The answer to level 631, 632, 633, 634, 635, 636, 637, 638, 639 and 640 is Word Craze game

The answer to level 631, 632, 633, 634, 635, 636, 637, 638, 639 and 640 is Word Craze game

Answers to the game Word Craze
IOS and Android
(Developer Betta Games)

On this page you will find the answers Word Craze Level from 631 to 640.

631 level
This might fall from your eye when you’re really sad : TEARDROP
To make a stop to fill up on gas : REFUEL
How a horse runs : GALLOPS
Disney hero who found his way when he found a Beauty : THEBEAST
_____ ___ Thornton is an American actor who starred in “Sling Blade” and “Bad Santa” : BILLYBOB
So adorable; “Aww she is just ___ ____” : TOOCUTE
In the model introduced by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, grief has five of these : STAGES
The modern way of getting information : GOOGLEIT
Publius Vergilius Maro, aka ______, was an ancient Roman poet who wrote “Aeneid” : VIRGIL
People who are the most vulnerable to being affected by something : HIGHRISK

632 level
Alternative to dinner at home : EATINGOUT
Grows in intensity, particularly tension : HEIGHTENS
Structures erected as tribute : MONUMENTS
____ ________ is an American actress and singer famous for her role in “Cabaret” : LIZAMINNELLI
Stage name for the American musician and director of the 2000’s Halloween films : ROBZOMBIE
They come with dippings like Tangy BBQ, Signature, and Sweet ‘n Sour : MCNUGGETS
Came to terms with : MADEPEACE
Colorful modeling material for kids : PLAYDOUGH
_____ _______ is a former basketball professional and the 2001 and 2005 MVP award winner : ALLENIVERSON
Helping or giving aid : ASSISTING

633 level
A cold drink on a hot day brewed from leaves : ICETEA
This American band made the hits “Walking in a Spider Web” and “Don’t Speak” : NODOUBT
To summon up something from thin air : CONJURE
In “The Raven”, this sound wakes the speaker : TAPPING
A passionate kiss : LIPLOCK
Silver is _______ at 1,640F or 893C : MELTING
Anne, Anthony of Padua, and Francis of Assisi are all examples of this : SAINT
Classic basketball game where the announcer might say “He’s on Fire!” : NBAJAM
Blacksmith’s workstation : FORGE
Rules made by a company for its members : BYLAWS

634 level
Fixing up and redesigning a home : REMODELLING
Something you might say to someone who has zoned out : ANYBODYHOME
A small egg carton contains this many : HALFDOZEN
Does away with, especially for a law : ABOLISHES
The X-men’s private plane : BLACKBIRD
Had a difficult time of it : STRUGGLED
AC/DC’s 1980 album and the title of the lead single of the same name : BACKINBLACK
Ashton Kutcher to Demi Moore : EXHUSBAND
Expands upon by adding details and context : ELABORATES
Person who one wishes to emulate : ROLEMODEL

635 level
A candy owned by Zeta Espacial that fizzes in your mouth : POPROCKS
About 10% of the population writes with this : LEFTHAND
A story that is passed down from generation to generation : FOLKTALE
People who support charities : DONORS
A congregation of people who gather together for a common purpose : ASSEMBLY
To propose something for consideration : SUGGEST
Not having one’s morning coffee can do this to their judgment : IMPAIR
US singer; brother to Nick and Kevin : JOEJONAS
Seasoned sausage from Italy : SALAMI

636 level
Not definite or final : TENTATIVE
Repeat the route, again and again, round after round : GOINCIRCLES
City that hosts the NASCAR race with the largest purse : DAYTONABEACH
UK actor who plays Legolas in “The Lord of the Rings” : ORLANDOBLOOM
Savagely fearsome, like a wild animal : FEROCIOUS
Person who over promises and under delivers : BIGTALKER
German philosophy, meaning “spirit of the age” : ZEITGEIST
In biology, when single-celled organisms come together to exchange genetic material : CONJUGATE
A music genre that originated from Mississippi : DELTABLUES

637 level
Type of bag for garbage : REFUSE
To attach something to the end of a document : APPEND
A father figure, but round around the edges : DADBOD
An online marketing page used to generate leads : LANDING
Soft white textile; harvested from planets : COTTON
Heighted state of excitement : AROUSAL
Youngest territory in Canada : NUNAVUT
A happy way of jumping : FORJOY
To break up or dissolve a group or organization : DISBAND
Temporary gaps in judgment or attention : LAPSES

638 level
Force a poor performer to leave : BOOOFFSTAGE
US television personality who hosts “30 Minute Meals” on the Food Network : RACHAELRAY
A vacation day that doesn’t feel too good : SICKLEAVE
One’s buddy who is also one’s buddy’s buddy : MUTUALFRIEND
A 2019 animated film about a yeti : ABOMINABLE
Short documentary films that contain stories of topical interest : NEWSREELS
Invigorated; buoyed; uplifted : ENCOURAGED
An angling method used to catch aquatic animals which involves a fake insect : FLYFISHING
Freeing someone from guilt or punishment : ABSOLVING
US journalist who hosted “The Situation Room” : WOLFBLITZER
A precarious place for an egg to sit : ONTHEWALL

639 level
Larry Thomas played this iconic role when he was a guest actor on “Seinfeld” : SOUPNAZI
“Roses are red, violets ___ ____” : AREBLUE
Large tubs with underwater jets systems that massage the body : JACUZZIS
Does not go off as expected : MISFIRES
City in Italy where one can find the Palazzo dei Papi : VITERBO
Former competitor to AOL : NETCOM
“_____ ___ purple, _____ __ pink” are lyrics on Drake’s song, “Trust Issues” : COULDBE
Type of eyes that rattle around : GOOGLY
The world’s most-watched ________ event is the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games : SPORTING
Rembrandt painted a portrait of these government officials in 1662 : SYNDICS
Language spoken at a Bar Mitzvah : HEBREW
Suggesting that something sinister is about to happen : OMINOUS
A marketing term used to symbolize the foundation of a major undertaking : BIGIDEA

640 level
US television personality who was the host of “The Toast of the Town” : EDSULLIVAN
Literal lifeline when taking a leap : BUNGEECORD
Common reason to have to wait around at an airport : FLIGHTDELAY
Pocketed the cue ball : SCRATCHED
US actress married to Justin Timberlake : JESSICABIEL
To disparage someone’s achievements : DISCREDIT
These plants don’t shed annually : EVERGREENS
Country album, of sorts : WORLDATLAS
Dell’s gaming brand : ALIENWARE
Being put into a position such as job, school, or home : PLACEMENT
Westminster Abbey, Notre-Dame, and Santa Maria are all examples of this kind of church : CATHEDRAL
Grew back after being damaged : REGENERATED

The answer to level 631, 632, 633, 634, 635, 636, 637, 638, 639 and 640 is Word Craze game

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