The answer to level 711, 712, 713, 714, 715, 716, 717, 718, 719 and 720 is Word Craze game

The answer to level 711, 712, 713, 714, 715, 716, 717, 718, 719 and 720 is Word Craze game

Answers to the game Word Craze
IOS and Android
(Developer Betta Games)

On this page you will find the answers Word Craze Level from 711 to 720.

711 level
Taking something “__ _____” is to take physically take it : BYFORCE
The goal of every bargain hunter is to find one of these : GOODDEAL
Mom’s calling you for dinner : GOHOME
Something said to invite someone inside : COMEIN
An intellectual or brainiac might be called an _______ : EGGHEAD
The original “Pac Man” had 255 different ones of these : LEVELS
A complete remodeling of something, especially someone’s makeup or hair : MAKEOVER
Do this to avoid boredom : KEEPBUSY
Punching quickly in boxing : JABBING
A Turkish _______ is a sweet made from a gel of starch and sugar : DELIGHT

712 level
Catherine ____-_____ is a Welsh actress seen in “The Mask of Zorro” and “Ocean’s 12” : ZETAJONES
Went from Director of CIA to the President of United States : GEORGEHWBUSH
Targets to be knocked down by a heavy ball in an alley : BOWLINGPINS
The last bit needed to complete a product : FINALTOUCH
Jewelry that adorns the largest of the five fingers : THUMBRINGS
Technical equipment used for a specific purpose : APPARATUS
Members included Ginger, Scary, Sporty, Baby, and Posh : SPICEGIRL
Made to feel small or scared due to a display of power : INTIMIDATED
A component used to make food : INGREDIENT
When you’re off Friday, Saturday and Sunday you have a ____ _______ : LONGWEEKEND
These people directly help their boss at work : ASSISTANTS
When something has increased by a factor of 4, you can say it has __________ : QUADRUPLED

713 level
A person who applies color to wood : STAINER
“______ Q” is a Broadway musical formatted after Sesame Street, but handles adult themes : AVENUE
Teachers always tell students to not run here : HALLWAY
Audio series for public download or stream, can listen on the go : PODCAST
A film that _______ based on a true story only uses some details, but not all : LOOSELY
Sporting event that includes skateboarding, dirt biking, and skiing : XGAMES
Short name for the party-loving Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle : MIKEY
If you smell something like rotten eggs at home, you might have a ___ ____ : GASLEAK
A geological feature consisting of an elevated crest or peaks : RIDGE
“Twilight”, “___ ____”, and “Eclipse” are novels in the young adult trilogy about shiny vampires : NEWMOON
Genetically making a copy or duplicate of something : CLONING

714 level
American luxury department store founded in 1901 : NORDSTROM
To lower the amount of money available for a department : BUDGETCUT
Jewish coming of age ceremony for 12 year-old girls : BATMITZVAH
To appoint or assign someone to a specific task : DESIGNATE
An informal way of saying go to sleep; “I am going to ___ ___ ___” : HITTHEHAY
Quadrupeds are animals that walk __ ___ _____ : ONALLFOURS
To found; “let’s _________ some ground rules” : ESTABLISH
Vague; open to more than one interpretation : AMBIGUOUS
1971 documentary about motorbike racing featuring Steve McQueen and Malcolm Smith : ONANYSUNDAY
These temporary, stacking platforms are used by construction workers to build structures : SCAFFOLDS
This home for books in Boston, Massachusetts is named after the 35th US president : JFKLIBRARY
_________ off in 3… 2… 1…Lift Off! : LAUNCHING

715 level
Every cloud has this silver feature : LINING
This American actor plays the mysterious Man in Black and “Westworld” : EDHARRIS
IOU stands for this : IOWEYOU
Don’t bring these kinds of dogs around children or strangers, or you might end up in a lawsuit : BITERS
To claim or assert that a crime has been committed, usually without proof : ALLEGE
Potter’s less-friendly family member : DUDLEY
Before a workout there is a warm-up, after a workout there is a ________ : COOLDOWN
Throbbing discomfort of muscles or joints : ACHING
A _____ point is an period when decisive change occurs : TURNING
The physical ability to move quickly and easily : AGILITY
Turns inside-out or upside-down : INVERTS
Uninteresting; boring; humdrum : MUNDANE

