The answer to level 351, 352, 353, 354, 355, 356, 357, 358, 359 and 360 is Word Craze game

The answer to level 351, 352, 353, 354, 355, 356, 357, 358, 359 and 360 is Word Craze game

Answers to the game Word Craze
IOS and Android
(Developer Betta Games)

On this page you will find the answers Word Craze Level from 351 to 360.

351 level
Deadly disease spread by mosquitoes in hot areas of the world : MALARIA
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is part of The Chronicles of _________ by C. S. Lewis : NARNIA
What ancient empire used this style of helmet? : ROMAN
Buy these to own a piece of a company; also called stocks : SHARES
Professional football team from Oakland : RAIDERS
______ of consciousness, a writing method that captures thoughts running through the mind : STREAM
Athlete that tumbles, rolls, somersaults, and more : GYMNAST
A general feeling of unease or fear : ANXIETY
It takes two to ___; a ballroom dance with origins in Argentina : TANGO

352 level
Getting one of these will advance your career : PROMOTION
Word meaning to get the intended meaning : UNDERSTAND
1982 sci-fi film where Harrison Ford hunts replicants : BLADERUNNER
The _____ _____ Project, 1999 found-footage horror film : BLAIRWITCH
What is this office supply? : PAPERWEIGHT
Before joining the Miami Heat, LeBron James played for the _______ Cavaliers : CLEVELAND
US animation studio that made Shrek and How to Train Your Dragon : DREAMWORKS
The art of handwriting decorative text : CALLIGRAPHY
This knife contains just about every tool imaginable : SWISSARMY
Norse warriors feared for their unstoppable rage : BERSERKERS
What is this touching feeling? : HEARTWARMING
The family name of Luke, Anakin, and Leia in the Star Wars series : SKYWALKER

353 level
Afternoon performance of a play; don’t confuse with the sea cow : MATINEE
__ ___, no foul : NOHARM
To fixate on events of the past : DWELL
Peanut butter cups in an orange package : REESES
Comes in packages of 10 while the buns come in packages of 8 : HOTDOGS
A wheeled stretcher used to transport patients : GURNEY
To come up with thoughts and ideas : THINK
At 828 meters, the Burj ___ is the world’s tallest building : KHALIFA
Goods that need to be moved, often by truck, ship, or airplane : CARGO
The invisible line that separates the hemispheres : EQUATOR

354 level
A temporary obstacle set up to control the flow of traffic : ROADBLOCK
Together with protons, they make up the nuclei of atoms : NEUTRONS
What is this type of informal market? : GARAGESALE
Amusement where teams try to score hits using light emitting guns : LASERTAG
Don’t leave these untied or you might trip : SHOELACES
A round home for aquatic pets : FISHBOWL
What is this necessary part of a vehicle? : WINDSHIELD
An emblematic natural or man-made feature that is culturally or locally significant : LANDMARK
High-up backyard clubhouse for kids (no girls allowed!) : TREEHOUSE

355 level
Expression of regret for causing someone else harm or discomfort : APOLOGY
______ the Frog, famously green Muppet : KERMIT
What is this type of boat? : CANOE
Deadly viral disease spread by the bites of infected animals : RABIES
Popular brand of permanent markers made by Newell Brands : SHARPIE
A collection of things wrapped up together : BUNDLE
Kneading muscles to relieve tension : MASSAGE
First name of the fashion designer Armani : GIORGIO
The famous Big Ben clock tower can be found in this English city : LONDON
Magicians are known for pulling this animal out of a hat : RABBIT

356 level
Chewy sweet that you can inflate : BUBBLEGUM
School event, usually with at least a few baking soda volcanos : SCIENCEFAIR
What is this audio device? : EARPHONES
All-present, all-seeing dictator of 1984; he’s watching you : BIGBROTHER
Friday the _____, horror classic : THIRTEENTH
Expression; to study hard : HITTHEBOOKS
Something used to motivate or encourage a specific action : INCENTIVE
Inspirational phrase given by a cat poster : HANGINTHERE
Turn these on when driving at night : HEADLIGHTS
Of or relating to the sky, space, or the heavens : CELESTIAL
Expression; student who tries to make their fellows laugh : CLASSCLOWN
Inking permanent pictures or words on the skin : TATTOOING
Classic 1,000+ page novel by Leo Tolstoy : WARANDPEACE

357 level
In the US, someone in their last year of high school; an elderly person : SENIOR
Healthy green fruit with a giant seed; used to make guacamole : AVOCADO
What constellation is this? : VIRGO
Air taken into your lungs and then exhaled : BREATH
Baseball team that has won the most World Series Championships : YANKEES
Series of eight notes in music : OCTAVE
Pants that expose one’s calves : SHORTS
Flick this up and down to turn a device on and off : SWITCH

358 level
Most populous city in Turkey; once known as Constantinople : ISTANBUL
Malcom in ___ _____ started in 2000 and starred Frankie Muniz : THEMIDDLE
Expression; one who tends to overreact emotionally : DRAMAQUEEN
Cosmetic product used to remove dead skin : EXFOLIANT
This soccer tournament is the most popular international sporting event : WORLDCUP
US Heavyweight boxing champion famous for his fast knockouts : MIKETYSON
A parent’s sons and daughters : CHILDREN
What is this composition term? : FIRSTDRAFT
This country and India used to be the same country before 1947 : PAKISTAN

359 level
A mythical underwater city : ATLANTIS
What body part does this represent? : EYELID
A formal occasion celebrating a special event such as a wedding : CEREMONY
Boeing’s European rival in the commercial airliner market : AIRBUS
Give me ______, or give me death! – Patrick Henry : LIBERTY
The coldest of all oceans : ARCTIC
The top surface of a room : CEILING
Spicy Korean staple usually made with fermented cabbage or radish : KIMCHI
Money given for charity : DONATION
Napoleon was defeated at the Battle of ________ : WATERLOO

360 level
Medical professional who gives emergency care and preps for transport to the hospital : PARAMEDIC
Being confined to one’s home; comes with an ankle accessory : HOUSEARREST
What is this establishment that is open late? : NIGHTCLUB
Life period when one has completed their working life : RETIREMENT
Laboratory equipment used to view very small objects and organisms : MICROSCOPE
Someone whose job is to help another with their tasks : ASSISTANT
What red fruit is this? : STRAWBERRY
If you are the ____ __ ______, then you should turn out the lights : LASTTOLEAVE
Tool used to move injured people : STRETCHER
A _______ ____ to swallow is a hard truth to accept : BITTERPILL
What is this elegant suit addition? : POCKETSQUARE
Bartending term meaning served with ice : ONTHEROCKS
Continuously moving stairways often found in malls : ESCALATORS

The answer to level 351, 352, 353, 354, 355, 356, 357, 358, 359 and 360 is Word Craze game

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