The answer to level 1 to 10 game is Crossword Pie

The answer to level 321 to 330 game is Crossword Pie

Answers to the game
Crossword Pie

IOS and Android
(Developer Legenbeary Games)

from 321 to 330 level

The entire list of levels

321 level – Crossword Pie
Country known as the “Land of the Rising Sun”. : JAPAN
International Court of _______ . (ICJ) : JUSTICE
Sticky toffee _______ . : PUDDING
The most abundant ions of seawater are chloride and ______ . : SODIUM
Capital of Greenland. : NUUK
Proof that the accused person was elsewhere at the time that the crime was committed. : ALIBI
*As sure as eggs is ____ .* : EGGS
*You are what you ___ .* : EAT

322 level – Crossword Pie
World ___ II. (1939 – 1945) : WAR
A small case for holding money, credit cards, etc. : WALLET
A small group of trees. : GROVE
*Live and let ____ .* : LIVE
Capital of Peru. : LIMA
*A necessary ____ .* : EVIL
A piece of information that helps solve a mystery. : CLUE
____ and Crafts. : ARTS

323 level – Crossword Pie
The Lion and the _____ . (Aesop’s Fables) : MOUSE
A tile-based game of Chinese origin. : MAHJONG
Country known as the “Bread Basket of Europe”. : UKRAINE
A two-wheeled vehicle pulled by horses, that was used in ancient battle and racing. : CHARIOT
Privacy ______ , a document that explains what information is collected from the user and how it is used. : POLICY
A serious crime, punishable by more than one year in prison. : FELONY
A feeling of sorrow or disappointment over a decision. : REGRET
*State of the ___ .* : ART

324 level – Crossword Pie
Diamonds are composed of pure ______ . : CARBON
*Misery loves _______ .* : COMPANY
A great victory or success. : TRIUMPH
American ______ , a 1930 oil painting on beaverboard by Grant Wood. : GOTHIC
*Straight from the horse’s _____ .* : MOUTH
*There’s no such thing as a free _____ .* : LUNCH
A group of wolves. : PACK
The grey ____ is the largest member of the canine family. : WOLF

325 level – Crossword Pie
A narrow channel dug along a road, to hold or divert water. : DITCH
The god of wine in Greek mythology. : DIONYSUS
A person undergoing job training. : TRAINEE
Also known as the North Star. : POLARIS
A type of precipitation consisting of solid pieces of ice. : HAIL
A polygraph records physiological variations and is commonly used to detect if a person is _____ . : LYING
A device used to move the cursor on a computer screen. : MOUSE
The sound a cow makes. : MOO

326 level – Crossword Pie
*The lesser of two _____ .* : EVILS
The mathematical operation of raising a number to a power. : EXPONENTIATION
All animals are vertebrates or _____________ . : INVERTEBRATES
The medical term for hair loss. : ALOPECIA
Discrimination based on sex. : SEXISM
The Christian Bible consists of the Old _________ and the New _________ . : TESTAMENT
The largest and lowest brass instrument. : TUBA
Passed ____ . (Died) : AWAY

327 level – Crossword Pie
*Put your money where your _____ is.* : MOUTH
A chemical element with the symbol Mg and atomic number 12. : MAGNESIUM
The symbol ‘_’ : UNDERSCORE
Any title that is passed on from parent to child. : HEREDITARY
Any number, excluding fractions. : INTEGER
A common group of eye conditions where the optic nerve becomes damaged. : GLAUCOMA
*A bed of _____ .* : ROSES
*Rumor has __ .* : IT

328 level – Crossword Pie
Frederic ______ , a Polish composer and pianist of the Romantic period. : CHOPIN
The use of trickery and deception to cheat people. : CHICANERY
Pina colada, daiquiri, mai tai, martini, margarita. : COCKTAILS
Well known for something bad. : INFAMOUS
A flammable and sticky substance used in bombs and flamethrowers, invented in 1942 at a secret Harvard University laboratory. : NAPALM
Synonym for envy. : JEALOUSY
The sound a pig makes. : OINK
*He didn’t bat an ___ .* : EYE

329 level – Crossword Pie
European _____ . (EU) : UNION
A deceased person who is not mourned or grieved over. : UNLAMENTED
Something that cannot happen. : IMPOSSIBLE
Africa’s biggest film industry. : NOLLYWOOD
A ring-shaped coral reef surrounding a lagoon. : ATOLL
A medicine that stops or limits the effects of a poison. : ANTIDOTE
Garfield’s best friend. : ODIE
Lake ______ , located in northwestern Russia, is the largest lake in Europe. : LADOGA

330 level – Crossword Pie
The sound a duck makes. : QUACK
________ and Answer. (Q&A) : QUESTION
The sport of fishing with a hook and line. : ANGLING
Country in which the Atomium is located, a monument that represents an iron unit cell magnified 165 billion times. : BELGIUM
The Pyramid of _____ is the oldest and largest of the three pyramids of the Giza Necropolis. : KHUFU
Whooping _____ , a highly contagious bacterial disease which is also known as the 100-day cough. : COUGH
The marine ______ is the only ocean-going lizard on the planet. : IGUANA
*My ___ or the highway* : WAY

The entire list of levels

The answer to level 321 to 330 game is Crossword Pie

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