-Cola : PEPSI
This cartoon character’s wife, Marge, has blue hair and a husky voice : HOMER
Messaging service acquired by Facebook; has a green logo : WHATSAPP
What is he sliding on? : BANISTER
What is this playground for children called? : SANDBOX
Feeling of great distress that loves company : MISERY
Good things comes in small ________ : PACKAGES
R&B singer with songs like “You Got It Bad” and “Confessions” : USHER
When meeting a new person, you might _____ their hand : SHAKE
Arnold Schwarzenegger played this character in Joel Schumacher’s Batman & Robin : MRFREEZE
Subway system in a city : METRO

The answer to level 531, 532, 533, 534, 535, 536, 537, 538, 539 and 540 is Word Craze game

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