New York Times Crossword Puzzle Answers 01 October 2022

New York Times Crossword Puzzle Answers 17 October 2022

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NYT Crossword Answers 10/17/22

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Cain’s brother – ABEL
Like a stereotypical fairy-tale stepmother – EVIL
Not sleeping – AWAKE
Kind of list with check boxes – TODO
“S.N.L.” alum Carvey – DANA
For real, colloquially – LEGIT
One who asks “Ehh ? What’s up, doc?” – BUGSBUNNY
Flying solo – ALONE
Feeling of anxiety – AGITA
Latin singer ___ Anthony – MARC
Casualty of casual Fridays – TIE
Cartoon character who once had a “Club” named after him – MICKEYMOUSE
Citizen of Belgrade – SERB
John who wrote the sonnet “Death Be Not Proud” – DONNE
Served as the host for, informally – MCED
Serving a purpose – UTILE
Race with a baton – RELAY
Iconic magazine cover figure who asks “What, me worry?” – ALFREDENEUMAN
Terrible mistake – SNAFU
Magna ___ – CARTA
Response to a relatable meme, in internet slang – ITME
South and Central American mammal related to the raccoon – COATI
Snare – TRAP
Second-in-command on the U.S.S. Enterprise – MISTERSPOCK
Mother of 1-Across – EVE
Baseball legend Willie known as the “Say Hey Kid” – MAYS
Infuriate – ANGER
Send elsewhere, as to a specialist – REFER
“You have my full attention” ? or something 17-, 24-, 38- and 51-Across might say? – IMALLEARS
Hollywood representative – AGENT
Golfer’s warning shout – FORE
In addition – ALSO
Mocking retort to Captain Obvious – NODUH
Village People classic with a pantomimed chorus – YMCA
Many a new driver – TEEN

Opportunities to face a pitcher – ATBATS
Having a concern for wealth and respectability, in slang – BOUGIE
Like humor that’s even more far out – EDGIER
Like Bo-Peep’s sheep – LOST
College URL ender – EDU
Vehicle for moving day – VAN
Traveler’s stopover – INN
Nonexperts – LAYMEN
Jarring noise at 6 a.m. – ALARM
Something just outside the front door – WELCOMEMAT
Back in time – AGO
Family members – KIN
Summer: Fr. – ETE
Comic book sound effect – BAM
Popeye’s assent – AYE
“This’ll be the day that ___” (final words in the song “American Pie”) – IDIE
Icy – COLD
Middle of the leg – KNEECAP
The Bruins of the N.C.A.A. – UCLA
Connery who played James Bond seven times – SEAN
Ice cream mogul Joseph – EDY
Bill of fare at a smorgasbord – BUFFETMENU
Author Capote, to friends – TRU
“Same old” place to be stuck – RUT
Prefix with lock or freeze – ANTI
Hasty escapes – LAMS
Peacekeeping grp. since 1949 – NATO
Obama attorney general ___ Holder – ERIC
Resident of a virtual “City” – SIM
Weep – CRY
Harden into bone – OSSIFY
Entertain lavishly – REGALE
Opposed (to) – AVERSE
___, place or thing – PERSON
You are here – EARTH
___ Kan (dog food brand) – KAL
Served without ice, at a bar – NEAT
Participated in a marathon, e.g. – RAN
Cause of a swelled head – EGO
Put coins into, as a meter – FED
Honoree of many classic tattoos – MOM
Season-long story line – ARC
Meadow – LEA

The entire list of levels

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