New York Times Crossword Puzzle Answers 01 October 2022

New York Times Crossword Puzzle Answers 06 October 2022

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NYT Crossword Answers 10/06/22

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Musky “cat” – CIVET
Banned antimalarial – DDT
Direction to bow, for a violinist – ARCO
Shifts from neutral, in a way – ACIDIFIES
Lie about – LOLL
What you might have to do for some highway construction ? or a first hint to solving this puzzle’s theme – MERGELEFT
F in music class? – LOUD
Falco of TV’s “Oz” – EDIE
Causes to run without human involvement – AUTOMATES
Loosening, as a joint – OILING
Shiner? – RAY
One who’s up to the minutes – STENO
Michigan college or its town – ALMA
Key used for exiting – ESC
Before opening? – ANTE
“Bésame ___” (bolero song) – MUCHO
Dedicatee of “Moby-Dick” – HAWTHORNE
Collect all together – POOL
Pumped metal – IRON
Looked for facts in figures – DATAMINED
“Blinking heck!” – NERTS
Bit – IOTA
[Cluck] – TSK
Geiger of Geiger counter fame – HANS
Slowpokes at the head of a trail – SLUGS
PBS’s “___ the Science Kid” – SID
“I never look back, dahling. It distracts from ___”: Pixar’s Edna Mode – THENOW
Honesty, kindness or respect, for many people – COREVALUE
Sports org. for students – NCAA
Common operating system for supercomputers, once – UNIX
Gradually trims ? or a phonetic second hint to solving this puzzle’s theme – PARESDOWN
Milk delivery point – TEAT
How things have always been done – TRADITION
IDs since the Great Depression – SSNS
2013 biopic about actor Mineo – SAL
Crapshoots, essentially – ROLLS

Many Stan Lee film appearances – CAMEOS
Sealed the deal – ICEDIT
Strong and energetic – VIRILE
Enter cautiously – EDGEIN
It’s no loss – TIE
Hermès, par exemple – DIEU
Expert – DEFT
Sudden source of rain, informally – TSTORM
Temper, as fears – ALLAY
Nose (around) – ROOT
With 12-Down, secretly plots (with) – CLUE
? – OLDS
The Swiss fly a square one – FLAG
Officer’s title – MAAM
Creator of an animal shelter – NOAH
With 26-Down, repeated occurrences of things in turn – ATRAIN
Major option for a future C.E.O. – ECON
With 29-Down, taught a lesson – SHOE
? – COLD
Signal to proceed – NOD
News letters – UPI
With 35-Down, some common attire for cooks – HINT
? – ARES
Tasks – WORK
Demolition material – TNT
Finish off – EAT
TV series with the all-time most-watched episode – MASH
Prison weapon – SHIV
Novelizes, e.g. – ADAPTS
Bestow upon temporarily – LENDTO
Deploy, as wire from a spool – UNCOIL
Disappear midtour, say – GOAWOL
Proust’s “___ Way” – SWANNS
Blue notes? – SEXTS
Set up for a swing – TEED
With 57-Down, noble title – CUTS
? – ONES
Johnson who directed “The Last Jedi” – RIAN
“___ Croft: Tomb Raider – ”LARA
Europe’s third-longest river – URAL
Officer’s title – SIR

The entire list of levels

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