716 level
A stylist or barber may also be called this : HAIRCUTTER
Power tool used to break up concrete and rocks : JACKHAMMER
Attempting to impress others by feigning culture, class, or power : PRETENTIOUS
The ____ _____, presented by ABC, recognizes individual or team athletic achievements : ESPYAWARD
Six flags, Disneyland, and Cedar Point are all examples of this : THEMEPARK
In the US, having blood alcohol content of 0.08% or higher is the _____ _____ for intoxication : LEGALLIMIT
In folklore, vampires may not enter your home without __________ : PERMISSION
A family car that originally featured wood side paneling : STATIONWAGON
This American actress won an academy award for her performance in “Monster’s Ball” : HALLEBERRY
Something done cleverly or with brilliant intellect is this : INGENIOUS
This American actor has starred in “Tremors”, “Foot Loose”, and “Hollowman” : KEVINBACON
An exaggerated way of expressing how cold you are : IMFREEZING
23 countries with over 560 million people : NORTHAMERICA
A special event to celebrate an establishment’s beginning of business : GRANDOPENING

717 level
What you say when you don’t remember : IFORGET
Alex ______ is a Canadian-American TV personality well known for hosting “Jeopardy!” : TREBEK
“____ ___ night” is a chance for local comics, singers or performer to show their stuff : OPENMIC
A request for mercy : IGIVE
To have measured how fast something was : CLOCKED
Pointy things on the back underside of some fancy shoes : HEELS
Before playing a round of Poker, someone shuffles and _____ the cards : DEALS
Holly Hafermann, known as ____ Grey, has written songs for Ceelo Green and Céline Dion : SKYLAR
Matt _______ is an American actor known for his role on “Friends” as Joey Tribbiani : LEBLANC
Many of the fairy tales we know today were originally written by the _____ Brothers : GRIMM

718 level
This is a quick and convenient to make liquid meals : INSTANTSOUP
If you punch someone’s “____ __”, you knock them unconscious : LIGHTSOUT
Something said when the time for deliberations is over and you need to take action : ENOUGHTALK
Facial injury caused by a punch to one’s snout : NOSEBLEED
A venue with a stage and audience seating used for assemblies, performances, and speeches : AUDITORIUM
Long passages with doors to different rooms; halls : CORRIDORS
A term sometimes used to reference very attractive people : DREAMBOATS
To come to a disagreement or clash on a subject : BUTTHEADS
“____’_ ____” is the title of Frank Sinatra’s 1966 album which features a song of the same name : THATSLIFE
Interjection made famous by Christopher Lloyd’s character in the Back to the Future : GREATSCOTT
“Burning the candle __ ____ ____” means to work from early until late : ATBOTHENDS

719 level
When two or more parties have the same interested, that is something they have __ ______ : INCOMMON
To constantly dwell on something : OBSESS
Activity involving a Playstation, Xbox, or Nintendo system : GAMING
Criminal behavior, particularly that which results in death : FOULPLAY
This California tree is known for being the largest in the world : REDWOOD
To attack someone else’s sensibilities : OFFEND
Similar in appearance to the lobster, this crustacean can be found in freshwater brooks and streams : CRAWFISH
When your pet obeys, you may reward it, when it disobeys you may ______ it : PUNISH
An ___ ____ is a cosmetic surgery that might have you wearing sunglasses for weeks : EYELIFT

720 level
When things take a turn for the worse; “if we’re not careful, this can all __ ________ fast” : GOSIDEWAYS
When a sporting event is postponed due to precipitation : RAINDELAY
To have generated the appearance of something in one’s mind : VISUALIZED
Being entertained; enjoying oneself; : HAVINGFUN
Careful not to shove these into your eardrums while cleaning your ear : COTTONSWAB
Mother Teresa, Pope Francis, Buddha, and the Dalai Lama are all examples of _________ leaders : SPIRITUAL
This coastal US state shares a border with both New York and Pennsylvania : NEWJERSEY
This 1999 comedy film stars Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy plotting to make a cheap film : BOWFINGER
Backed by a company : SPONSORED
Portable illuminators : FLASHLIGHTS
A device worn on the face to protect the wearer from inhaling dangerous gases : RESPIRATOR

The answer to level 711, 712, 713, 714, 715, 716, 717, 718, 719 and 720 is Word Craze game

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