New York Times Crossword Puzzle Answers 01 October 2022

New York Times Crossword Puzzle Answers 15 October 2022

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NYT Crossword Answers 10/15/22

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Tricky spot to be in? – MAGICSHOP
COPY, perhaps – STAMP
Coffee order – AMERICANO
Seasonal shop, e.g. – POPUP
Adherent to the motto “Fortune favors the bold” – RISKTAKER
Wrong – AMISS
Pretentious display – ARTSINESS
Start fishing – CAST
Org. with many overseas workers – CIA
What makes the short list? – ETC
Prefix with -centric – ETHNO
Father of Calypso – ATLAS
Nothing to write home about – MEH
Something you might get at the beach – COLOR
Volleyball position – SETTER
Large storage unit – PETABYTE
Home contractor specialty, for short – HVAC
Word with bread or water – SODA
Certain marine herd – WHALEPOD
Lickspittle – YESMAN
Loved, with “up” – EATEN
Word that retains its meaning when preceded by “no” – DUH
Be a pest, in a way – TEASE
Took a hard fall, informally – BITIT
Something a TV station may not earn money from, for short – PSA
Abbr. in calculus – LIM
Verdant – LUSH
Declaration of innocenceI – TWASNTME
Boy who said “Sure, Charlie Brown, I can tell you what Christmas is all about” – LINUS
“Beowulf” and “Aeneid,” for two – EPICPOEMS
Warmest month in Patagonia – ENERO
Is shocked or horrified by the image of, jocularly – CANTUNSEE
First permanent settlement by people of European descent in what is now Utah – OGDEN
M.I.T.’s sports team name – ENGINEERS

Latin music duo – MARACAS
“Ain’t it so?” – AMIRITE
Big picture – GESTALT
Ticks off – IRKS
Corp. with a red umbrella implied in its logo – CITI
What classic sonnets do – SCAN
N.B.A. legend Olajuwon – HAKEEM
Simple dance – ONESTEP
Taycan and Macan – PORSCHES
Head-in-the-clouds sort – SPACECADET
What makes clam chowder “Manhattan” rather than “New England” – TOMATOBASE
How an imitator or silly person acts – APISHLY
Words of prohibition – MUSTNOT
Here’s even more: Abbr. – PPS
Rock that’s graded – ORE
Fashion trend embraced by Fendi and Versace – ATHLEISURE
Potentially prophetic child – SEVENTHSON
Lil Baby’s genre – RAP
The first “T” of TOTY [___ of the Year award] – TOY
Renaissance-era cup – CODPIECE
Bug catcher – WEB
Coming down hard? – HAILING
Keyed in (to) – ATTUNED
Item on a janitorial cart – DUSTPAN
Certain lap dog – MALTESE
Not quite boiling – ASIMMER
Pokémon’s Gary and Ash, e.g. – NEMESES
Verbal interruption and hesitation – HAWING
Prologue follower – ACTI
Woven, as a 37-Down – SPUN
Choice of one who’s too hard to please – NONE
“Titanic” co-star, familiarly – LEO

The entire list of levels

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