The answer to level 651, 652, 653, 654, 655, 656, 657, 658, 659 and 660 is Word Craze game

The answer to level 651, 652, 653, 654, 655, 656, 657, 658, 659 and 660 is Word Craze game

Answers to the game Word Craze
IOS and Android
(Developer Betta Games)

On this page you will find the answers Word Craze Level from 651 to 660.

651 level
A good match; befitting : SUITABLE
One’s heritage : ANCESTRY
Races past : BLOWSBY
_______ Khan was the emperor of the Mongol Empire : GENGHIS
The sound of the horn of a tugboat or train : TOOTTOOT
Defeat with intellgence : OUTWIT
Despite or regardless : HOWEVER
Robert _______ is an American actor who starred in “The Candidate” and “Sneakers” : REDFORD
To complete a video game as fast as possible : SPEEDRUN
Age for a girl to have a quinceañera : FIFTEEN
Established, usually for a company : FOUNDED
White drink that tofu is made out of : SOYMILK

652 level
Feeling uninterested or unconcerned : APATHETIC
Stylish emblem for your pants holder : BELTBUCKLE
Sweet hit single from The Rolling Stones 1971 album “Sticky Fingers” : BROWNSUGAR
Most serious killing but least serious burn : FIRSTDEGREE
Phrase you can say when someone should have listened to you : ITOLDYOUSO
To become lost or disappear : GOMISSING
Basketball or curling for example : TEAMSPORT
A film’s comedy of errors : BLOOPERREEL
Failed to notice something : OVERLOOKED
Fast animals that one might make their fortune off of : RACEHORSES
One who gives guidance to others : COUNSELOR
Flightless animals who are the symbol of extinction : DODOBIRDS
Do something different for a while : CHANGEOFPACE
Causes confusion or baffles : PERPLEXES
Easily audible and understandable : LOUDANDCLEAR
Use these at ATMs to withdraw money : CASHCARDS
Military activities undertaken by highly trained forces : SPECIALOPS
In mythology, for a vampire to get into your home, they have to be invited as this : HOUSEGUEST
Hard candies with a dangerous name : JAWBREAKERS

653 level
A part of plant-based foods that helps soften your stool and aids in digestion : FIBER
Catch a break : LUCKOUT
Capital of Canada : OTTAWA
A young ox : STEER
Gave freely : DONATED
Request from a big, bad wolf to a trio of pigs : LETMEIN
Ice skaters need to be cautious of ankle _______ : SPRAINS
The ninth month of the Islamic calendar observed by fasting and prayer : RAMADAN
Make less threatening : DECLAW
Saying something without intending for it be taken seriously : ASAJOKE
George ______ was an American comedian who hosted the first episode of SNL : CARLIN

654 level
Rawlings ____ _____ Award is given to exceptional baseball fielders : GOLDGLOVE
More than necessary : EXCESSIVE
Quality of multiple interpretations : AMBIGUITY
Said when someone was potentially injured : AREYOUOKAY
Not having the intended effect, especially of a joke : FALLSFLAT
The spirit of winter : JACKFROST
English star of “House” : HUGHLAURIE
She’s also called Hannah : MILEYCYRUS
A place to send mail when you’ve changed residences : NEWADDRESS
Making others dislike you : ALIENATING
Incomplete sentences : FRAGMENTS
Creators of premium typewriters : UNDERWOOD

655 level
Bad or run-down : SHABBY
Hints at or references something : ALLUDES
The authority to carry out a policy : MANDATE
The _____ ___ Packers were the first ever winners of the Super Bowl : GREENBAY
Bits of dust : SPECKS
Alarm clock holder : BEDTABLE
These are a pair of Afro-Cuban drums : BONGOS
Type of shots that give the most detail of the subject : CLOSEUPS
Official documents that give permission for something : PERMITS
Coming to a stop : HALTING
A male who follows and supports an idol or artist : FANBOY

656 level
How Wayne Gretzky shoots the puck : LEFTHANDED
Regarded with intense loathing or detesting : ABOMINATED
Something that is required : OBLIGATION
“There are no troubles” in Swahili : HAKUNAMATATA
The third James Bond film is named after its villain Auric _________ : GOLDFINGER
Someone who might say “Timberrrrrr” : WOODCHOPPER
Crazy time for basketball bracketologists : MARCHMADNESS
Places where vehicles keep their flammable fluids : FUELTANKS
Quentin Tarantino film with an iconic dance-off : PULPFICTION
To fool around, especially for children : HORSEAROUND
Suddenly comes to a complete halt : STOPSDEAD
Beasts of myth and legend : CREATURES
Airport pick-up/drop-off area : LOADINGZONE
Taking something at this is to believe it without further consideration : FACEVALUE
Someone who cons others : SCAMARTIST
Takes the check mark off : DESELECTS

657 level
On forums, reading content, but not making submissions of your own : LURKING
1993 legal thriller film starring Tom Cruise; based on the John Grisham novel : THEFIRM
“_______ by the Light” is a 1973 classic by Bruce Springsteen : BLINDED
Request made by someone who can’t believe their eyes : PINCHME
Bended something over itself that one part covered another : FOLDED
Acrobatic way of getting around town : PARKOUR
A special ____ is a unique, usually time-sensitive deal : OFFER
Animal that carries its own food supply : CAMEL
Rotating plates attached to the brakes on the wheels of a car : DISCS

658 level
Playful behavior often involving pranking : TOMFOOLERY
Robert De Niro’s 1993 directorial debut : ABRONXTALE
Don’t drink ____ ______ from where you bathe : DOWNSTREAM
The moniker one is given at the outset : BIRTHNAME
Athletic contests where contestants run and jump : TRACKMEETS
To make something sound less bad : SUGARCOAT
Writs commanding people to attend a court session : SUBPOENAS
In golf, this is a birdie : ONEBELOWPAR
Enter stealth mode : KEEPQUIET
This international landing strip is in Queens, New York : JFKAIRPORT

659 level
In the film series “The Hunger Games”, the main protagonist is Katniss ________ : EVERDEEN
Gradually develops or becomes clear : UNFOLDS
Stage fright symptom : FREEZEUP
“__ ____ your heart on your sleeve” is to make your feelings apparent : TOWEAR
Bet or played games at a casino : GAMBLED
Farm litter : PIGLETS
Random draw for a prize : RAFFLE
Interacts with others at a social event : MINGLES
Tara Westover’s 2018 memoir about her journey to getting a Ph.D. from Cambridge : EDUCATED

660 level
Phrase said by someone who wants you to trust them : BELIEVEME
Disconnected, especially when referring to trains : UNCOUPLED
Chinchilla or tarantula for example : EXOTICPET
People who criticize with negative views : NAYSAYERS
In the army, exceeded in importance : OUTRANKED
To carry off mysteriously or secretively, as though by a ghost : SPIRITAWAY
What a lawyer writes on : LEGALPADS
Defining achievement : CLAIMTOFAME
Christmas gift you might appreciate more as an adult : PAIROFSOCKS
Males responsible for shooting footage at a film set : CAMERAMEN
Having another look at to make a fresh judgment : REASSESSING

The answer to level 651, 652, 653, 654, 655, 656, 657, 658, 659 and 660 is Word Craze game

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