The answer to level 511, 512, 513, 514, 515, 516, 517, 518, 519 and 520 is Word Craze game

The answer to level 511, 512, 513, 514, 515, 516, 517, 518, 519 and 520 is Word Craze game

Answers to the game Word Craze
IOS and Android
(Developer Betta Games)

On this page you will find the answers Word Craze Level from 511 to 520.

511 level
Machu ______ is a 15th-century citadel in Peru : PICCHU
A time ____ is used to communicate with the future : CAPSULE
What cat breed is this? : SIAMESE
US coin worth one cent : PENNY
The judgment given by a jury in court : VERDICT
A group of grown, adult females : WOMEN
A piece of wood with an often red tip used to start a fire : MATCH
High-pitched sound made by blowing through pursed lips : WHISTLE
Filthy; not clean : DIRTY
Fictional character who was raised by apes; depicted in a 1999 Disney film : TARZAN
______ Brosnan portrayed James Bond between 1994 – 2005 : PIERCE

512 level
Kind and __________ words support and build confidence in people : ENCOURAGING
Extreme hunger that can lead to one’s death : STARVATION
Tool for doing laundry manually : WASHBOARD
A culture’s stories and tales, often used to explain the human condition : MYTHOLOGY
Put this on a brush and scrub your teeth with it to clean them : TOOTHPASTE
What is this theoretical portal in space? : WORMHOLE
Formal resignation from the throne : ABDICATION
Old Yeller, Mr. Peanutbutter, and Brian Griffin are all fictional dogs of this breed : LABRADOR
A person you have never met before : STRANGER
What is this type of art? : OILPAINTING
Days other than Saturday or Sunday : WEEKDAYS
A warrior whose only allegiance is money : MERCENARY
Studies of human society and culture, including history, literature, and law : HUMANITIES
Foods likely to go bad quickly if not preserved; e.g fresh milk, yogurt, meat : PERISHABLE
Extremely bad or unpleasant : TERRIBLE
What is this zesty food? : COLESLAW

513 level
Type of deadly substance symbolized by a skull and crossbones : POISON
_______’s Box, originating from Greek mythology, means the source of troubles : PANDORA
Amazon device used to read eBooks : KINDLE
What is this four-wheeled vehicle? : CHARIOT
Activity where a group takes turns singing songs : KARAOKE
Nonvenomous snake that is among the largest type in the world; a programming language : PYTHON
Capital city of Brazil : BRASILIA
Toronto _______ is the first NBA championship team not from the US : RAPTORS

514 level
Very large and expensive houses : MANSIONS
To completely destroy, or wipe out of existence : ANNIHILATE
What are these chilly spikes? : ICICLES
US fantasy horror TV series that stars Anna Paquin as a telepath facing the supernatural, particularly vampires : TRUEBLOOD
TV stands for __________ : TELEVISION
Sport that includes events like the balance beam and parallel bars, which require coordination, strength, and flexibility : GYMNASTICS
What is this metallic alloy? : ROSEGOLD
Popular schoolyard game which is played on a baseball field, but the ball is handled like in soccer : KICKBALL
Renewal or repairing of a building : RENOVATION
Famous bridge in the US city of San Francisco : GOLDENGATE

515 level
Name of the Spice Girls’ first chart-topping hit : WANNABE
An item wrapped for delivery : PACKAGE
Montreal _________ is the winningest team in the NHL with 24 championships since 1915 : CANADIANS
What is the term meaning outermost layer? : SURFACE
Sport that involves propelling a boat using oars : ROWING
A movie starring Tom Hanks, an Island, and a volleyball named Wilson : CASTAWAY
Breed of hound dog known for its sense of smell; often used to detect contraband : BEAGLE
Name of the one-eyed giant in greek mythology : CYCLOPS

