The answer to level 591, 592, 593, 594, 595, 596, 597, 598, 599 and 600 is Word Craze game

The answer to level 591, 592, 593, 594, 595, 596, 597, 598, 599 and 600 is Word Craze game

Answers to the game Word Craze
IOS and Android
(Developer Betta Games)

On this page you will find the answers Word Craze Level from 591 to 600.

591 level
Offensive or explicit speech : VULGAR
What is this deceitful activity? : FRAUD
First thing you should check on a medicine bottle : DOSAGE
Japanese maker of high-end watches : SEIKO
Mike Myers wrote and starred in the 1992 comedy film “_____’_ World” : WAYNES
Released from jail until the trial begins : BAILED
Ben _____ is an English international cricketer and vice-captain of their cricket team : STOKES
Travelling or very busy and active : ONTHEGO
The title of Lady Gaga’s 2016 album which features “Perfect Illusion” : JOANNE
Deliberate falsehoods designed to masquerade as truth : HOAXES

592 level
Baltic split between Poland and Germany; known for a dog breed of a similar name : POMERANIA
What’s this phrase from a story about abusing trust? : CRYWOLF
In manufacturing, products move down this, having pieces added until they are completed : ASSEMBLYLINE
Helpful suggestion or recommendations you give to a troubled friend : GOODADVICE
The packaging used for Cheerios and Fruit Loops : CEREALBOXES
Moved around on a sheet of ice using shoes with metal blades underneath : ICESKATED
Extra components in the possession of mechanics : SPAREPARTS
Purchasable TV service for boxing matches : PAYPERVIEW
Historical peak : ALLTIMEHIGH
What’s the item clipped onto the fabric? : SAFETYPIN
To take action on a particular problem or issue : ACTEDUPON
Faceoffs take place here in a hockey match : CENTERICE

593 level
The natural substances used in making chewing gum : CHICLES
A taunt; “do it, _ ____ you!” : IDARE
To strengthen or support, especially one’s spirits : BOLSTER
Moved with short, quick movements : WAGGLED
Youth hired to clean and maintain a swimming facility : POOLBOY
In baseball, a ball that travels in the arc in an air : FLYBALL
Booths in a bathroom : STALLS
What mystical being lives in this? : GENIE
The US rapper behind the song “Turn Down For What” : LILJON

594 level
Relationships lasting more than 2 years can be considered as this type of relationship : LONGTERM
Take this metaphorical medicine to calm down : CHILLPILL
It includes first, middle, and last : FULLNAME
Next door to or adjacent : ALONGSIDE
What is he doing? : STOMPING
Remaining in concealment : INHIDING
Brings something down from an elevated place : LOWERS
Slang phrase meaning to spend time with friends : HANGOUT
The part of a car that frames a wheel : FENDER
Informal term for dogs : POOCHES
Refers to a sound that is bouncing off walls : ECHOING

595 level
Characteristic of evil : DIABOLIC
Memorable sayings that express advice and general truths : PROVERB
Outerwear that is essentially a large sheet of fabric with a hole for your head : PONCHOS
To visualize or form a mental picture in your head : IMAGINE
When a golfer ______ a ball, he hits it with the back of the club : SHANKS
The process of soaking a liquid or energy : ABSORPTION
What important player is missing here? : GOALKEEPER
Decision point : CROSSROAD
Bile is stored in this organ : GALLBLADDER
An idea birthed or attributed to a person or group : BRAINCHILD

596 level
Made a phrase shorter : ABBREVIATED
What is the legendary weapon in the image? : TRIDENT
What kind of sweet is this? : MACARON
Coffee drink with equal portions of foamed milk, steamed milk, and espresso : CAPPUCCINO
Shots in golf made when the golfer is near the green : SHORTGAME
Victorious in a race : FIRSTPLACE
Ascend a rock face without aid : FREECLIMB
In the Bible, where Moses was appointed by God to lead the Israelites out of Egypt : BURNINGBUSH
Entrance fee charged at bars, or nightclubs : COVERCHARGE
Place for golfers to practice their swings : DRIVINGRANGE
Medical operation with human organs : TRANSPLANT

597 level
The reflexive pronoun for a female subject : HERSELF
Likely to cause harm or injury, if not careful : DANGEROUS
“Swan Lake” is one of the most beautiful _______ in the world : BALLETS
Famous sock puppet, puppeteered by Shari Lewis, who had her own show : LAMBCHOP
Protects your arm joint : ELBOWPAD
What is this important conference? : PARLEY
A ________ visit is when an inmate is allowed to have a visitor : CONJUGAL
Caused to feel concern or distress : DISMAYED
Moved ahead or onward in space or time : PROGRESSED
Standards of measurement : METRICS
Makeup brand from New York City founded by Thomas Lyle Williams : MAYBELLINE

598 level
An affectionate nose rub : ESKIMOKISS
Deodorant applied here : UNDERARM
Decomposing or breaking down : DECAYING
Brightest of a car’s headlights : HIGHBEAM
Expressing one’s feelings in speech : SPEAKING
Type of book where one should paint within the lines : COLORING
What is she asking for? : AUTOGRAPH
To greet someone with this is to greet them eagerly and warmly : OPENARMS
Goes too far : OVERDOESIT
Book of drawing paper : SKETCHPAD
Like a one-day forecast : SHORTRANGE
To support a cause or speak in support of another person : ADVOCATE

599 level
“_____’ La Vida Loca” is a 1999 song by Ricky Martin : LIVIN
Frances McDormand plays pregnant police chief _____ Gunderson in “Fargo” : MARGE
Accountant’s period : TAXYEAR
What is this action? : MARCH
Rowan Atkinson starred as bungling spy ______ English in the film series of the same name : JOHNNY
Straw hat with a flat top and a brim; derived from the hat worn by gondoliers : BOATER
Dave _____ is the drummer and founder of the Foo Fighters : GROHL
Comic created by James O’Barr about a superhero who returns from the dead : BRANDON
Steve _____ is the Australian conservationist known as “The Crocodile Hunter” : IRWIN
______ Allende is the Chilean author of “The House of Spirits” : ISABEL

600 level
The 2005 romantic comedy starring Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Costner, and Mark Ruffalo : RUMORHASIT
A legal document that orders someone to appear before a magistrate : COURTSUMMONS
What is this imagined oasis called? : MIRAGE
In radio telecommunications, this phrase means “received” : ROGERTHAT
A substance that slows down a chemical reaction : INHIBITOR
Gallery for displaying the works of artists : ARTMUSEUM
Chocolate comes from the seeds of this plant : CACAOTREE
Male professionals who speak on behalf of a company : SPOKESMEN
What is this moss-like plant? : LICHEN
Type of high-speed metal used to make drill bits : COBALTSTEEL
The US actress who starred as Skylar in “Good Will Hunting” : MINNIEDRIVER
“Survey says!” : FAMILYFEUD

The answer to level 591, 592, 593, 594, 595, 596, 597, 598, 599 and 600 is Word Craze game

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