The answer to level 641, 642, 643, 644, 645, 646, 647, 648, 649 and 650 is Word Craze game

The answer to level 641, 642, 643, 644, 645, 646, 647, 648, 649 and 650 is Word Craze game

Answers to the game Word Craze
IOS and Android
(Developer Betta Games)

On this page you will find the answers Word Craze Level from 641 to 650.

641 level
The starting area in disc golf is called this : TEEPAD
Fooled or conned : TRICKED
“It ____’_ __, it was the one-armed man!” : WASNTME
Having planted and harvested something : FARMED
Unflatteringly, a “rat with wings” : PIGEON
The exhaust for a vehicle that keeps it quiet : MUFFLER
“This big a risk will either ____ __ break us” : MAKEOR
Impactful basketball scores : DUNKS
Speech impediments that cause “th” to sound like “z” : LISPS
Addresses on the internet : DOMAINS
Engage in bloody conflict : WAGEWAR

642 level
___ _______ Jones is an American blues/soul singer famous for “Just Can’t Let Go” : SIRCHARLES
Evaluation of one’s work by colleagues : PEERREVIEW
The fastest route around a racecourse : INSIDETRACK
DC comic event that led to the launch of “The New 52” : FLASHPOINT
In sports, approximately half of the regular season events : HOMEGAMES
Holiday temp job where one jots down wish lists : MALLSANTA
Staring off in a daze : SPACEDOUT
Director of “American Graffiti” and more : GEORGELUCAS
The source of chocolate : COCOAPLANT
Beauty is in the eye of these folk : BEHOLDERS
One who entertains a crowd : PERFORMER
Nickname for California : GOLDENSTATE

643 level
Offer a higher amount at an auction : OUTBID
US military base that stores gold : FORTKNOX
Left side is identical to the right side : SYMMETRY
Something that needs solving : PROBLEM
Parliament members : LAWMAKERS
DIY partner of arts : CRAFTS
A bit old to be a chronic crier : BIGBABY
Forgiving; willing to overlook a mistake : MERCIFUL
Able to claim it was not so : DENIABLE
Airsoft, for example : TOYGUN
Doing something according to the rules : PROPERLY

644 level
Where voters cast their ballots : POLLINGBOOTH
Hard to tell apart : LOOKALIKES
Heights for planes : ALTITUDES
A person who teaches Buddhist meditation and practices : ZENMASTER
An animal which isn’t preyed upon : APEXPREDATOR
Altering the truth : DISTORTING
Threw down the gauntlet : CHALLENGED
A popular mobile game where the user combines sugary treats : CANDYCRUSH
Deeply or to a great extent : IMMENSELY
Dance parties with covered faces : MASKEDBALLS
Spray on good scents : FRAGRANCES
Professional who sells ownership of a company in pieces : STOCKBROKER
Get something started or moving : KICKSTART
“10-4” or “roger” : UNDERSTOOD

645 level
Empty _______ are parents of children whom have all moved out : NESTERS
___ ___ Binks is a comic relief character in “Star Wars: Episode I” : JARJAR
Like dye, but insoluble in water : PIGMENT
“_______” is the name of Kenny Rogers’ first major hit : LUCILLE
Distrustful and selfish : CYNICAL
Of hair, became less dense : THINNED
To confirm that something is true : AFFIRM
A way a dog gets a ball : FETCHES
A three-part series : TRILOGY
First two letters of AFAIK : ASFAR

646 level
How airport dog detects illicit narcotics : SNIFFSOUT
Expect many questions if you’re sitting on this : THEHOTSEAT
The color of a sour citrus fruit : LIMEGREEN
Someone who is doubtful or unconvinced is this : SKEPTICAL
Tomorrow is this according to Scarlett O’Hara : ANOTHERDAY
“The _____ _______” is a 1963 epic war film starring Steve McQueen : GREATESCAPE
When law enforcement induces someone to commit a crime : ENTRAPMENT
Romantic setups with strangers : BLINDDATES
Release from guilt, sins, or punishment : ABSOLUTION
Country bordered by Mexico and home to many ancient Mayan sites : GUATEMALA
Felt great happiness : DELIGHTED

647 level
“Don’t go anywhere!” : SITTIGHT
Precursor phrase to bargaining : HOWMUCH
Awards for outstanding radio broadcasters : PEABODYS
A type of protective angel : GUARDIAN
Lawyer, when they assist a person who can’t afford their services : DEFENDER
Quick, witty reply : COMEBACK
Poor chances : LONGODDS
Before working out, don’t forget to pack this : GYMBAG
Checks the data for patterns : ANALYZES
In Texas Hold’Em, the first three card are called this : THEFLOP

648 level
Mythological double : DOPPELGANGER
Part of the negotiation process : COUNTEROFFER
Carrying out commands : EXECUTING
Ends something : TERMINATES
A tailor’s service : ALTERATION
Speaking unclearly so as to confuse others and mask one’s own intentions : BLOWINGSMOKE
“____ __ _____, there’s nothing to see here” : MOVEITALONG
US high school course for aspiring engineers : APPHYSICS
Position known for the most sacks : DEFENSIVEEND
Sends someone to a lower position : RELEGATES
An expression of encouragement addressed to females : YOUGOGIRL
Billy club : NIGHTSTICK

649 level
American-style children’s apparel : GAPKIDS
What archaeologists do to dinosaur bones : DIGUP
Allegiance to something or someone : LOYALTY
A fish with a pointed snout and one of the fastest marine swimmers : MARLIN
Austin Power’s punnily-named car : SHAGUAR
A brown-_____ is one who is excessively obedient and attentive to superiors : NOSER
Glass container next to the cashier : TIPJAR
An expression of willingness to participate : IMDOWN
Fruits that when fully developed, often appear in the shower : LOOFAHS
Brandished, as in a weapon : WIELDED
Wintertime spike : ICICLE
“______ up” is a phrase used similarly to “cheers” : BOTTOMS

650 level
Contest where bars are dropped : RAPBATTLE
Long ____ ______ is the antagonist from the 1883 novel “Treasure Island” : JOHNSILVER
According to The Notorious B.I.G., the consequence of “mo’ money” : MOPROBLEMS
Colleagues of Hank Schrader on “Breaking Bad” : DEAAGENTS
Breaking information that may interrupt other broadcasts : NEWSFLASH
A higher ranked version of a clergy member represented in chess : ARCHBISHOP
When one flees from a car accident scene : HITANDRUN
Idiom meaning something is quite common : ADIMEADOZEN
Reported after completing a mission : DEBRIEFED
Stops from getting a word in : INTERRUPTS
Easy, medium, hard, for example : DIFFICULTY
Reduce ins peed : DECELERATE
Pains in the noggin : HEADACHES

The answer to level 641, 642, 643, 644, 645, 646, 647, 648, 649 and 650 is Word Craze game

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