The answer to level 1 to 10 game is Crossword Pie

The answer to level 481 to 490 game is Crossword Pie

Answers to the game
Crossword Pie

IOS and Android
(Developer Legenbeary Games)

from 481 to 490 level

The entire list of levels

481 level – Crossword Pie
Antonym of madness. : SANITY
The history of a person’s life written by that person. : AUTOBIOGRAPHY
Refusal to obey authority. : INSUBORDINATION
Middle Eastern country whose capital is Sana’a. : YEMEN
________ zero. (-273.15 degrees Celsius) : ABSOLUTE
An image or object representing a deity, which is used for worship. : IDOL
A person employed to take care of the children in a household. : NANNY
*Don’t count your chickens before they _____ .* : HATCH

482 level – Crossword Pie
To formally quit a job. : RESIGN
The rebirth of one’s soul after death in another body. : REINCARNATION
A person who is irresponsible and wasteful with money. : SPENDTHRIFT
Arachnophobia, the excessive or irrational fear of _______ . : SPIDERS
The period of time between conception and birth. : GESTATION
A policy of racial segregation against the nonwhite majority in South Africa from 1948 to 1994. : APARTHEID
The Hundred and One __________ , a children’s novel by Dodie Smith. : DALMATIANS
A small sharp knife used in surgery and dissection. : SCALPEL

483 level – Crossword Pie
_____ the Great was the founder of the Achaemenid Empire. : CYRUS
Primary eating utensils in much of East Asia. : CHOPSTICKS
A major political party in the United States whose widely recognized symbol is the elephant. : REPUBLICAN
An abnormal sideways curve of the spine. : SCOLIOSIS
A flat Italian bread flavoured with herbs and olive oil. : FOCACCIA
Loop the ____ . (To perform a loop in the sky) : LOOP
The conditional release of an accused person until trial. (He was released on ____ of $50000) : BAIL
A viscous sticky substance that oozes out of the wound of an injured pine or other tree. : RESIN

484 level – Crossword Pie
A ballroom dance of Brazilian origin. : SAMBA
Popular dish in Israel. (Commonly used ingredients: tomato, paprika, eggs, parsley, bell pepper, onion, garlic) : SHAKSHUKA
The belief in one god. : MONOTHEISM
A person who speaks fluently and clearly. : ARTICULATE
________ resonance imaging. (MRI) : MAGNETIC
The first month of summer. : JUNE
The double ____ is the largest bowed string instrument. : BASS
*At the eleventh ____ .* : HOUR

485 level – Crossword Pie
*A leopard can’t change his _____ .* : SPOTS
A window at the roof or ceiling of a building. : SKYLIGHT
A small wind instrument whose name in Italian means “little goose”. : OCARINA
The Egyptian god of chaos. : SETH
A succession of hereditary rulers of a country. : DYNASTY
A war between groups of people within the same country. : CIVIL
*Off the top of my ____ .* : HEAD
*Not a ___ in hell’s chance.* : CAT

486 level – Crossword Pie
An open space in a forest. : GLADE
A common disease that causes inflammation of the gums. : GINGIVITIS
An irregularity in the curvature of the eye’s cornea or lens, which prevents light from focusing evenly on the retina. : ASTIGMATISM
Not exothermic. : ENDOTHERMIC
United Arab _______ . (UAE) : EMIRATES
A person who murders someone important or famous. : ASSASSIN
Claude _____’s well-known works include “Poppies”, “Impression, Sunrise”, “Luncheon on the Grass”, “Water Lilies”. : MONET
*Let’s ___ cracking.* : GET

487 level – Crossword Pie
The Law of _____ and Reaction. : ACTION
Also known as epinephrine. : ADRENALINE
The lowest layer of Earth’s atmosphere. : TROPOSPHERE
A solid shape with flat polygonal faces. : POLYHEDRON
The PlayStation and the Xbox are popular game ________ . : CONSOLES
A worldwide system of interconnected computer networks which has billions of users. : INTERNET
An unborn offspring that develops inside the womb, during which the main structures are formed. : EMBRYO
The city of love. : PARIS

488 level – Crossword Pie
Frida _____ , a Mexican painter widely known for her self-portraits. : KAHLO
The highest mountain in Africa. (5895m) : KILIMANJARO
A substance that produces psychological effects that alter a person’s perception of reality. : HALLUCINOGEN
A soothing and relaxing song sung to children to fall asleep. : LULLABY
Long-haired, orangish apes found in the tropical rainforests of Sumatra and Borneo. : ORANGUTAN
Generalized _______ disorder. (GAD) : ANXIETY
An diagnostic test that uses high-frequency sound waves, imaging internal organs or areas of the body. : ULTRASOUND
*Back to square ___ .* : ONE

489 level – Crossword Pie
An ancient city located in Jordan. : PETRA
A treatment method that helps restore body movement and functions by physical methods such as exercise and massage. : PHYSIOTHERAPY
Infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria that usually attack the lungs. : TUBERCULOSIS
The excessive or irrational fear of being in a place or situation from which it is difficult to escape. : AGORAPHOBIA
A herb of the mint family, often used to flavour chewing gum. : SPEARMINT
The Immaculate __________ of the Virgin Mary. : CONCEPTION
Semi-hard white Cypriot cheese. : HALLOUMI
Ante ________ . (AM) : MERIDIEM

490 level – Crossword Pie
Zodiac sign represented by a crab. : CANCER
A series of military operations. : CAMPAIGN
Relating to the period between two wars, especially between 1918 and 1939. : INTERWAR
To lead people, walk ______ them. -Lao Tzu : BEHIND
Memory loss. : AMNESIA
A woman whose spouse has died. : WIDOW
The Great Pyramid of ____ , also known as the Pyramid of Khufu or the Pyramid of Cheops. : GIZA
*The beginning of the ___ .* : END

The entire list of levels

The answer to level 481 to 490 game is Crossword Pie

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