New York Times Crossword Puzzle Answers 01 October 2022

New York Times Crossword Puzzle Answers 02 October 2022

Answers to the game
NYT Crossword

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NYT Crossword Answers 10/02/22

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Complete jerk – ASSHAT
Experience equanimity – FEELOKAY
Word with ghost or pirate – SHIP
Inventor Tesla – NIKOLA
Champion – ADVOCATE
Old-fashioned trial transcriber – STENO
“When will the leaky faucet get fixed?,” e.g.? – TRICKLEQUESTION
“___ Speaks!” (Marx brother autobiography) – HARPO
Equinox mo. – SEP
PC key – ALT
Actor Astin – SEAN
Spam generator – HORMEL
Gridiron gains: Abbr. – YDS
Bygone theater chain – LOEWS
Lithe – SVELTE
Spam containers – TINS
Opposed to, in dialect – AGIN
Song from back in the day – OLDIE
German physicist with an eponymous law – OHM
Focal points – LOCI
Worldly – URBANE
Hoot – RIOT
Part of a how-to manua – lSTEP
Oklahoma city named for a character in a Tennyson poem – ENID
Curt summons – SEEME
Remarks further – ADDS
It may be unlimited in a phone plan – DATA
One-named singer whose last name is Adkins – ADELE
Faulkner’s “As ___ Dying” – ILAY
Setting for a classic Agatha Christie nove – lNILE
Opt for “deluxe,” say – PAYEXTRA
Baby louse – NIT
The brother in 24-Across, for one – MIME
Harvester of the future – SOWER
Potentially offensive, say – NOTPC
Easy pill to swallow? – GELCAP
Candy bar whose name is an exclamation – OHHENRY
2015 inductee into the World Golf Hall of Fame – OMEARA
Bloke – FELLA
Covers, as the bill – FOOTS
Labneh go-with – PITA
Most popular dog breed in the U.S., familiarly – LAB
Gives a whirl – ATTEMPTS
Without: Lat. – SINE
A bunch of – MANY
Common stain on a baseball uniform – GRASS
Adversaries – FOES
Bit of spice, figuratively – KICK
Writers not likely to win literary prizes – HACKS
Floppy features of basset hounds – EARS
Asset – PLUS
Possible cause for road rage – HONK
Editorial override – STET
Word before crow or dirt – EAT
Prop for a painter – EASEL
Former attorney general Holder – ERIC
Salty droplet – TEAR
Home to the University of Georgia – ATHENS
Begins giving solid food, say – WEANS
Green-lights – OKS
Floating – ADRIFT
Whip – CROP
Imitate – APE
Country bordering Oman, for short – UAE
Versatile neutral shade – TAUPE
Where you’d find sap for syrup? – ALLOVERTHEMAPLE
Sam the ___ (patriotic Muppet) – EAGLE
Condition treated with insulin – DIABETES
Wedding invitation enclosure, in brief – SASE
The other you – ALTEREGO
Protests, in a way – KNEELS

Fidgety – ANTSY
Spawned – SIRED
Says “John, Paul … and Ringo”? – SKIPSABEATLE
Post ___ (occurring after the event) – HOC
Brewski – TALLONE
Help page initialism – FAQ
URL ender – EDU
Times outside office hours, in personals – EVES
Goes berserk – LOSESIT
About 6.5 inches, on a standard piano – OCTAVE
Virginia senator Tim – KAINE
From ___ – ZATO
Currency that features “The Tale of Genji” on one of its bank notes – YEN
Show up naked, perhaps? – STARTLEDATE
Emma Watson’s role in the Harry Potter films – HERMIONE
Not marked permanently, say – INPENCIL
Lounge chair location – POOLSIDE
“Yellowjackets” airer, for short – SHO
Summer abroad – ETE
Plant fiber used to make some jewelry – HEMP
It’s a slippery slope – SLIDE
Loss of the winning ticket? – LOTTERYPICKLE
A layoff, crudely – THEAX
Like venison – GAMY
Salon specialties – DOS
Exploiting – USING
Kind of map – RELIEF
Leo with the 1977 #1 hit “You Make Me Feel Like Dancing” – SAYER
Asset when playing cornhole – AIM
New beginnings – DAWNS
It may be vegetal or fruity – AROMA
Lightly bite, as a pup might – NIPAT
Sappho and Mirabai – POETS
Certain fed. security – TNOTE
Alternatives to shakes – MALTS
Drinks that are “slammed” – SHOTS
King and queen? – PALACECOUPLE
Exhibiting the effects of too little sleep, say – CRANKY
The three R’s? – CLASSTRIPLE
Stays optimistic – HOPES
Bottomless void – ABYSS
Quill go-with – INK
Note in the C minor scale – EFLAT
Raw power – SINEW
Salon job, informally – MANI
Develops, as an idea – GESTATES
Like some high-quality bonds – RATEDAAA
They might tie the room together – AREARUGS
Bout enders, for short – KOS
Caballero, e.g. – HORSEMAN
Bog contents – PEAT
Dress for graduation – ENROBE
Razzle-dazzle – ECLAT
Contented sigh – AAH
Superman’s birth name – KALEL
A pomegranate can contain a few hundred of these – SEEDS
Corkage ___ – FEE
Name of either brother in a classic Nickelodeon sitcom – PETE
Computing pioneer Lovelace – ADA
Teeny – LIL
Rule, informally – REG
Menu eponym – TSO
Pint contents – ALE

The entire list of levels

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