516 level
What is this seafood dish? : CALAMARI
The part of a bed you sleep on : MATTRESS
Soft, sanitary paper wrapped a roll; a bathroom staple : TOILETPAPER
The continent around the South Pole : ANTARCTICA
Social science focused on the allocation of resources and supply and demand : ECONOMICS
are called _______ marks : QUOTATION
Robert De Niro won an Oscar for his role as a fighter in the film ______ ____ : RAGINGBULL
The e in e-mail’ stands for __________ : ELECTRONIC
Left on the ground by Hansel and Gretel to track their location : BREADCRUMBS
The practice of gathering financial support for a cause : FUNDRAISING
What is this aquatic animal? : RIBBONFISH
Lightning-fast DC superhero; Barry Allen’s alter ego : THEFLASH
Also known as a USB stick : THUMBDRIVE
Measurement of electrical power represented by kW : KILOWATT
Tending toward confrontation or violence; extremely assertive : AGGRESSIVE
Curved instrument used to ease one’s heel into footwear : SHOEHORN
Famous French pastry with a crescent shape : CROISSANT
What is this old audio recording medium? : CASSETTE
A bridge where a road or railway line goes above another : OVERPASS

517 level
Cushion you lay your head on in bed : PILLOW
Table tennis uses these instead of rackets : PADDLES
What sport are they playing? : LACROSSE
Pungent plant root frequently seen in Asian cooking and as part of an ale : GINGER
A British teatime snack : BISCUIT
Businessmen wear this to keep their formal neck accessory from swinging : TIECLIP
Raymond, the titular Rain Man suffers from this developmental disorder : AUTISM
The main section of the golf course with short grass and before the green : FAIRWAY
Something that has harmed or broken in such a way as to impact use : DAMAGED
Chemical compound represented by “Na” on the periodic table : SODIUM

518 level
A makeup technique that creates a shadowy, hazy effect around the eyes : SMOKYEYES
The dark outline seen when something or someone is framed by a bright light from behind : SILHOUETTE
What is this phone doing? : CHARGING
This type of vehicle has a siren and assists with dangerous or life-threatening situations : EMERGENCY
People who move permanently from one country to another : IMMIGRANTS
These space objects create craters on the moon : ASTEROIDS
What is this driver doing? : BACKINGUP
The quality of an object to easily carry an electrical current : CONDUCTIVE
Something deemed an absolute requirement : NECESSITY
An animal _________ is a place where animals can live and be protected : SANCTUARY
Your __________ precedes you means people have heard about you : REPUTATION

519 level
Boston MLB team that had the Curse of the Bambino until 2004 : REDSOX
What profession can perform this work? : JEWELER
Like a post by giving it a _____ up : THUMBS
2019 Marvel movie that concluded the Thanos saga : ENDGAME
Animated shows and movies, usually targeted toward children : CARTOONS
These night clothes are also known as PJ’s : PAJAMAS
Movie with a story that precedes an existing movie’s story : PREQUEL
The Big ________; the Dude abides : LEBOWSKI
Breathing heavily after running : PANTING
“If you can’t _____ it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself – Einstein : EXPLAIN

520 level
The shortest month of the year : FEBRUARY
Large piece of furniture found in bedrooms where clothes are stored : WARDROBE
Large hamster-like pet; also a term for the subject of an experiment : GUINEAPIG
What is this tabletop game? : BATTLESHIP
The process of ___________ can help narrow down your options : ELIMINATION
To have one’s attention divided : DISTRACTED
Keanu Reeve’s movie character who got revenge for his dog : JOHNWICK
Someone with intense love and admiration for themself : NARCISSIST
What forecast is based on these? : HOROSCOPE
Private or public car path that one must pay a fee to drive on : TOLLROAD
Easy on the eye; very pretty or appealing : BEAUTIFUL
Pruning overgrown or dead sections of a plant : TRIMMING
Coiled and bladed fence toppers that prevent escape or entrance : BARBWIRE
An electrical impulse from one’s gray matter : BRAINWAVE
What is this type of mobile phone contract? : DATAPLAN

The answer to level 511, 512, 513, 514, 515, 516, 517, 518, 519 and 520 is Word Craze game

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