The answer to level 621, 622, 623, 624, 625, 626, 627, 628, 629 and 630 is Word Craze game

The answer to level 621, 622, 623, 624, 625, 626, 627, 628, 629 and 630 is Word Craze game

Answers to the game Word Craze
IOS and Android
(Developer Betta Games)

On this page you will find the answers Word Craze Level from 621 to 630.

621 level
To provoke someone into anger : IRRITATE
___ ____ Hall is, ironically, one of the shortest players in Globetrotter history : TOOTALL
To pay attention to someone or something : REGARD
Equals 18 holes : ONEROUND
What’s this styling product? : MOUSSE
To extend the duration of a meeting : PROLONG
_._. ____ is the co-creator of “Lost” and co-producer of “Lovecraft Country” : JJABRAMS
When iron reacts with water and oxygen, it creates this : RUSTING
To glide on the waves on a board with a sail : WINDSURF

622 level
Common New Year’s resolution : LOSEWEIGHT
What kind of party is this? : SURPRISE
“__________ at Night” is a 1983 hit song by Canadian singer Corey Hart : SUNGLASSES
Two different words that mean the same thing : SYNONYMS
The act of proceeding forward in a purposeful way : ADVANCING
Vehicles with ___-_____ drive can provide power to the front- and rear-wheels : FOURWHEEL
To prevent someone or something’s movement : IMMOBILIZE
Noteworthy actors who appear in a single episode of a show : GUESTSTARS
Slang for loose-fitting denim pants : BAGGYJEANS
Refers to a person who is unhealthily slim or lean : BAREBONED

623 level
A person from the US state that is the largest by area : ALASKAN
You might hear strange ______ in a haunted house : NOISES
To do this is to be boastful and overconfident : TALKBIG
What are these shelled animals? : SNAILS
Sudden uncontrolled electrical disruption in the brain : SEIZURE
“Sounds like _ ____” is a phrase used to indicate agreement : APLAN
This group fought against the Empire in Star Wars : REBELS
A bell curve depicts this type of distribution : NORMAL
When a potential couple is __ _ ____, they might go for a movie or dinner : ONADATE
Price _____ are an increase in price : HIKES

624 level
“Walkin’ on the Sun” is a song by US rock band _____ _____ : SMASHMOUTH
Ancient military text written by Chinese strategist Sun Tzu : THEARTOFWAR
To this day, these rodents are still largely used in various forms of research : GUINEAPIGS
______ ___ is a brand of soft drinks, particularly ginger ale, owned by Keurig Dr Pepper : CANADADRY
What cleaning material does they guy use? : TOOTHPASTE
Hansel and Gretel left a trail made from this pastry residue : BREADCRUMB
Directories that once came in yellow : PHONEBOOKS
Gives up for good : SWEARSOFF
What game is he playing? : DODGEBALL
What kind of pen is this? : HIGHLIGHTER
High-ranking heavenly beings in Christianity : ARCHANGELS
Retired player who holds the NFL single-season touchdown reception record; played for the 49ers : RANDYMOSS
Harley-Davidson Museum is in this Wisconsin city : MILWAUKEE
Asthmatic’s concern : AIRQUALITY

625 level
Growing crops and raising animals : FARMING
Place where strategies and tactics are devised : WARROOM
Wayyyy mistaken : OFFBASE
A man in the Italian mob : MADEMAN
“A ___ __ Flanders” is a 1872 novel about a pet named Patrasche : DOGOF
If you picked the right numbers, you’ll get a big prize from this game : LOTTO
Moving your body to the music : DANCING
Imaginary little creature that causes mechanical difficulties : GREMLIN
Malaria protection when sleeping : NETTING

626 level
When everyone’s in agreement : UNANIMOUS
High-and-mighty attitude : ARROGANCE
Finding new actors to take over roles : RECASTING
Apart from; except for : OTHERTHAN
Knave in a black suit : JACKOFCLUBS
If one of these goes down at sea, it could result in years of clean-up : OILTANKER
Selling to the highest bidder : AUCTIONING
These are the featured mode of transportation for Tom Cruise in “Top Gun” : FIGHTERJETS
Yearly charge : ANNUALFEE
Female sibling who shares only one parent with you : HALFSISTER

627 level
Court action with a ball : DRIBBLE
These Australian marsupials resemble a small bear with short legs : WOMBATS
Energy source from living microorganisms : BIOFUELS
John Cusack and Craig Robinson’s time travel machine : HOTTUB
Bullet that leaves a visual path of its trajectory behind it : TRACER
Dikembe _______ is a retired basketball professional and Hall-of-Famer : MUTOMBO
Substance used to stuff up a cavity : FILLING
“You can get free tickets to the show? ____ __ __ with some of those” : HOOKMEUP
Purely spiritual relationship named after a Greek philosopher : PLATONIC

628 level
Enemy of the Marvel superhero team The Fantastic Four : DOCTORDOOM
Girls have two of these : XCHROMOSOMES
A thief’s prize : STOLENGOODS
Overcomes, bests, passes over : SURPASSES
Key skill to winning a gun duel : QUICKDRAW
To recharge or fill something back up : REPLENISH
Vital pulses : HEARTBEATS
Nickname for a large city in Illinois : WINDYCITY

629 level
Often covered in buffalo sauce : HOTWINGS
A “dead language” that’s still taught today : LATIN
Washed up or no longer relevant individuals are called has-_____ : BEENS
To banish from one’s country or home : EXILE
20,000 leagues under the sea would be 60,761,155 of these units : FATHOMS
Forged or counterfeited : FAKED
Devices that keep a car nice and shiny : WAXERS
About to fall over : DROWSY
To go up to bat first : LEADOFF
______ Assange is an Australian reporter and the founder WikiLeaks : JULIAN

630 level
“Took you long enough” : ABOUTTIME
Stick around : STAYAWHILE
To give another greater knowledge or insight : ENLIGHTEN
Handmade timekeepers that sing on the hour; originated from Germany : CUCKOOCLOCK
“The grass is always greener on the _____ ____” : OTHERSIDE
Comes with the main dish : SIDEORDER
Conductor’s final warning : ALLABOARD
In bowling, not hitting a strike nor a spare : OPENFRAME
Laser and strobe performance : LIGHTSHOW
A gambler who likes to live dangerously in Blackjack says “___ __ _____” : HITMEAGAIN
The world’s biggest beer festival, modeled after the original Munich event : OKTOBERFEST

The answer to level 621, 622, 623, 624, 625, 626, 627, 628, 629 and 630 is Word Craze game

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