New York Times Crossword Puzzle Answers 01 October 2022

New York Times Crossword Puzzle Answers 21 October 2022

Answers to the game
NYT Crossword

IOS and Android
(Developer The New York Times Company)

NYT Crossword Answers 10/21/22

The entire list of levels

Company that acquired Skype in 2005 – EBAY
Help out with Thanksgiving dinner, in a way – BASTE
___ bowling – LAWN
Pirouetting, say – ONTOE
Head light? – IDEA
Act casual – PLAYITCOOL
The Solomon’s lily’s smell of rotting fruit, to flies – LURE
“The other one!” – NONOTTHAT
Hayride seat – BALE
Today preceder – USA
What aspirin can prevent – CLOT
Posture that might be hard to maintain – FACADE
Boo – BAE
Manhattan purveyor – BAR
Load – TON
“Don’t move!” – WAITRIGHTHERE
Make dough from scratch? – WINTHELOTTERY
“So what?” – AND
One-eighty – UEY
Didn’t stay put, as mascara – RAN
What an investor hopes for – RETURN
Necklace bit – BEAD
___ flash – INA
Stable youth? – COLT
Orchestrated performances? – CONCERTOS
It’s shortest at the Equator – DAWN
Buzzes while buzzed? – DRUNKDIALS
Sclera neighbor – UVEA
Where it’s at – VENUE
“Folded,” in French – PLIE
Comes together – GELS
Updated, as a kitchen – REDID
Sizes up – EYES

College athletics channel – ESPNU
Ties for vaqueros – BOLOS
Pigeon pose, for one – ASANA
Opposite of flatline – YOYO
Dark hue named after a type of glassware – BOTTLEGREEN
Dried chili – ANCHO
Weaselly animal – STOAT
[Go! The light turned!] – TOOT
Unadon ingredient – EEL
Mauve relative – LILAC
Excessively admiring – ADULATORY
“That’s all. Goodbye” – WEREDONE
When repeated, a 2010s dance move – NAE
“Might as well try” – ITCANTHURT
Uncapped? – BAREHEADED
Accelerated, in a way – FASTTRACKED
Destination – END
Angler’s supply – BAIT
Currency whose symbol is a B with a vertical line through it – BAHT
Item often seen in home bathrooms, but rarely in public ones – HANDTOWEL
Sebaceous – OILY
Many a promoter of human rights or voting rights, for short – NGO
Large Hadron Collider org. – CERN
Place to store some barrels – WINECAVE
Word with horse or hero – WAR
They parallel radiuses – ULNAS
In book form – BOUND
World-weary feeling – ENNUI
Where the piano was invented – ITALY
“For real!” – NOLIE
Jacks are male ones – ASSES
Native Canadian – CREE
Red, maybe – RIPE
Vibed with – DUG
Feature of some TVs, for short – DVR

The entire list of levels

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