The answer to level 661, 662, 663, 664, 665, 666, 667, 668, 669 and 670 is Word Craze game

The answer to level 661, 662, 663, 664, 665, 666, 667, 668, 669 and 670 is Word Craze game

Answers to the game Word Craze
IOS and Android
(Developer Betta Games)

On this page you will find the answers Word Craze Level from 661 to 670.

661 level
______ Anderson is a comedian who had a 1994 cartoon show about his life : LOUIE
Nobel prize-winning novel “The _______ of the Day” was written by British author Kazuo Ishiguro : REMAINS
Lamb, beef, and goat are all examples of this : REDMEAT
Something that is particularly striking is this : NOTABLY
Phrase said in response to a courtroom violation : IOBJECT
In Indian culture, jewelry typically by brides : TOERING
A requirement for driving : LICENSE
Listens to or pays careful attention to : HEEDS
Extremely cold in temperature : FRIGID
Logo that symbolizes an organization or other groupings : EMBLEM
Wrist-mounted activity and fitness tracker : FITBIT
Rock song that has been reinterpreted by many artists, including Jimi Hendrix as his debut single : HEYJOE

662 level
Deficiency : SHORTFALL
Physical manifestation of a deity : INCARNATION
Place where people with alcohol or drug addiction are treated : REHABCENTER
In relationships, intentionally keeping how you feel ambiguous : PLAYGAMES
Where the Wrigley Field is located in Chicago : NORTHSIDE
Still hidden, for now : UNDETECTED
A distinctive characteristic of a person : ATTRIBUTE
Phrase on the front of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy : DONTPANIC
Fast “dogs” running interstate trips : GREYHOUNDS
The thick, rich topping that is placed on pasta; literal term for “bolognese” : MEATSAUCE
Enhances a version of a film or record : REMASTERS
Completely covers something underwater : SUBMERGES
“One, two, three strikes” and you’re out of this : OLDBALLGAME

663 level
Type of ground that’s likely to give way : UNSTABLE
Female Japanese ghosts are often seen with his physical trait : LONGHAIR
Sketchy art of abstract quality : DOODLE
Your aunt’s and uncle’s children are this to you : COUSINS
In many religious beliefs, the place where gods, angels, and spirits reside : HEAVEN
An old-fashioned British term for “sitting room” : PARLOUR
Securities issued by the US government : TBONDS
Impacts; makes an impression on : AFFECTS
Conor “The Notorious” ________ : MCGREGOR
Phrase you might say when asked to do something while busy : HANGON
Indian device used for smoking : HOOKAH

664 level
Minute particles : MOLECULES
Total income minus the costs : GROSSPROFIT
A relaxing journey, if not for all the work involved : BUSINESSTRIP
Clothing fitted to the buyer : CUSTOMMADE
Secret agents or spies : OPERATIVES
Will get you an out : THREESTRIKES
Something that is a source of annoyance is this : FRUSTRATING
Account organizer : RECORDKEEPER
Spectacles worn to assist or enhance bad sight are called these : EYEGLASSES
Measuring tool just shy of a meter : YARDSTICK
Pulls someone out of a tough situation : EXTRICATES
Actor who plays Tom Baker on “Cheaper by the Dozen” : STEVEMARTIN
The number below the line in a fraction : DENOMINATOR
Reverse psychology lullaby sung by Mary Poppins : STAYAWAKE
The “bad guy” in a piece of literature : ANTAGONIST
“__________ Basterds” is a 2009 war movie starring Brad Pitt and Christoph Waltz : INGLOURIOUS
An extra song on an album : BONUSTRACK

665 level
If you did this to the line, they might never forgive you : CROSSED
Respected someone highly : REVERED
Light rain : DRIZZLE
Imposed a tax or fine : LEVIED
Walter White’s choice of poison : RICIN
You don’t want to be left like this : FORDEAD
Skim milk is characterized as having __ ___ : NOFAT
These types of printers were invented by Ichiro Endo in the early 1950’s : INKJETS
To occur : HAPPEN
Lockable thief deterrents : LOCKS
Last name of US writer who went by “Waldo” : EMERSON

