The answer to level 51, 52, 53, 54 and 55 is Word Craze game

The answer to level 51, 52, 53, 54 and 55 is Word Craze game

Answers to the game Word Craze
IOS and Android
(Developer Betta Games)

On this page you will find the answers Word Craze Level 51, 52, 53, 54 and 55. In this game you need to find all the words for the questions and the last word of the level. This is the unique art of solving crossword puzzles. We all have the puzzles we found here at this level. All you have to do is read the answers.

51 level
Assignment given to a student to be completed out of class : HOMEWORK
A hole in the door for mail : LETTERBOX
A number that represents a part of a whole, e.g 1/4 or 2/5 : FRACTION
Legendary music festival held in 1969, on a dairy farm in Bethel, New York : WOODSTOCK
Jewelry typically worn around one’s nape and throat : NECKLACE
Something used as the norm or model for comparisons : STANDARD
Heated bread pops out of this kitchen appliance : TOASTER

52 level
Leaving extra money on the table for a restaurant server : TIPPING
A road that leads nowhere : DEADEND
What is this type of motion sickness? : CARSICK
The Great ______ is a 1925 novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald : GATSBY
This portable device is a relief for asthma patients : INHALER
This animal, the ________ seal, is named for a long-nosed animal : ELEPHANT
A professional who examines teeth : DENTIST
Architectural feature where one can store clothes; not a cabinet! : CLOSET
Phone menu where saved names and numbers are stored : CONTACTS

53 level
What is this Irish symbol called? : SHAMROCK
To mark text using a light, brightly-colored ink : HIGHLIGHT
Game where people whisper a message to one another in a row to see how much it changes by the end : TELEPHONE
Dead skin that can flake off one’s scalp : DANDRUFF
In mythology, this lunar phase causes a werewolf’s transformation : FULLMOON
Ferdinand Magellan and Marco Polo were both famous _________ : EXPLORERS
Steve Job’s successor as Apple’s CEO : TIMCOOK

54 level
It’s said to be bad luck if this animal crosses your path : BLACKCAT
Where military recruits go to train : BOOTCAMP
Perfect time for telling stories to children : BEDTIME
What biology term does this represent? : GENEPOOL
Honeycombs and snowflakes naturally take on this geometric shape : HEXAGON
Returning a book late to the library might incur these : LATEFEES
Unused, often amusing recordings left over after filming : OUTTAKES
This 2018 DC movie stars Jason Momoa in a battle over the seas : AQUAMAN

55 level
A place that has witnessed many departures and arrivals : AIRPORT
Customer of a company : CLIENT
Small baked treat; like a muffin, but with icing : CUPCAKE
Alan _______ portrayed Severus Snape in the Harry Potter series : RICKMAN
Underground room used to store wine : CELLAR
What permanent word does this represent? : FOREVER
Anthony Hopkins won an Oscar for his portrayal of Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the _____ : LAMBS

The answer to level 51, 52, 53, 54 and 55 is Word Craze game

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