The answer to level 1 to 10 game is Crossword Pie

The answer to level 81 to 90 game is Crossword Pie

Answers to the game
Crossword Pie

IOS and Android
(Developer Legenbeary Games)

from 81 to 90 level

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81 level – Crossword Pie
An animal whose fingerprints are similar to ours. : KOALA
The Three ________ (220-280 CE), the period of conflict between the Chinese states of Wei, Shu, and Wu into which China was divided. : KINGDOMS
A serious condition in which the body lacks oxygen due to impaired breathing. (E.g. choking) : ASPHYXIA
*He has an ___ up his sleeve.* : ACE
Pizza as we know it today originated in ______ , Italy. : NAPLES
*Back in the ___ .* : DAY
*Afraid of his own ______ .* : SHADOW
Synonym for grief. : SORROW

82 level – Crossword Pie
The hottest planet in our solar system. : VENUS
Most ________ player. (MVP) : VALUABLE
The joints of the fingers. : KNUCKLES
*Go to Davy Jones’ ______ .* : LOCKER
A son of one’s husband or wife from a previous marriage. : STEPSON
A heavy material on a ship that is used to ensure its balance. : BALLAST
Antonym of float. : SINK
The world’s only alpine parrot, which is native to New Zealand. : KEA

83 level – Crossword Pie
A man in a passion, rides a mad _____ . -Benjamin Franklin : HORSE
An astrological prediction of a person’s future based on the position of the stars and planets at the time of his or her birth. : HOROSCOPE
Public _________ . (PR) : RELATIONS
A form of government in which power originates from the people and serves the interests of the people. : DEMOCRACY
A picture or decoration made up of small coloured pieces of stone, glass, marble, etc. : MOSAIC
The elephant’s trunk. : PROBOSCIS
*The bee’s _____ .* : KNEES
Texas Holdem, 7 Card Stud and Omaha Hi-Lo are popular _____ games. : POKER

84 level – Crossword Pie
An animal that in cartoons becomes angry when looking at something red. (In reality though it is colour-blind to red) : BULL
Saturn, Jupiter, ______ , and Neptune have rings. : URANUS
Country whose capital is Tripoli. : LIBYA
*Out on a ____ .* : LIMB
The electric ___ can deliver an electric shock to stun prey or to protect itself from predators. : EEL
Mary had a little ____ . : LAMB
Country known as the “Land of Many Waters”. : GUYANA
Once upon a ____ . : TIME

85 level – Crossword Pie
*Lightning never strikes _____ .* : TWICE
Popular Lebanese and Syrian salad. (Commonly used ingredients: parsley, bulgur, mint, tomatoes, onion, olive oil, lemon juice) : TABBOULEH
Return on __________ . (ROI) : INVESTMENT
The origin and development of a word. : ETYMOLOGY
Snoopy’s best friend. : WOODSTOCK
The mind is like an _______ , it floats with one-seventh of its bulk above water. -Sigmund Freud : ICEBERG
A sacred syllable in hinduism. : OM
World Wide ___ . (WWW) : WEB

86 level – Crossword Pie
An illegal entry into something, also called a _____-in. : BREAK
A person who earns the money that supports their family. : BREADWINNER
An official statement or announcement. : DECLARATION
Superman’s weakness. : KRYPTONITE
Elvis _______ , nicknamed “The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll”. : PRESLEY
Synonym for comprehend. : UNDERSTAND
A young cat. : KITTEN
Santa Claus’s sleigh is led by eight ________ . : REINDEER

87 level – Crossword Pie
The _____ shark is the largest shark, but also the biggest fish in the sea. : WHALE
A line where the hull of a ship meets the water surface level. : WATERLINE
The smallest continent. : AUSTRALIA
Subatomic particle with a negative charge. : ELECTRON
Squid have eight arms and two _________ . : TENTACLES
A dome-shaped Inuit house. : IGLOO
___ datshi, a popular Bhutanese dish. (Commonly used ingredients: cheese, chilies) : EMA
Float like a butterfly, sting like a ___ . -Muhammad Ali : BEE

88 level – Crossword Pie
*Crystal _____ .* : CLEAR
A spice used in sweet and savory recipes, that comes from the bark of a tree which grows 10-15 metres tall. : CINNAMON
The final section of a text or speech containing the summary or conclusions of the main part. : EPILOGUE
Any substance that stimulates an immune response. : ANTIGEN
Red, _____ , blue, alpha. (RGBA) : GREEN
An ancient Greek philosopher born in Athens, student of Socrates, and founder of the Academy. : PLATO
The result of multiplication. : PRODUCT
____ Smurf, the leader of the Smurfs. : PAPA

89 level – Crossword Pie
*Where there’s smoke there’s ____ .* : FIRE
Extreme shortage of food. : FAMINE
A deadly viral infection that affects the nervous system, which is usually transmitted to humans through a bite of an infected animal. : RABIES
The _____ Desert is considered the oldest desert on our planet. : NAMIB
The ______ River is the most sacred river to Hindus. : GANGES
Country which is often referred to as the “Giant of Africa”. : NIGERIA
*___ the road.* : HIT
If you want to be happy, __ . -Leo Tolstoy : BE

90 level – Crossword Pie
Cheddar, emmental, feta, brie, mozzarella. : CHEESE
The random, unexpected concurrence of events. : COINCIDENCE
An intellectual, philosophical and cultural movement of the late 17th and 18th centuries, that combated ignorance, superstition and religious obscurantism and emphasised on rationality and science. : ENLIGHTENMENT
A popular artificial sugar substitute which doesn’t contain calories. : SACCHARIN
A regional linguistic variety that has small differentiations in pronunciation, grammar, or vocabulary. : DIALECT
Country whose capital is Vilnius. : LITHUANIA
The state of being calm and tranquil. : SERENITY
The red, fleshy growth on the top of a rooster’s head. : COMB

The entire list of levels

The answer to level 81 to 90 game is Crossword Pie

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