The answer to level 56, 57, 58, 59 and 60 is Word Craze game

The answer to level 56, 57, 58, 59 and 60 is Word Craze game

Answers to the game Word Craze
IOS and Android
(Developer Betta Games)

On this page you will find the answers Word Craze Level 56, 57, 58, 59 and 60. In this game you need to find all the words for the questions and the last word of the level. This is the unique art of solving crossword puzzles. We all have the puzzles we found here at this level. All you have to do is read the answers.

56 level
Something that is one __ _ ___ is unique : OFAKIND
What type of fruit are these? : BERRIES
You definitely want to avoid this part of a bee : STINGER
This might be filled with junk : MAILBOX
A garden of fruit-producing trees and plants : ORCHARD
To draw in breath : INHALE
Singer that says Hello while Rolling in the Deep : ADELE
Decorative Christmas ring of leaves, often found on a door : WREATH
Chess piece beside the Queen or King : BISHOP
What is this popular grain? : WHEAT

57 level
The sound a clock makes : TICKTOCK
Our Solar System is in the _____ ___ galaxy : MILKYWAY
What sport is this? : PINGPONG
Pirates of the ________ refers to both a Disneyland ride and the film series loosely based on it : CARIBBEAN
People affected by this condition have trouble sleeping : INSOMNIA
Directed behind instead of forward : BACKWARD
A headache you might get after a night of drinking : HANGOVER

58 level
Partially closing one’s eyes to see things more clearly : SQUINTING
An adjustment made to an official document; the US Constitution has 27 : AMENDMENT
What state is this balloon in? : DEFLATED
The ________, American rock band famous for their hit Pretty Fly for a White Guy : OFFSPRING
Finding a four-leaf clover will bring you this : GOODLUCK
To give someone support and confidence in doing something : ENCOURAGE
A magic _____ ___ is a black sphere that will answer your questions, questionably : EIGHTBALL

59 level
________ & Dragons is a fantasy tabletop role-playing game : DUNGEONS
Professional that rescues swimmers in danger : LIFEGUARD
What is this 2014 thriller about a missing person? : GONEGIRL
Famed French gothic cathedral found in Paris : NOTREDAME
Container containing sticks of wood used to spark flames : MATCHBOX
If you fry an egg without flipping it, it’s _____ ____ up : SUNNYSIDE
Roses are red, _____ are blue : VIOLETS

60 level
If you believe in yourself, anything is ________ : POSSIBLE
What is this animal? : BLUEWHALE
Exaggerated or uncontrollable emotion of excitement : HYSTERIA
_______ Gangster, 2007 crime drama starring Denzel Washington as criminal Frank Lucas : AMERICAN
A building that contains several rentable living spaces : APARTMENT
What is this object? : PIGGYBANK
Alice sat at one of these with the Mad Hatter : TEAPARTY
Exams that take place halfway through a college course : MIDTERMS
Famous place in Los Angeles where stars are made : HOLLYWOOD
An informal, spur of the moment photo : SNAPSHOT

The answer to level 56, 57, 58, 59 and 60 is Word Craze game

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