The answer to level 791, 792, 793, 794, 795, 796, 797, 798, 799 and 800 is Word Craze game

The answer to level 791, 792, 793, 794, 795, 796, 797, 798, 799 and 800 is Word Craze game

Answers to the game Word Craze
IOS and Android
(Developer Betta Games)

On this page you will find the answers Word Craze Level from 791 to 800.

791 level
Shoulder-mounted rocket : BAZOOKA
When a fight ends, you want to bury this : HATCHET
Home arena of the Bruins and Celtics : TDGARDEN
In a state of deep unconsciousness for a prolonged period due to injury : COMATOSE
To be attacked unexpectedly : AMBUSHED
Nerdy character in the movie “Superbad” with a fake id : MCLOVIN
To reduce something : DECREASE
A feeling of being down : INAFUNK
Lead vocalist of a music group : FRONTMAN
______ Rouge is a cabaret in Paris : MOULIN

792 level
Famed entertainer who faxed jokes to friend David Letterman : JOHNNYCARSON
Vessel found at Thanksgiving dinners : GRAVYBOAT
Fashion makeover show that was hosted by Jeannie Mai on TLC : HOWDOILOOK
Expedited learning program : CRASHCOURSE
Unfortunate turn of events : TWISTOFFATE
Created a new industry standard : RAISEDTHEBAR
Pride, greed, and envy, for example : DEADLYSINS
Discuss an agreement again in order to change it : RENEGOTIATE
An outing or excursion; commonly done in elementary school : FIELDTRIP
A 2013 action movie starring Sylvester Stallone : ESCAPEPLAN
American DVD rental business that rejected an offer to buy Netflix for $50 million : BLOCKBUSTER
Fishermen frequently visit these stores for nightcrawlers, insects, and worms : BAITSHOPS
Short-lived success : ONEHITWONDER
Basic arithmetic operations are comprised of ____, subtraction, multiplication, and division : ADDITION
Moving stairs that are often found in large malls : ESCALATORS

793 level
Popular game engine developed by Epic Games : UNREAL
Airport relaxation spot : LOUNGE
Holder of books, plants, and whatever you just picked up off the floor : SHELF
Usually nine A.M. : OPENINGTIME
To push down upon : PRESS
Pedicure-part massage : FOOTRUB
To assist someone : HELP
To eat dinner in a restaurant : DINE
Opposite of war : PEACE
In dining terms, another word for tip : GRATUITY
Pythons, cobras, and anacondas are this type of animal : SNAKE
The root of all awesome big-screen TVs : MONEY
Device that gives light often found on the bedside table : LAMP

794 level
Adam and Eve’s first home was the ______ of Eden : GARDEN
“____ is where the heart is” : HOME
Wicked and immoral : EVIL
Person with no hair is this : BALD
Kind of weed that makes its way across desert scenes : TUMBLE
“Fifty Shades of ____” is an erotic romance novel by E. L. James : GREY
Obvious indication : CLEARSIGN
Durable toys for dogs : CHEW
Popular Swiss watch brand; its logo has a crown : ROLEX
Debit or ______ : CREDIT
Baby movement : CRAWL

795 level
Humans sleep on these : BEDS
American award ceremony that recognizes television stars : EMMY
Number of dwarfs in Snow White : SEVEN
To explain the meaning of a word : DEFINE
“And so on” : ETCETERA
Control of this was one of the earliest turning points in human history : FIRE
To reach out and firmly hold something : GRASP
Informal word for grandmother : GRANNY
Flat dish used to carry food and drinks : TRAY
This person herds sheep : SHEPHERD
Chocolate bar that breaks into chocolate sticks : KITKAT

796 level
Pleasant tomorrow : BRIGHTFUTURE
“__________ Street” is a British show with over 10,000 episodes : CORONATION
Spooky holiday that offers up some treats : HALLOWEEN
A brisk type of shoulder : COLD
Able to absorb information easily : RETENTIVE
Willingness to try new things : OPENMINDED
Facebook wall for country inns : GUESTBOOK
Also known as a forefather : ANCESTOR
Kids characters with TV’s on their tummies : TELETUBBIES
Water does this when it turns into vapor : EVAPORATE
Greater than 90°, less than 180° : OBTUSEANGLE
A baby that is born before its due date is called this : PREMATURE
Industry that keeps issuing pressed releases : WINE
Entrance granted by permission : ADMISSION
Metaphorically painful to have to walk on all day long : EGGSHELLS
First series of episodes : SEASONONE

797 level
Plug in the way of a fine glass of wine : CORK
To find pleasure in doing something : ENJOY
Big letters are called this : CAPITAL
Found in shaving blades : RAZOR
To cue someone to do or say something : PROMPT
Large vehicle typically used to transport heavy cargo : TRUCK
App used to request a ride; founded by Garrett Camp in 2009 : UBER
Collective noun for lions : PRIDE
The most populous city in the UAE : DUBAI
Villain on Powerpuff Girls : MOJOJOJO

798 level
Voice of “Gimme Shelter” : MICKJAGGER
One of this publisher’s leading men is “faster than a speeding bullet” : DCCOMICS
End of the gods in Norse mythology : RAGNAROK
Found the exact place : LOCATED
Brand name product for treating hair loss : ROGAINE
Graceful in appearance : ELEGANCE
Type of acid that builds up in your muscles : LACTIC
Apartment owner of deteriorating neighborhoods : SLUMLORD
Comes into view : EMERGES
It’s not just a number to these people : AGEISTS
Peculiar vocabularies : JARGONS
Most insignificant : SMALLEST

799 level
Wrestler who says “You can’t see me” : JOHNCENA
Conversation consisting of two or more people : DIALOGUE
“It doesn’t matter … anyone’s fine” : WHOEVER
Main backdrop and mood for a story : SETTING
To approve of or congratulate : PRAISE
Shot with more detail : CLOSEUP
Address for a member of royalty : HIGHNESS
Gambling : BETTING
Crazy people : LUNATICS
A time of great cold and great mammoth : ICEAGE
Standard of judgment : CRITERIA
______ Park, the rock band : LINKIN
Part of an academic year : SEMESTER

800 level
Officially make an agreement : SEALTHEDEAL
Front flip or backflip : SOMERSAULT
Experiencing depression : FEELINGBLUE
Mistakes of ball handlers : TURNOVERS
Handled document containers : SUITCASES
Two-hundredth anniversary : BICENTENNIAL
Takes precautions : PLAYSSAFE
Important people take this : CENTERSTAGE
“Roger that” : AFFIRMATIVE
Restraining : HOLDINGBACK
“Gr-r-r-r-reat!” cereal mascot : TONYTHETIGER
State of being resistant to change : STABILITY
To utterly destroy : OBLITERATE
Kevin James plays this mall cop : PAULBLART
How you would hit a piñata : BLINDFOLDED
“Lightning War” : BLITZKRIEG

The answer to level 791, 792, 793, 794, 795, 796, 797, 798, 799 and 800 is Word Craze game

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