The answer to level 761, 762, 763, 764, 765, 766, 767, 768, 769 and 770 is Word Craze game

The answer to level 761, 762, 763, 764, 765, 766, 767, 768, 769 and 770 is Word Craze game

Answers to the game Word Craze
IOS and Android
(Developer Betta Games)

On this page you will find the answers Word Craze Level from 761 to 770.

761 level
“Suicide _____” is a superhero movie based on DC Comics : SQUAD
To give an address : SPEAK
Currency that, ironically, contain nickel : DIMES
Search engine founded by Jerry Yang and David Filo : YAHOO
Came out of something : EMERGED
Musical, “The _______ of the Opera” : PHANTOM
“_______ Bling” is a song by Drake, released in 2015 : HOTLINE
Retain respect; avoid humiliation : SAVEFACE
“No pain __ ____” is an exercise motto : NOGAIN
Cooling down period for naughty children : TIMEOUT

762 level
Something’s ability to handle impacts : DURABILITY
Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell, and Gigi Hadid are these : SUPERMODELS
When you arrive somewhere bearing nothing : EMPTYHANDED
Small bit of hair found below a man’s lower lip : SOULPATCH
Lie in this for a while to get a fresh shade : TANNINGBED
Type of worker that gets the worm : EARLYSHIFT
Actress who plays The Bride in “Kill Bill” : UMATHURMAN
Inadequate : DEFICIENT
To have created a photo from film : DEVELOPED
July 1st celebration for America’s neighbor : CANADADAY

763 level
Finds an answer to a math problem or a mystery : SOLVES
A court of justice : TRIBUNAL
Seized or snatched quickly : GRABBED
Sleep periods for children during the day : NAPTIMES
A sad but loving phrase said to a distant lover, friend, or family member : IMISSYOU
To be registered as a student in a course : ENROLLED
Informal word for the supporting cast in a film or series : EXTRAS
Something that was prepared ahead of time : PREMADE
Linked or connected : JOINED
Davy Jones’ locker, the deepest ______ of the ocean : DEPTHS
Feeling embarrassment in an uncomfortable situation : AWKWARD

764 level
In a classroom, teachers often say these two words to get a student to listen to them : PAYATTENTION
Despite the name, the origins of this side dish are disputed : FRENCHFRIES
Sofia Vergara’s ethnic status : COLOMBIAN
Superpower of moving objects with one’s mind : TELEKINESIS
Process of working together : COOPERATION
Loss of electrical energy : POWEROUTAGE
Actions of throwing away something : DISPOSALS
Heavy metal band with a 6x platinum album called “Dr. Feelgood” : MOTLEYCRUE
Someone who annoyingly repeats things sounds like this : BROKENRECORD
Ice cream-based dessert with a fruit being cut in half : BANANASPLITS
Kick this may result in 3 points in the NFL : FIELDGOAL

765 level
Men who are about to get married : GROOMS
Fibbing or telling untrue things to someone : LYING
Relating to the Middle Ages; very old-fashioned : MEDIEVAL
Sewing the edge of dress pants : HEMMING
Territorial waters of this African country is famous for modern-day piracy : SOMALIA
Keeps one away from doing something : AVOIDS
Pink tinge in the face from embarrassment : BLUSH
Literature that uses wit and humor : SATIRE
The profession of Isadora Duncan : DANCER

766 level
Sweet and yeast-raised pastries named after an animal’s weapon : BEARCLAWS
To break something down into pieces to analyze it : DECONSTRUCT
Describes the ability of an object to perform work : FUNCTIONAL
A loose garment worn by women for sleeping : NIGHTGOWN
Gold fish supposedly have this : SHORTMEMORY
Alterations to the US Constitution : AMENDMENTS
NFL team based in San Francisco : FORTYNINER
The lead actor in “Anchorman”, “Step Brothers”, and “The Other Guys” : WILLFERRELL
No utensils required for these meals : FINGERFOODS
Zebra lines on the road designed for pedestrians to walk : CROSSWALK
Award granted as a special honor : ACCOLADE
Open cartons with these : BOXCUTTERS

767 level
Shakes involuntarily out of fear : TREMBLES
Cars borrowed by people who are on vacation : RENTALS
Describes something that is so bad, it is shocking : HORRIFIC
To climb or make your way up a tree; an informal type of hockey : SHINNY
Person who betrays an organization : RENEGADE
Comes together or blends : UNITES
Whole numbers that do not have a fraction : INTEGERS
The total or quantity of something : AMOUNT
Extreme widespread hunger caused by drought or war : FAMINE

768 level
Tupac and Snoop Dogg are rappers from this regional genre of hip hop : WESTCOAST
Smartphone setting for travel through the air : AIRPLANEMODE
Makes a harsh reality seem more pleasant : SUGARCOATS
Gathered crops that were ready for consumption : HARVESTED
Describes a person who cannot wait : IMPATIENT
Found faults and details that are not necessarily important : NITPICKED
South Korean song by Psy that broke the internet in 2012 : GANGNAMSTYLE
Formal statement given in a court of law : TESTIMONY
“___ ______ in Time” is a ballad by Whitney Houston recorded for the 1988 Olympics : ONEMOMENT
The state of being well known for doing the wrong things : NOTORIETY
Hormone needed for fight or flight : ADRENALINE
A person who swims underwater for sport using a self contained breathing apparatus : SCUBADIVER

769 level
The horse that the Greeks used to destroy Troy : TROJAN
Typical teeth-related behavior often seen in toddlers : BITING
Pink spherical Nintendo character : KIRBY
Appliance with a flat surface perfect for cooking bacon, sausages, pancakes, etc. : GRIDDLE
A messenger tasked with a diplomatic mission : ENVOY
An individual who has been convicted of a serious crime : FELON
Tom _____ starred as Walt Disney in the film “Saving Mr. Banks” : HANKS
A sign or emblem that represents something : SYMBOL
These come out of steering wheels when collisions occur : AIRBAGS
To see someone for advice at a given rate : CONSULT
The most popular brand of ketchup in the US : HEINZ

770 level
Got used to it : ACCUSTOMED
Really need a drink : COTTONMOUTH
_____ ______ starred as the Prime Minister in the film series “Love Actually” : HUGHGRANT
Snack or appetizer consisting of crisps and a savory creamy mixture : CHIPSANDDIP
Yoda is this rank : JEDIMASTER
Refers to a person who is behind bars : INCUSTODY
Deposits and withdrawals of a more personal sort : BLOODBANK
Changing course and going in a different direction : DIVERGING
When an airplane is leaving an airstrip : TAKINGOFF

The answer to level 761, 762, 763, 764, 765, 766, 767, 768, 769 and 770 is Word Craze game

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