The answer to level 391, 392, 393, 394, 395, 396, 397, 398, 399 and 400 is Word Craze game

The answer to level 391, 392, 393, 394, 395, 396, 397, 398, 399 and 400 is Word Craze game

Answers to the game Word Craze
IOS and Android
(Developer Betta Games)

On this page you will find the answers Word Craze Level from 391 to 400.

391 level
Spacefaring TV series featuring Spock and Captain Kirk : STARTREK
Space ________, one of the oldest video games, : INVADERS
To _____ __ on someone is to sneak toward them : CREEPUP
What does this item do to words? : DEFINE
King ________ is the primary antagonist in Hamlet : CLAUDIUS
Goods or cargo transported by sea : SHIPMENT
Someone that is friendly and easy to talk to might be described this way : AFFABLE
Short-sleeved clothing named for its shape : TSHIRT
Small African mammal that lives in colonies; known for standing upright to watch for predators : MEERKAT
In English, a, e, i, o, u : VOWELS

392 level
A ____-_______ friend will only stick by you when things are going well : FAIRWEATHER
Animated movie that introduced the world to the tiny, yellow, unintelligible Minions : DESPICABLEME
When a military force accidentally attacks an allied force : FRIENDLYFIRE
Expression; practical, realistic : DOWNTOEARTH
Shamu was one of these : KILLERWHALE
Disposable tableware often seen at picnics and barbeques : PAPERPLATE
_ ____ __ ____, meaning something that is very easy : APIECEOFCAKE
Creator of the James Bond franchise : IANFLEMING
Suspenseful ending to a portion of a story : CLIFFHANGER
A type of romantic dinner : CANDLELIGHT
Traditionally, the highest value card in a deck of playing cards : ACEOFSPADES
Expression; having a lot of money or resources : DEEPPOCKETS

393 level
This often forms on leaves and grass in freezing temperatures : HOARFROST
You might say this when leaving someone’s company : FAREWELL
Type of dance that was popularized in the film Footloose : LINEDANCE
US civil rights activist who refused to give up her seat on the bus : ROSAPARKS
A deck used for fortune telling : TAROTCARDS
Used to clean spills; comes on a roll : PAPERTOWEL
Professional who loans out books and keeps their place of business quiet; shh! : LIBRARIAN
Bathing implement that sprays water from above : SHOWERHEAD
Michelangelo was born in the _______ century : FIFTEENTH
This person writes articles for newspapers, magazines, and other media for publishing : JOURNALIST

394 level
_________ biscuits are supposed aid your stomach in its work : DIGESTIVE
Small pieces of paper to help memorization : FLASHCARDS
1969 Beatles album with an iconic, often imitated cover involving a zebra crossing : ABBEYROAD
A member of a militia formed during the American Revolution, said to be able to be ready in 60 seconds : MINUTEMAN
What is this type of car? : FOURBYFOUR
A person who is very enthusiastic about taking photos; not actually an insect : SHUTTERBUG
Magic words, similar to hocus pocus or alakazam! : ABRACADABRA
What is missing from the second picture? : WATERMELON
_________ exercises can help you calm yourself down : BREATHING

395 level
Punctuation used in place of a period to indicate that two sentences are related : SEMICOLON
The ____ _____“ is the Jurassic Park sequel that brings T-rex to San Diego : LOSTWORLD
No two of these icy crystals are exactly the same : SNOWFLAKES
What is this aquatic vessel? : STEAMBOAT
Popular sandwich originating from Philadelphia : CHEESESTEAK
Testing mannequin used to measure human injury in simulated accidents : CRASHDUMMY
A Big Mac’s top bun is dotted with these : SESAMESEEDS
Movie franchise starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as the eponymous killer android : TERMINATOR
DJ stands for ____ ______ : DISCJOCKEY
Socrates, Aristotle, and Confucius are famous examples of this kind of learned thinker : PHILOSOPHER
The practice of plant cultivation and animal farming for food production : AGRICULTURE

396 level
Underwater craft that navigates using sonar : SUBMARINE
A person who conveys beliefs and opinions that he or she doesn’t practice : HYPOCRITE
What makeup effect is this? : EYESHADOW
A CEO is the Chief _________ Officer : EXECUTIVE
Going down this street might be nostalgic : MEMORYLANE
What type of passage is this? : DRAWBRIDGE
Clothing that is very, very snug is described this way : SKINTIGHT
Buying and selling commodities in different markets to take advantage of price differences : ARBITRAGE
Printed way to read about worldly happenings : NEWSPAPER
Without preparation or rehearsal : IMPROMPTU
Comes before junior high, my dear Watson : ELEMENTARY
Don’t look it in the mouth! : GIFTHORSE
Giant pandas were this until 2016 : ENDANGERED

397 level
The state of having a child : PREGNANCY
You should do this if you are too ill to go to work : CALLINSICK
The Greeks’ gift to the city of Troy : TROJANHORSE
A movie or television series which takes its source material from a book : ADAPTATION
A place to purchase an automobile : DEALERSHIP
Scientific name for the outermost layer of skin : EPIDERMIS
To show others how to do something : DEMONSTRATE
You ask someone for ___________ when you are lost : DIRECTIONS
James Bond’s car of choice, having appeared in more than 7 films : ASTONMARTIN
Organization that sets and enforces the laws of a country : GOVERNMENT

398 level
After-dinner candy to freshen up : BREATHMINT
What is this animal? : GROUNDHOG
According to the Bible, they were the twelve followers of Jesus : DISCIPLES
While driving, push this with your foot to slow down : BRAKEPEDAL
Coils of this sharp material can be placed atop a fence to discourage climbing : BARBEDWIRE
A roadside shed for collecting payment for use of a highway : TOLLBOOTH
The ___ ____; Christopher Nolan’s Batman sequel : DARKKNIGHT
Tick-borne illness with an unmistakable bulls-eye rash : LYMEDISEASE
To sail the ______ ___ is to sail all around the world : SEVENSEAS

399 level
Household items like a bed, tables, chairs, and sofas : FURNITURE
Sending you to his or her office in school means you are in trouble : PRINCIPAL
Three words you can use to find yourself on a shopping mall map : YOUAREHERE
English rock star who sang Space Oddity and starred in Labyrinth : DAVIDBOWIE
2007 Pixar movie about a rat who aspires to be a chef : RATATOUILLE
Title given to the wife of the president of the United States : FIRSTLADY
The study of insects : ENTOMOLOGY
What is this type of contest? : SPELLINGBEE
Quentin ___ is a Hollywood film director known for movies like Kill Bill and The Hateful Eight : TARANTINO
The name for an animal that only eats plants : HERBIVORE

400 level
What is this vehicle called? : HOVERCRAFT
Tentacled ocean critter with a mushroom cap; maybe they go well with peanut butter? : JELLYFISH
A 100% money-back ______ means if you’re not satisfied with a product, you can get a refund : GUARANTEE
Integers which are not divisible by two : ODDNUMBERS
Extend one of these as an offer of peace : OLIVEBRANCH
Citizens of the easternmost country in Africa are called _________ : SOMALIANS
What is this fantastical story? : FAIRYTALE
Italian pasta dish with a white creamy egg sauce and bacon : CARBONARA
A famous Yellowstone geyser named for its predictability : OLDFAITHFUL
What is this observation instrument? : PERISCOPE
Breaking from convention; not conforming to a norm : UNORTHODOX
Christopher Columbus (among others) __________ America : DISCOVERED
Punctuation mark; a combination of the question mark and the exclamation point : INTERROBANG

The answer to level 391, 392, 393, 394, 395, 396, 397, 398, 399 and 400 is Word Craze game

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