666 level
A plan that blew up in your face : BACKFIRED
Type theater that’s not quite in biggest in New York : OFFBROADWAY
Fictional character on “24” played by Kiefer Sutherland : JACKBAUER
Take things very seriously : PLAYFORKEEPS
Something installed as an improvement : ENHANCEMENT
To pass to a different owner : CHANGEHANDS
How do you set off a hand grenade : PULLTHEPIN
Type of wave received by from an antenna : RADIOSIGNAL
A 1999 teen comedy directed by Paul Weitz : AMERICANPIE
The final strike : DEATHBLOW
Keeps up something you love to help others : SACRIFICES
NBA team from Portland : TRAILBLAZERS

667 level
A high roller’s contribution to the pot : BIGBET
The oldest or youngest you can be to participate in something : AGELIMIT
People who constantly move from place to place : DRIFTERS
Type of guitar pedal effect : REVERB
Last name of the US chess grandmaster and 11th World Chess Champion : FISCHER
Extreme fear : TERROR
First name of the founder of psychoanalysis : SIGMUND
Feeling or showing compassion for someone’s misfortunes : PITYING
Friendly query used to ask how someone has been : HOWSLIFE
Talk about something with others : DISCUSS
Valentine’s Day mascots : CUPIDS

668 level
Reduce the pressure on something : DECOMPRESS
A type of bus which has two levels or floors : DOUBLEDECKER
Drawer for the police : SKETCHARTIST
Usual quitting time : FIVEOCLOCK
A sometimes painful reminder of how things are : REALITYCHECK
Actor who played The Hulk before Mark Ruffalo : EDWARDNORTON
The garnish used on a Bloody Mary cocktail : CELERYSTICK
Gain a lead in competition : PULLAHEAD
Colorful French cookies : MACAROONS
Dance move where you push both hands upward : RAISETHEROOF
Armed forces who protect a country : MILITARIES
A different possibility : ALTERNATIVE
An idea with no chance of success : NONSTARTER
In X-Men comics, a villain who was the merging of Professor X and Magneto : ONSLAUGHT
Desisted from some action : SURCEASED

669 level
“American as Apple Pie” and “Bee in One’s Bonnet” for example : IDIOM
The Canadian stadium that was renamed to Rogers Centre in 2005 : SKYDOME
How Leonidas kicked the Messenger in “300” : FATALLY
An image that you see in your mind; eyesight : VISION
Conducts the case of someone being accused in a court of law : DEFENDS
Dr. ______ Brown is a fictional character from “Back To The Future” : EMMETT
Chewing gum brand that has “Fire” and “Ice” on their product list : DENTYNE
The 2016 film about an interracial couple whose marriage prompted a Supreme Court case : LOVING
Cartographer’s main work : MAPPING
To act like someone on the silver screen : PORTRAY
The professional soccer team from Naples, Campania : NAPOLI
A ship from which Leonardo DiCaprio shouted that he’s “King of the World!” : TITANIC
In a seated position : SITTING

670 level
When you ask someone if they’ve ___ _ ______, you ask to talk to them briefly : GOTAMINUTE
Stand-up comedian with a “Buttoned-down Mind” : BOBNEWHART
The people you need to defeat : OPPOSITION
Christian holiday observed as part of Holy Week : GOODFRIDAY
A phrase used when giving advice about how you would handle things in the same situation : IFIWEREYOU
In basketball, a quick move from defense to offense : FASTBREAK
In a dangerous situation, you want to stay __ ____ ____ : ONYOURTOES
Operating at a profit : INTHEBLACK
In hockey where only the goaltender is in the way : BREAKAWAY
Type of facial piercings : NOSESTUDS
Describes something tempting that makes you want to do it or have it : SEDUCTIVE
TV host shown from the shoulders up : TALKINGHEAD

The answer to level 661, 662, 663, 664, 665, 666, 667, 668, 669 and 670 is Word Craze game

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