The answer to level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 is Quotescapes Puzzle

The answer game Quotescapes Puzzle is from level 701 to 750

Answers to the game Quotescapes Puzzle
IOS and Android
(Developer Thrive Games, LLC)

On this page you will find the answers Quotescapes Puzzle Level from 701 to 750.

Introspection Level 701 – (Never be afraid to sit a while and think)
Communication Level 702 – (Be sure your wisest words are those you do not say)
Love Level 703 – (I think love can happen at any age… it has no age)
Optimism Level 704 – (Faith is easy; I think people complicate it)
Inquiry Level 705 – (Is a faith without action a sincere faith?
Lifestyle Level 706 – (Chance fights ever on the side of the prudent)
Sports Level 707 – (A great ballplayer is a player who will take a chance)
Lifestyle Level 708 – (Health and fitness is who I am) It’s what I do)
Independence Level 709 – (A bachelor’s life is no life for a single man)
Humor Level 710 – (I would talk in iambic pentameter if it were easier)
Secret Level 711 – (Secrecy is the chastity of friendship)
Personal Level 712 – (Death to me means nothing as long as I can die fast)
Learning Level 713 – (The only source of knowledge is experience)
Knowledge Level 714 – (Education consists mainly of what we have unlearned)
Fame Level 715 – (I don’t want to be famous for being famous)
Introspection Level 716 – (Every good painter paints what he is)
Appearance Level 717 – (The human body is the best picture of the human soul)
Choices Level 718 – (Freedom is control in your own life)
Acceptance Level 719 – (I never forgive but I always forget)
Humor Level 720 – (I cook with wine sometimes I even add it to the food)
True beauty Level 721 – (No beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart)
Experience Level 722 – (I need this wild life this freedom)
Beauty Level 723 – (Death is one moment and life is so many of them)
Growth Level 724 – (If you learn from defeat you haven’t really lost)
Unity Level 725 – (Friendship is one mind in two bodies)
Aging Level 726 – (All that I know I learned after I was thirty)
Consumption Level 727 – (All food is comfort food) Maybe I just like to chew)
Development Level 728 – (Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes)
Growth Level 729 – (Without tact you can learn nothing)
Ambition Level 730 – (Tread softly because you tread on my dreams)
Future Level 731 – (Control your own destiny or someone else will)
Humor Level 732 – (Life would be tragic if it weren’t funny)
Technology Level 733 – (I just became one with my browser software)
Independence Level 734 – (I need to do things on my own need to be left alone)
Emotions Level 735 – (Guilt is perhaps the most painful companion of death)
Growth Level 736 – (Time is generally the best doctor)
Appearance Level 737 – (I’m not ugly but my beauty is a total creation)
Fame Level 738 – (Being famous is a bit dangerous sometimes)
Holiday Level 739 – (New Year’s Day is every man’s birthday)
Perseverance Level 740 – (If you try to do your best there is no failure)
Technology Level 741 – (Computers make me totally blank out)
Overcoming fear Level 742 – (We fear things in proportion to our ignorance of them)
Faith Level 743 – (I stay in tune with my family and God)
Humor Level 744 – (Nobody escapes age and gravity)
Advice Level 745 – (Do the best you can and don’t take life too serious)
Bravery Level 746 – (Fear has its use but cowardice has none)
Optimism Level 747 – (Life’s a fight) It’s a good fight of faith)
Growth Level 748 – (Ignorance is always afraid of change)
Bravery Level 749 – (Do the thing we fear and death of fear is certain)
Introspection Level 750 – (I was willing to accept what I couldn’t change)

The answer game Quotescapes Puzzle is from level 701 to 750

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