The answer to level 1 to 10 game is Crossword Pie

The answer to level 261 to 270 game is Crossword Pie

Answers to the game
Crossword Pie

IOS and Android
(Developer Legenbeary Games)

from 261 to 270 level

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261 level – Crossword Pie
*Cross my _____ and hope to die.* : HEART
Any small firearm that can be used with one hand, such as a revolver or a pistol. : HANDGUN
Japan, Jordan and _______ are the 3 countries that start with the letter J. : JAMAICA
Country known as the “Land of a Thousand Hills”. : RWANDA
A cloud of dust and gas in space. : NEBULA
*Get your knickers in a _____ .* : TWIST
An important animal in ancient Egypt which if killed, was punishable by death. : CAT
*Blood is thicker than _____ .* : WATER

262 level – Crossword Pie
The skin under your hair. : SCALP
The Moon is Earth’s only natural _________ . : SATELLITE
A claim that someone has committed a crime or some other wrongdoing. : ACCUSATION
An ancient Greek martial art that involves mixed wrestling, punching and kicking. : PANKRATION
_______ City, an independent state in the city of Rome. : VATICAN
A relative of the camel which has a reputation for spitting. : LLAMA
Unimportant facts or pieces of information. : TRIVIA
A member of a religious female community that lives in a convent. : NUN

263 level – Crossword Pie
______ Island, the largest island in Canada by area. : BAFFIN
*Jump on the _________ .* : BANDWAGON
*Follow in his _________ .* : FOOTSTEPS
A chemical element with the symbol N and atomic number 7. : NITROGEN
The refrainment from food or drink, especially for religious purposes. : FASTING
A powerful pain reliever used to treat severe pain. : MORPHINE
Take-___ , the moment an aircraft leaves the ground. : OFF
*Blood, sweat, and _____ .* : TEARS

264 level – Crossword Pie
The American _____ War. (1861 – 1865) : CIVIL
Non-player _________ . (NPC) : CHARACTER
Odin’s maidens who retrieved the fallen warriors worthy of entering Valhalla. : VALKYRIES
An abnormal inward curve of the lumbar spine. : LORDOSIS
A product which is hypoallergenic is unlikely to cause an ________ reaction. : ALLERGIC
Hanging Gardens of _______ . : BABYLON
The period of time before sunrise and after sunset. : TWILIGHT
The hard outer part of bread. : CRUST

265 level – Crossword Pie
A very steep side on a high area of land. : CLIFF
The world’s fastest land animal which can reach speeds of up to 112kph. : CHEETAH
The _______ (fish) was one of the earliest Christian symbols. The word in Greek consists of the initial letters of five words that translate to “Jesus Christ, Son of God, Saviour”. : ICHTHYS
Breathe out. : EXHALE
Not true. : FALSE
The feast of the Assumption of Virgin ____ is celebrated on August 15th. : MARY
The average worker ___ produces about 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey in its lifetime. : BEE
___ , saturation, luminosity. (HSL) : HUE

266 level – Crossword Pie
Scrooge McDuck enjoys diving into and swimming in his _____ . : MONEY
Short _______ service. (SMS) : MESSAGE
Also known as mother-of-pearl. : NACRE
The colours of the rainbow: red, orange, ______ , green, blue, indigo and violet. : YELLOW
The largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. : SICILY
*Sealed his ____ .* : FATE
Intensive ____ unit. (ICU) : CARE
Jupiter and Saturn are ___ giants. : GAS

267 level – Crossword Pie
A spicy tomato sauce. : SALSA
Elongated stone formation created mainly on the ceiling of caves. : STALACTITE
C++, C#, Java and Python are programming _________ . : LANGUAGES
A cold-blooded vertebrate that can breathe and absorb water through its skin. (Frogs, toads, salamanders, and newts) : AMPHIBIAN
Lapis ______ , a deep blue semi-precious stone. : LAZULI
An ___ sheet, often called continental glacier. : ICE
Synonym for principal. : MAIN
*Bury your head in the ____ .* : SAND

268 level – Crossword Pie
Beauty and the _____ . : BEAST
A group of flowers arranged and tied together. : BOUQUET
The inspection and dissection of a dead body to discover the cause of death. : AUTOPSY
Completely clean and free of microorganisms. : STERILE
Thick yellow or brown sauce that is usually eaten with meat. : MUSTARD
One who makes himself a worm cannot complain afterwards if people ____ on him. -Immanuel Kant : STEP
The soft tissue in the centre of a tooth. : PULP
___-Sachs disease, a rare inherited disorder that results in the progressive destruction of nerve cells. : TAY

269 level – Crossword Pie
A process of removing harmful accumulated toxins from the body. : DETOX
The numerator and ___________ of a fraction. : DENOMINATOR
A herbivorous dinosaur with three horns and a frill of bone behind its skull. : TRICERATOPS
The fear or prejudice against strangers or foreigners. : XENOPHOBIA
A grand house. : MANSION
The headquarters of the U.S. Department of Defence. : PENTAGON
An extremely cruel or monstrous act. : ATROCITY
Vocal _____ . : CORDS

270 level – Crossword Pie
Beast of ______ . : BURDEN
A set of instructions for preparing a dish. : RECIPE
Special weapons and _______ . (SWAT) : TACTICS
Synonym for lukewarm. : TEPID
A sudden, violent, and illegal seizure of government power. : COUP
Knocking down all the bowling pins with the first ball. : STRIKE
Small elongated pastry from light dough, with whipped cream filling and chocolate icing on top. : ECLAIR

The entire list of levels

The answer to level 261 to 270 game is Crossword Pie

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