When The Past Was Around walkthrough

When The Past Was Around walkthrough

Walkthrough to the game When The Past Was Around
IOS and Android
(Developer Toge Productions)

1. At the very beginning of the game, we are standing in front of a large bird cage, in which a black silhouette of a man is sitting. Click on the cage to set it free.

2. After you click on the cell, it will disappear. The black silhouette will remain and ask you to pass through the door that appears. Click on the door.

3. A room will appear in front of you. By bringing your finger to the edges of the screen, you will be able to expand the space of the room. Inspect the room.

4. Now collect all the things. Take the keys hanging on the hanger.

5. Remove the shoes from the mat and click on it. There will be another key under it. Take him away.

6. Pull back the chair and check the drawers. To do this, use the found keys. They are in the inventory, at the bottom of the screen.
When The Past Was Around walkthrough

7. In the first drawer there is a stationery knife, in the second photo. Take an item from the first drawer and use it to cut the boxes located on the left side of the room. There you will find a pen. Click on the pen that appears.

8. Now go through the door that appears. Inspect the new room.

9. To the right of the girl there will be drums. Tap on them. A key will fall out of a large drum near the wall. Take it.

10. Insert the found key into the box. It is located on the table to the left of the black silhouette.

11. Then open the right drawer of the hanging cabinet and take the owl item. Insert it into the same box that was opened with the key.

12. After that, move the jars standing on the shelf of the hanging cabinet. Take this item away.

13. There is a green bucket on the left side of the room, next to a tall lamp. Tip it over and pick up the object that has fallen out of it.

14. The handle from the box will appear in the inventory. Take it and insert it into the hole on the side of the box. Now click on it and pick up the new item.

15. Let’s pay attention above the chest of drawers near the closet. Throw the books off him. There will be a combination: 1434641 required for piano.

16. Now click on the piano. Look at the designation of the keys. Then click and review the note board. It hangs over a chair with a green seat.

17. You can take a piece of paper with a pen and using a combination of numbers found earlier, draw the necessary sequence of figures. (square, star, leaf, star, circle, star, square). Play this sequence on the piano and take the opened object.
When The Past Was Around walkthrough

18. Now we turn to the closet. Click on it and assemble a pen from the items you found. Open the cabinet, and take a pen. Go through the door that appears again.

19. Entering a new room, explore it to find items.

20. Knock over the flower pots and find a dirty sponge.

21. In the right part of the room, on a small table there is a red box. Open it and take the screw from there. Go to the faucet on the left side of the room and insert this item into the sink. Now you can turn on the faucet.

22. Open the water and wash the sponge. A clean sponge has appeared in your inventory. Wipe the mirror located on the right side of the room with it. It will have the TIME written on it, which you will have to show on the scales. (19:15)

23. The ches have no arrows. In order to find the arrows, you will need to do the following.

24. Take the slices of bread from the table next to the reading girl. To do this, move the mugs away.

25. Turn on the blender. The socket and the wire can be found next to the stool. Put the bread in it, press the button and then take away the ground crumbs.

26. Open the window. There will be a plate lying there. Put crumbs in it.
A bird will immediately fly to the window. She will hold a letter in her beak. Take him away. Open the letter and take the arrow from the clock. Insert it into the watch.

27. After that, press the switch next to the ventilation. Remove the second arrow from it. Return it to the clock. Adjust the time on the clock indicated on the mirror. Take a crowbar from the opened watch.
When The Past Was Around walkthrough

28. Use a crowbar to open the drawer on the right side of the room. Take out the key from there and open the book lying on the table by the window. Tear off a page from it and take the pen away. Now we move on.

29. When a stranger starts playing the violin, collect the notes. The girl will start to take off and the owl man will disappear. The heroine will take the violin, and having lost consciousness, will fall to the bottom. Click on it to wake it up. A door will appear in front of her again, through which she will enter, and the game ends there.

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