New York Times Crossword Puzzle Answers 01 October 2022

New York Times Crossword Puzzle Answers 10 October 2022

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NYT Crossword

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NYT Crossword Answers 10/10/22

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Fusses in front of the mirror, say – PRIMPS
Crudely mimicked – APED
Show hosts, for short – MCS
Like outdoor photos taken from above – AERIAL
Peacekeeping grp. since 1949 – NATO
Tuna type in sushi restaurants – AHI
Opponent who helps train a boxer – SPARRINGPARTNER
Symbolic carving – TOTEMPOLE
Operatic solos – ARIAS
Broke a fast – ATE
Parsley, sage, rosemary or thyme – HERB
Spotify or TikTok – APP
___ Bell (fast-food chain) – TACO
“Precisely!” – YES
Female sheep – EWE
Coastal vista – SEASCAPE
Gastrophile – FOODIE
Most difficult challenge for many a student driver – PARALLELPARKING
Related to stars – ASTRAL
White dogs, or bluish-gray cats – MALTESES
Airport code for Australia’s largest city – SYD
End of a soldier’s email address – MIL
YouTube button – PLAY
Lively energy – PEP
California valley known for its vineyards – NAPA
Belly up to the ___ – BAR
Narrative transition – SEGUE
Lead singer for Culture Club – BOYGEORGE
Place in an auto dealership to pick up wiper blades or spark plugs – PARTSDEPARTMENT
Take advantage of – USE
Quentin Tarantino’s “___ Fiction” – PULP
More ludicrous – INANER
Paintball filler – DYE
Prone to prying – NOSY
Common miniature golf goal … or a hint to what’s found in 17-, 39- and 60-Across – PARTWO

Farfalle, fettuccine or fusilli – PASTA
Transplant, as a flower – REPOT
Boiling mad – IRATE
Bog down – MIRE
Dish with chicken, veal or eggplant, familiarly – PARM
Inadvertent error – SLIP
What a protractor measures – ANGLE
Like onion or garlic skin – PAPERY
Letter after zeta – ETA
“___ the Explorer” – DORA
Combo offerings at nail salons – MANIPEDIS
Cabernet or merlot sold in a box, say – CHEAPWINE
Titles for knights – SIRS
What goners have – NOHOPE
Lead-in to “la-la” – TRA
Happen to – BEFALL
Bygone Russian ruler – TSAR
Happy as ___ – ACLAM
Dial a radio show, say – CALLIN
“Ish” – SORTA
Brain tests, in brief – EEGS
Health resorts – SPAS
“So simple!” – EASYPEASY
Credential for a painter or sculptor – ARTDEGREE
Stately shade tree – ELM
“___-doke!” – OKEY
Tropical fruit with highly nutritious seeds – PAPAYA
Things stuck on file folders – LABELS
“To ___ it mildly …” – PUT
Red flower of wartime remembrance – POPPY
Actor Spiner of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” – BRENT
Vice president who resigned in 1973 – AGNEW
Having a throwback style – RETRO
Tater – SPUD
Channel showing game highlights – ESPN
Hold firmly – GRIP
Sicilian stratovolcano – ETNA
“The Wire” character portrayed by Michael K. Williams – OMAR
Couple of musicians – DUO

The entire list of levels

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