The answer to level 781, 782, 783, 784, 785, 786, 787, 788, 789 and 790 is Word Craze game

The answer to level 781, 782, 783, 784, 785, 786, 787, 788, 789 and 790 is Word Craze game

Answers to the game Word Craze
IOS and Android
(Developer Betta Games)

On this page you will find the answers Word Craze Level from 781 to 790.

781 level
Kanye West and Hulk Hogan are from this city from Georgia : ATLANTA
Leafy vegetable that is used to make coleslaw : CABBAGE
A newspaper with no standard size format and fewer pages than normal : TABLOID
Title bestowed on the Lords of the Sith in Star Wars : DARTH
Place for campers : RVPARK
Popular song by Vance Joy : RIPTIDE
______J is a British singer with the hit single, “Price Tag” : JESSIE
Wrinkly fruit made through exposure to the sun : RAISIN
Goes up; rises through the air : ASCENDS
Note which lasts half a beat : EIGHTH
Place where horses are kept : STABLE

782 level
Posterior thigh muscle is called this : HAMSTRING
Parents strongly cautioned : PGTHIRTEEN
Condition whereby a person falls asleep unexpectedly : NARCOLEPSY
Baked treat that contains an orange vegetable and cream cheese : CARROTCAKES
1960s movie directed by Dennis Hooper : EASYRIDER
Inspection : CLOSELOOK
Lightning-quick internet connection : FIBEROPTIC
To shorten a word or phrase is to do this : ABBREVIATE
Tertiary educational institution where students study towards degrees and conduct research : UNIVERSITY
Observe from a great height; bird’s-eye : AERIALVIEW
Future possibilities : PROSPECTS
Package to be paid to the fired employee : SEVERANCE
Basin in the Pacific Ocean where many volcanic eruptions occur : RINGOFFIRE

783 level
Expresses approval by clapping : APPLAUDS
Hinted at without mentioning directly : ALLUDED
“Go up __ _____” means a plan goes to waste : INSMOKE
Going into a fight, you have to expect to get this : PUNCHED
Joined or connected to something : ATTACHED
Demonstrated the validity of something : PROVED
Boosted, as in one’s ego : STROKED
Food you don’t see every day : DELICACY
Sports side without an “advantage” : AWAYTEAM
Burned with fire : SCORCHED
Wrestling move characterized by holding one’s dome in a vice-like grip : HEADLOCK

784 level
Experts in the study of a society’s resources and output : ECONOMISTS
Snakes are one of the few moderns animals that ________ with dinosaurs : COEXISTED
Target of campaign ads : SWINGVOTER
Left behind; deserted : ABANDONED
Metaphor used to describe a chain reaction : DOMINOEFFECT
Tool for writing a book that fills the air with clickity-clacks : TYPEWRITER
Maximum amount of money a sports team can pay to its players annually : SALARYCAP
To demand something as part of an agreement : STIPULATE
To be friendly, accommodative, and welcoming towards guests is to be this : HOSPITABLE
“Is that your _____ ______?” is often asked on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” : FINALANSWER
On foot sales : DOORTODOOR
Practical principles close at hand : RULEOFTHUMB
Determines the value of something : EVALUATES

785 level
Christopher Walken needs more of this instrument! : COWBELL
Color of envy : GREEN
Animal that looks like a cow and buffalo : BISON
Another word for long vast land, ground, or territory : TERRAIN
Person who gave birth to you : MOTHER
An opening that is installed for domestic animals : PETDOOR
To drop saliva uncontrollably from the mouth : DROOL
Someone who is out of shape : UNFIT
“_______ of Tears” is a song by Maxwell : FISTFUL
If it doesn’t ring this, it might be hard to remember : ABELL

786 level
Opposite of same : DIFFERENT
To send your love through the air : BLOWAKISS
Running around naked in public : STREAKING
Home for beachside royalty : SANDCASTLE
Adherent of a particular Chinese philosophy : CONFUCIAN
Person who brings a book to visual life : ILLUSTRATOR
Another word for glucose : BLOODSUGAR
Destroying buildings with a certain machinery : BULLDOZING
An arm, leg, neck, and ear are examples of these : BODYPARTS
A 2017 action crime movie starring Ansel Elgort : BABYDRIVER
Country where football player Lionel Messi is from : ARGENTINA
Traditional Mexican dip made mostly of avocado : GUACAMOLE

787 level
People who have been taken prisoners : CAPTIVES
A Gazelle, impala, gnus, and eland, for example : ANTELOPE
Deliberate display of one’s abilities : SHOWOFF
Foe of Austin Powers : DREVIL
Spacecraft or missile that launches into space : ROCKET
To become visible and come into sight : APPEAR
Regards someone with respect : ADMIRES
Bart Simpson’s school principal : SKINNER
To get on stage and put on a show in front of an audience : PERFORM
“Just Do It”, for Nike : SLOGAN

788 level
Opinion pieces : EDITORIALS
By all means; definitely : CERTAINLY
Eyewear that comes with 10 proof bottles : BEERGOGGLES
Competition between two Cold War rivals : SPACERACE
What dogs want to tell new friends : IDONTBITE
Like Decemmber : MISSPELLED
Absolute necessities : ESSENTIALS
How long a product can stay fresh : SHELFLIFE
2007 thriller movie starring Sandra Bullock; foreshadowing : PREMONITION
When something collapses in on itself : IMPLOSION
Libra is an example of this : ZODIACSIGN
In basketball, 2-3 or 1-2-2 : ZONEDEFENSE
Two halves, but not quite the same : ASYMMETRY

789 level
Stage of babyhood, typically the first year : INFANCY
Introduction, in music : PRELUDE
Type of fully illustrated novel : GRAPHIC
People who rent property from landlord : TENANTS
Clickable images : ICONS
Wrench with a hole : SOCKET
______ arts are comprised of paintings, sculptures, photography, etc. : VISUAL
You might go bobbing for these : APPLES
Fictional country in the movie “Black Panther” : WAKANDA
Climate control systems : HVACS
Love interest of Sherlock Holmes, Irene _____ : ADLER

790 level
Accessories worn to keep hair away from the face : HEADBANDS
Main material of the Great Pyramid of Giza : LIMESTONES
Sugar-glazed bean-shaped candy : JELLYBEAN
Actor who plays Matilda’s father : DANNYDEVITO
Some one roughly between 45 and 65 years of age : MIDDLEAGED
An island in Greece best known for its white walls : SANTORINI
April showers bring ___ _______ : MAYFLOWERS
Find a way around an obstacle : CIRCUMVENT
Singer married to Chrissy Teigen; “All of Me” singer : JOHNLEGEND
Large ads often found on roadsides : BILLBOARDS
Creator of “Community” and co-creator of “Rick and Morty” : DANHARMON
Family Guy character with a pink cap : MEGGRIFFIN

The answer to level 781, 782, 783, 784, 785, 786, 787, 788, 789 and 790 is Word Craze game

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