New York Times Crossword Puzzle Answers 01 October 2022

New York Times Crossword Puzzle Answers 13 October 2022

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NYT Crossword Answers 10/13/22

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Extended feature of “Hey Jude” and “Layla” – CODA
Heat setting, in brief – NBA
Many morality tales – FABLES
Mankind, biblically – DAM
Meaningful work, for short? – OED
Serve as a go-between – LIAISE
Sunset shade (MT – ) – REBUTTED
Churchill portrayer in 2017’s “Darkest Hour” – OLDMAN
“Sixteen Tons” singer, often – BASSO
Start of an objection (TX) – BLAREDOUT
Props can build it up – EGO
Encumbered – LADEN
Opposite of an exception – NORM
It’s played in the 5-Across, informally – BBALL
It may be hard to follow – ACT
Booty spot? (PA) – CHEERIEST
All ears – ALERT
“Documentary Now!” cable channel, originally – IFC
“… about up to here” – YEAHIGH
Bluff, say – LIE
Holst’s “The Planets,” for one – SUITE
They’re the pits (AZ) – HOMESALES
Congress-created media giant – NPR
Dispensed, with “out” – METED
Throw out – TOSS
Evidence provider for some citations – RADAR
Go to – SEE
Isolates, in a way – SILOS
Withdraw – RECANT
Run off ? or how to make the answers to 17-, 21-, 34-, 44- and 53-Across fit their clues – SKIPTOWN
Jamaican sprinter Thompson-Herah with five Olympic golds – ELAINE
Bottle-___ – FED
Lumpy citrus – UGLI
Did some campaign work – POLLED
15-Across focus: Abbr. – WDS
After, before – POST

Consumer’s energy source, informally – CARB
Old music halls – ODEA
Glue amounts, often – DABS
“Go on, do something funny” – AMUSEME
“Sorry ___ sorry” – NOT
“EastEnders” broadcaster, with “the” – BEEB
Extra: Abbr. – ADDL
Like leis – FLORAL
Was laid up – AILED
Devil’s bargain, so to speak – BADDEAL
Fruit liqueur from Italy – LIMONCELLO
Hairy twin in a Bible story – ESAU
In the mail – SENT
Dress nicely, with “up” – TOG
Unequaled, ever – ALLTIME
Best New American Play award – OBIE
Longtime CBS procedura – lNCIS
“Sounds exciting,” sincerely or sarcastically – OHFUN
Going both ways – RECIPROCAL
Do something amazing for another – BEAHERO
Gives ___ (attempts) – ASHOT
Attempts – TRIES
Manhattan component – RYE
Sounds of realization – AHS
Actress Harper of “No Country for Old Men” – TESS
Their scores are on some coll. applications – GEDS
Painful effort – TRAVAIL
Enjoyed something with relish, say – ATEITUP
___ milk – MALTED
Poet who originated the phrase “For whom the bell tolls” – DONNE
Clairvoyant’s claim – ESP
Ready, informally – PREP
Move, informally – RELO
“Careful where you open this” indicator – NSFW
Squeezed (out) – EKED
A bird in flight, for Lufthansa – LOGO
Birds whose eyes don’t move – OWLS
Apt rhyme for “fit” – SNIT
Some items in purses, for short – IDS

The entire list of levels

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