The answer to level 441, 442, 443, 444, 445, 446, 447, 448, 449 and 450 is Word Craze game

The answer to level 441, 442, 443, 444, 445, 446, 447, 448, 449 and 450 is Word Craze game

Answers to the game Word Craze
IOS and Android
(Developer Betta Games)

On this page you will find the answers Word Craze Level from 441 to 450.

441 level
Float aimlessly in the sea : ADRIFT
What is this tool? : CLAMP
Lawrence of ______ was released in 1962 starring Peter O’Toole : ARABIA
Electronic playground filled with coin-operated video games : ARCADE
Video recorder attached to a car’s front windscreen : DASHCAM
______Bell, Peter Pan’s fairy companion : TINKER
A situation where one must choose between two or more undesirable options : DILEMMA
_____ Luck Tomorrow is a 2002 crime film about honor roll students going down a dark path : BETTER
Home item used for storing clothes in an upright position inside a closet : HANGER
This word means Goodbye in spanish : ADIOS

442 level
Managing international relations between countries : DIPLOMACY
What cosmetic was responsible for this mishap? : LIPSTICK
Star-shaped symbol; used to point to annotations and footnotes : ASTERISK
Searching and touring an area : EXPLORING
A hot-_______ person is quick to anger : TEMPERED
What is the name for this brown bear? : GRIZZLY
A turtle who prefers land over water : TORTOISE
Inanimate fashion models, often placed in clothing store windows : MANNEQUIN
To take money out using your bank card : WITHDRAW
Basic arithmetic operations are comprised of ____, subtraction, multiplication, and division : ADDITION
Kyle, Kenny, Stan and Cartman are the young children from this famous animated show : SOUTHPARK

443 level
Old ______ is about a yellow dog who saves the life of the boy who adopted him : YELLER
2017 DC movie ______ Woman starred Gal Gadot as the Amazon superhero : WONDER
What is this gliding sport? : SKATE
These teeth are often pulled out : WISDOM
A common OTC pain reducing and anti-inflammatory medicine : ASPIRIN
Remote-controlled flying machines : DRONES
Large rock; name of a city in Colorado : BOULDER
X-men villain with the power to control metal : MAGNETO

444 level
A main road that connects cities and towns, usually has a higher speed limit : HIGHWAY
Star Wars Day is on May ____ : FOURTH
What is he looking into? : KEYHOLE
Picture ____ ; flawless : PERFECT
The opposite of defend : ATTACK
Old spider silks; commonly found in attics : COBWEBS
Area where you can leave your car temporarily : PARKING
Tanks used by scuba ____ are filled with simple compressed air : DIVERS
What is this kind of natural hot spring called? : GEYSER
What is the name of this Roman God? (Poseidon is Greek) : NEPTUNE
A body’s ________ system fights off disease : IMMUNE
Ricky _______ is an English comedian and creator of The Office and Extras : GERVAIS
Wizarding school that Harry Potter attends : HOGWARTS
Gentle Chinese martial art that is practiced for defensive training and health benefits : TAICHI

445 level
NBA team that plays in the Madison Square Garden : KNICKS
An extremely valorous knight known for chivalry is a _______ : PALADIN
What is this large type of tuna? : BLUEFIN
Damaged or imperfect in some way : FLAWED
IPad and Surface are examples of this type of computing device : TABLET
The Latin name for your species (probably): Homo ____ : SAPIENS
Keyboard button for TYPING LIKE THIS : CAPSLOCK
Great courage in the face of danger : BRAVERY

446 level
Incredibly surprising news; informally, a term for an attractive woman : BOMBSHELL
What hair style are they going for? : BOWLCUT
Large cafeteria where students pick up and eat their noon meal : LUNCHROOM
Something that has a very high price is this : EXPENSIVE
What large reptile is this? : CROCODILE
Elimination stage after the regular season that determines the ultimate champion : PLAYOFFS
People who compete in sports : ATHLETES
French expression used before a person is about to eat, Bon _______ : APPETIT
A good speech can _______ people to act : INSPIRE

447 level
David felled with this giant with a single stone : GOLIATH
_____ Fish, a fish which acts as a universal translator in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy : BABEL
What is this word meaning to deeply appreciate? : ADORE
Word meaning once a year : ANNUAL
The name of the lion from the Narnia series : ASLAN
What is this polite form of address? : MADAM
Minimal men’s swimwear : SPEEDO
Japanese art of folding paper : ORIGAMI

448 level
To be nervous and frustrated : AGITATED
Groups of signs that occur together due to a disease or illness : SYNDROME
What is this nautical ailment is he suffering from? : SEASICK
Sometimes a mountain can be made out of one of these dirt piles : MOLEHILL
Food that hasn’t been prepared, raw : UNCOOKED
To experience great mental stress over something : AGONIZE
To remove an established law : ABOLISH
Unstable, unpredictable, fluctuates strongly : VOLATILE
A person who has proficiency in an activity is this : SKILLFUL
?Scott Westerfeld’s first novel of the series which includes the books Pretties, Specials, and Extras. : UGLIES
What is this type of puzzle? : SUDOKU
Person who came in uninvited, against the owner’s will : INTRUDER
Having an inflated sense of self-importance : EGOISTIC

449 level
Chinese island with Portuguese roots, famous for its casinos : MACAU
Putting this on an account means that no transactions can take place : FREEZE
Affectionate slang term referring to Canadians : CANUCKS
16th-century muzzle-loaded long gun : MUSKET
A picture of oneself, taken by oneself : SELFIE
In music, what does this symbol represent? : SHARP
Author of children’s books such as Green Eggs and Ham and Hop on Pop : DRSEUSS
To move with haste : HURRY

450 level
A _______ card is a computer part that improves visual performance : GRAPHICS
What gigantic fish will this union produce? : WHALESHARK
Medical device that ensures your heart beats at a steady rhythm : PACEMAKER
What peaceful activity is this woman doing? : MEDITATING
A first year student in college or high school : FRESHMAN
The opposite of easy; hard : DIFFICULT
Soft, tight-fitting leg wear worn by women : PANTYHOSE
Cadillac’s SUV brand : ESCALADE
Actor who played Forrest Gump and Mr. Rogers : TOMHANKS
There are ten centuries in one ___________ : MILLENNIUM
In English, the class of words used to modify nouns : ADJECTIVES

The answer to level 441, 442, 443, 444, 445, 446, 447, 448, 449 and 450 is Word Craze game

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