The answer to level 601, 602, 603, 604, 605, 606, 607, 608, 609 and 610 is Word Craze game

The answer to level 601, 602, 603, 604, 605, 606, 607, 608, 609 and 610 is Word Craze game

Answers to the game Word Craze
IOS and Android
(Developer Betta Games)

On this page you will find the answers Word Craze Level from 601 to 610.

601 level
Marvel movie “Into the Spiderverse” shows Miles _______ learning from Peter Parker : MORALES
Converting atoms by removing one or more electrons : IONIZING
Bionic man Steve Austin cost six of this amount to “rebuild” : MILLION
What is she riding? : TRICYCLE
Made minor adjustments to : TWEAKED
Tool used for smoothing and shaping fingernails : NAILFILE
“_______ makes the heart grow fonder” : ABSENCE
Common fault with a copier : PAPERJAM
Provoking someone to get a reaction : GOADING
To defeat someone by being cleverer than them or cunning : OUTSMART

602 level
Early tennis score : FIFTEENLOVE
Miniature orange vegetables : BABYCARROTS
A point where two roads cross each other : INTERSECTION
The actor who starred as J.D. in the medical comedy series “Scrubs” : ZACHBRAFF
A blizzard with heavy amounts of snowfall : SNOWSTORM
What do these wheels belong to? : SHOPPINGCART
The singer of “Real Love” and “No More Drama” : MARYJBLIGE
Charity to distribute consumables : FOODDRIVE
Refers to information that only someone involved could have : INSIDESCOOP
What is that bright light? : SHOOTINGSTAR
To leave a company for a rival : JUMPSSHIP
Robert De Niro starred as this character in the film “Raging Bull” : JAKELAMOTTA

603 level
Raptor’s weapon of choice : TALON
Occurs when many people withdraw from a bank for fear of it becoming insolvent : BANKRUN
To interfere with the movement of something or someone : IMPEDE
What is this African animal? : GAZELLE
Cars often used to take people to their final resting places : HEARSES
The secret to being forever young is to be a ___ __ heart : KIDAT
Film genre with sword, shields, and the occasional dragon : FANTASY
“Mr. _____ Goes to Town” is a comedy made by Frank Capra, later loosely remade by Adam Sandler : DEEDS
Clean up, as one’s toys : PUTAWAY
Cocktail drink made of champagne and chilled orange juice : MIMOSA

604 level
Leeway in a negotiation : WIGGLEROOM
The US Constitution prescribes that the Senate is made of 2 senators from each _____ : STATE
What sport is this attire for? : FENCING
Able to be used to decrease taxable income : DEDUCTIBLE
Supporting actor in “Training Day” : ETHANHAWKE
Delicate store where a bull might visit : CHINASHOP
“______ Boys” is a film directed by Clint Eastwood that was based on the hit musical : JERSEY
Extremely cruel act : ATROCITY
Famous American satirist, “Weird Al” ________ : YANKOVIC
Opposite of a defender : ATTACKER
Top search result of a celebrity : NETWORTH
What’s this powerful vessel? : TUGBOAT
Until further notice : INDEFINITE

605 level
A man whose behavior is objectionable in society : BOUNDER
Something you might say if you can’t figure out where you are : IMLOST
Nickname of Stephen Curry is the “_________ Assassin” : BABYFACED
The US city nicknamed “The Athens of America” by William Tudor : BOSTON
Have closed your hand around something : CLENCHED
What key item do they use to direct the game? : WHISTLE
Sarah ______ is the US journalist who hosted the podcast “Serial” : KOENIG
The Dead Sea _______ were found in the Qumran Caves in the Judean Desert : SCROLLS
_._. ____ is the author of the romance novel “Fifty Shades of Grey” : ELJAMES

606 level
1979 Broadway musical that was a tribute to the burlesque era : SUGARBABIES
One of the natural wonders of the world located in Arizona, USA : GRANDCANYON
No longer sober : OFFTHEWAGON
Occurs when companies pay equitable prices to producers in developing countries : FAIRTRADE
Polite salutation that utilizes headwear : TIPONESHAT
Ramoji in India is one of the biggest of these in the world : FILMSTUDIOS
What is this household item? : ROCKINGCHAIR
A sensory receptor that sends sensations such as heat, cold, and pain signals to your brain : NERVEENDING
US animated sitcom about an 8-year old boy named Brendon Small who makes videos at home : HOMEMOVIES
Simple puppet made from cotton material normally worn on the feet : SOCKPUPPETS
Researchers hold these to gain statistical information about a segment of people : FOCUSGROUPS

607 level
Religions or belief systems : FAITHS
Nancy _______ is the first female speaker of the House : PELOSI
To speak precisely and to the point is this : BRIEFLY
To give someone a task : ASSIGN
Name the missing feature : DIMPLES
Canadian airline with a directional name : WESTJET
Go through one’s notes : REVIEW
Talks between two or more people : DIALOGS
Something that is real and not imagined : ACTUAL
A person who dedicated to or writes about love : AMORIST

608 level
Deeply cleaned, especially by anti-bacterial substances : SANITIZED
A common adage which states “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong” : MURPHYSLAW
Deliberately delay : STONEWALL
Examples of these are in the UK you must be 18 to smoke and 21 in the US to drink : AGELIMITS
You look up to these people : ROLEMODELS
What kind of writing pen is this? : BALLPOINT
Long object used to strike a ball : POOLSTICK
Bombing missions carried out by aircraft : AIRSTRIKES
A difficult situation; “why are you giving me such _ ____ ____?” : AHARDTIME
What professional makes these? : CHOCOLATIER
Keeping someone at this distance means avoiding being close : ARMSLENGTH
A bird or animal with a spinal column : VERTEBRATE
Florida’s largest national park : EVERGLADES
The band featured in the mockumentary “The Great Rock n’ Roll Swindle” : SEXPISTOLS

609 level
To defend in basketball : GUARD
Festivity where beer is served from a barrel : KEGPARTY
A long and narrow cut on a surface : GROOVE
What is the tool used to prepare the cheese? : GRATER
This might happen to your wheel if you are parked in the wrong place : CLAMPED
Anya Major appeared in the music video of this song by Elton John : NIKITA
Beat the odds : GETLUCKY
To descend from a train, car, or other forms of transport : ALIGHT
Aid for clarity : EXAMPLE

610 level
Catching a fish with a hook only, without relying on bait : SNAGGING
What are these? : COTTONSWABS
US State containing Chicago : ILLINOIS
The middle part of Granny Smiths which contain seeds : APPLECORES
Someone who is looking for employment is in this : JOBMARKET
German philosopher who co-authored “The Communist Manifesto” : KARLMARX
When the quality of something has been improved : ENHANCED
What holiday is this commonly served on? : THANKSGIVING
Dr. _______ is an internet celebrity known for playing “Fortnite”, “H1Z1”, and other games : DISRESPECT
________ Chandler was one of the founding fathers of the US Republican party : ZACHARIAH

The answer to level 601, 602, 603, 604, 605, 606, 607, 608, 609 and 610 is Word Craze game

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