The answer to level 1 to 10 game is Crossword Pie

The answer to level 491 to 500 game is Crossword Pie

Answers to the game
Crossword Pie

IOS and Android
(Developer Legenbeary Games)

from 491 to 500 level

The entire list of levels

491 level – Crossword Pie
Australia’s largest land predator. : DINGO
____________ of the proletariat. : DICTATORSHIP
Vincent van Gogh was born on 30 March 1853 in Zundert in the ___________ . : NETHERLANDS
A building that holds a large telescope or other scientific equipment for observing celestial objects. : OBSERVATORY
A fortified wine produced in the Portuguese island of Madeira. : MADEIRA
A written guarantee to repair or replace a product if it does not function as expected. : WARRANTY
*A Judas ____ .* : KISS
Smell, sight, hearing, touch and _____ . : TASTE

492 level – Crossword Pie
_____ of European Football Associations. (UEFA) : UNION
Dirty and insanitary. : UNHYGIENIC
A person who translates speech for people conversing in different languages. : INTERPRETER
A large burial place of an ancient city. : NECROPOLIS
A human or animal stone carving projecting from a roof gutter. : GARGOYLE
The soft, rounded part at the bottom of the ear. : EARLOBE
*Say ______ !* (Smile!) : CHEESE
Tick-____ . : TOCK

493 level – Crossword Pie
*Trial and _____ .* : ERROR
At equal distance. : EQUIDISTANT
Commonly referred to as nose job. : RHINOPLASTY
The Netherlands is well known for its beautiful flowers, and especially for its ______ . : TULIPS
A substance added to foods, pharmaceuticals, etc., in order to increase their shelf life. : PRESERVATIVE
A ruler of a Muslim country, especially in the past. : SULTAN
The study of the underwater depth of oceans, rivers, or lakes. : BATHYMETRY
“Yabba-Dabba- ___ !”, Fred Flintstone’s famous catchphrase. : DOO

494 level – Crossword Pie
A light Spanish or Portuguese sailing ship used in the 15th-17th centuries. : CARAVEL
A word for extreme and unreasonable nationalism, which is derived from the French Napoleonic veteran named Nicolas Chauvin. : CHAUVINISM
A substance used for cooling. : REFRIGERANT
*You can’t have your cake and ___ it too.* : EAT
A condition in which the arch of the foot is lower than normal. : FLATFOOT
The larynx, also called the _____ box. : VOICE
Time worked in excess to normal working hours. : OVERTIME
*Silence is half _______ .* : CONSENT

495 level – Crossword Pie
Widow, tarantula, golden silk orb-weaver, huntsman. : SPIDER
The yeti, also called the Abominable _______ . : SNOWMAN
A large uncontrolled fire. : INFERNO
Mother ______ , a Roman Catholic nun of Albanian parentage well known for her humanitarian work. : TERESA
Brazil is the largest ______ producer in the world. : COFFEE
The destruction of ______ in 1922, also known as the “Great Fire of ______ “. : SMYRNA
An amount of money demanded in exchange for the release of a captive. : RANSOM
*A shoulder to ___ on.* : CRY

496 level – Crossword Pie
*Talk is _____ .* : CHEAP
*Scylla and _________ .* : CHARYBDIS
Mental communication between people. : TELEPATHY
A tropical plant that produces only one fruit at a time. : PINEAPPLE
Beauty contest, also called beauty _______ . : PAGEANT
The largest rodent on the planet. : CAPYBARA
Extremely beautiful and peaceful. ( _______ place) : IDYLLIC
*Let’s call it a ___ .* : DAY

497 level – Crossword Pie
Made to order. : CUSTOM
A mild brain injury resulting in a temporary loss of normal brain function. : CONCUSSION
A ship that can be submerged and can travel under water. : SUBMARINE
Not subjective. : OBJECTIVE
*Cool as a ________ .* : CUCUMBER
The current geological epoch is the ________ . : HOLOCENE
Average revenue per ____ . (ARPU) : USER
A sweet creamy spread to coat a cake. : ICING

498 level – Crossword Pie
A _____ server acts as an intermediary server between a client and the internet. : PROXY
A triangular growth of tissue on the cornea of the eye, which usually forms in the inner corner of the eye. : PTERYGIUM
An original piece of music. : COMPOSITION
Acquired Immune Deficiency ________ . (AIDS) : SYNDROME
“The ______ Mermaid”, a fairy tale written by Hans Christian Andersen. : LITTLE
*Still waters run ____ .* : DEEP
*Goody-two-_____ .* : SHOES
New ____ , the first lunar phase. : MOON

499 level – Crossword Pie
The point where two or more line segments meet. : VERTEX
The Sistine Chapel is a large papal chapel in _______ City. : VATICAN
Pinky _______ . : PROMISE
The ______ number, the number of protons in an atomic nucleus. : ATOMIC
A sauce which commonly accompanies fries. : KETCHUP
A chemical element with the symbol Cs and atomic number 55. : CESIUM
It always seems impossible until it’s ____ . -Nelson Mandela : DONE
*Get out of bed on the wrong ____ .* : SIDE

500 level – Crossword Pie
*You can’t make a ____ purse out of a sow’s ear.* : SILK
The word “sonar” is an acronym for ” _____ Navigation and Ranging”. : SOUND
The national flag of Canada, also known as the maple ____ flag. : LEAF
The earliest written record in Japan, concerning Japanese mythology and history. : KOJIKI
Myocardial infarction, commonly known as a heart ______ . : ATTACK
Country commonly referred to as the “Pearl of Africa”. : UGANDA
Row, row, row your ____ . : BOAT
The ____ War, also called Second Persian Gulf War. (2003 – 2011) : IRAQ

The entire list of levels

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